Would you like buy a cheap vacuum cleaner? The vacuum cleaner market has grown at a rapid rate over the years. We have been able to see how the selection of vacuum cleaners on the market has grown. There are more and more different brands and types available. All of them have their own characteristics and in many cases they have more specific uses, but the selection is much broader. So users have more to choose from.

When we are going to buy a new vacuum cleaner, the selection can be complicated. Although there are a couple of aspects that every consumer wants. We want a quality vacuum cleaner but one that is not too expensive. That is usually the desire of the vast majority of people. Therefore, we leave you below with a selection of aspiradoras baratas.

They are all quality models but whose prices are accessible. So that renewing your vacuum cleaner does not suppose an excessive effort. We tell you more about all these models below.

Aspiradoras baratas most outstanding

We have carried out a selection of several models. All of them are models that stand out for having a much more accessible price for users, but without this meaning giving up quality. Below we leave you with a table with the most detailed specifications of each of these models. After the table we talk about each of them individually in more detail.

Thanks to these data you can get a clearer idea about which model may be the one you are most interested in buying.

Best aspiradoras baratas

Once the most important specifications of each of these vacuum cleaners have been shown, we can now go on to talk about each of these models in more depth. In this way you can learn more about these models and their operation. Thus, if there is one that fits your needs, you will be able to know it immediately.

Cecotec Excellence 1090 Conga

We open the list with this robot vacuum cleaner from Cecotec, a brand known in the sector for manufacturing various robot vacuum cleaners. It is a model that, like all robots, is a very comfortable option. Because all we have to do is program it and it starts cleaning the floors of our house. It cleans in four times and has a total of 6 cleaning modes. It not only vacuums, but also mops and sweeps. Therefore, carry out a very complete cleaning of the house. In addition, it works perfectly on all types of floors.

When cleaning around the house, thanks to its technology, it will not collide with furniture, people, corners or fall down the stairs. Therefore, we can sit back and let the robot do its job. It has a battery that gives it a range of 160 minutes. When the battery is about to run out, the robot returns directly to its base to fully recharge. So we don't have to worry about that. It has a high-capacity tank, which allows us to vacuum the entire house without needing to empty it.

As a filter it has a HEPA filter, this means that we can easily clean it. Just put it under the tap and let it dry. Thus, it is already clean and ready to be used again. It is a very comfortable method that allows us to save money on filters. This robot also stands out because it is not noisy. The robot comes with included accessories, including several brushes, the charging base, a remote control and an adapter.

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 900

Although it is not the only one on this list to be, one of the most outstanding features of this Ecovacs floor cleaner is that it is compatible with Alexa and mobile applications, so we can know where it is at all times. In addition, it also has another type of intelligence, in this case the Smart Navi 3.0 Navigation that works thanks to a laser that allows you to know where you are going and create a map of our home.

As we have mentioned, with the ECOVACS app virtual barriers can be created from the mobile to prioritize or block areas so that the robot cleans only where we want. On the other hand, we can use one of its four cleaning modes to ensure that it cleans where, how and when we want.

Cecotec PopStar Conga

In second place we find this model from the same brand, although this time it is a 2-in-1 broom vacuum cleaner. This means that it includes a handheld vacuum cleaner that we can extract and thus clean somewhat more specific areas such as the sofa or the car seats. Thanks to this we can carry out a much deeper cleaning of the house. It stands out for making use of cyclonic technology, a technology that gives it a lot of power. In addition, this means that it does not lose power over time. Something that offers a lot of peace of mind to users.

It is a light model and very easy to use at home. It weighs little, which makes it very manageable. Especially if we have a house with stairs, so that it is not inconvenient to have to carry it from one place to another. This model works with cables, and the cable that it has measures 6 meters. So we can move around the house comfortably and between rooms without having to constantly plug and unplug. In addition, this broom vacuum cleaner works well on all types of surfaces, including wooden floors.

It has a deposit with a capacity of 1 liter. This offers us enough capacity to clean the entire house on more than one occasion without any problem. In addition, the extraction of the tank is very simple and that is how we clean it. This also happens with filters, whose maintenance is simple. Since it is a HEPA filter. Therefore, we simply have to clean them. In terms of noise, it is not the most discreet, but it generates the same amount of noise as a normal vacuum cleaner. It is very easy to store because it hardly takes up any space. This vacuum cleaner comes with a couple of extra nozzles included.

Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic RO3753

In third place we find this more traditional Rowenta vacuum cleaner, at least in terms of design. It makes use of cyclonic technology, which gives it great power and suction power. In addition, it does not lose this power over time. Therefore, we can enjoy its use for a long time with maximum comfort. An important guarantee for many people. It works very well on all types of surfaces, but especially well on hard floors (stone, tile...). So if you have that type of floor, it is an ideal vacuum cleaner for them.

It works with a tank with a capacity of 1,5 liters that we can empty very easily. In addition, it is a sufficient amount to be able to clean the entire house without any problem. It also has a HEPA filter, which means that we can wash it. Just put the filter under the tap to remove the dirt. Once this is done, we let it dry and put it back in the vacuum cleaner. All this without ever losing suction power. The Rowenta vacuum cleaner is corded, it has a 6,2 meter cord. This allows us to move around the house with great ease.

It weighs 6,8 Kg, but don't be fooled by the figure, as it is an easy model to handle and move around the house. Thanks to its design with wheels, it is a highly mobile vacuum cleaner. In addition, when it comes to storage it does not take up too much space, so it is easy to find a place to store it. It generates the same noise as a normal vacuum cleaner, so there are no surprises in that regard. It's not a very annoying noise.

Kärcher WD3

In fourth place we find this vacuum cleaner whose main use would be as an industrial vacuum cleaner, although we can use it in many different situations. But, it stands out especially for being a very powerful model that offers great suction power. In this way you will be able to remove all the accumulated dirt with great ease and very effectively. In addition, it also works with wet dirt, so it allows us many more uses than a conventional vacuum cleaner in this regard. Hence it is so versatile.

It has a large capacity tank, which is why it is designed for industrial use where much more dirt accumulates. This gives us the option of being able to clean larger spaces without having to empty every few minutes. So cleaning is much more efficient in every way. In addition to vacuuming, it also has a blowing function that works very well. So you can carry out a much deeper cleaning.

It is a model that has a weight of 7,66 kg. But, despite this number, it is a model that we can handle with great ease. In addition, thanks to its four-wheel design, it is very mobile and very stable. Therefore, it will not fall or tip over at any time while we use it. So we only care about cleaning. It has a cable with a length of 4 meters. It is not the longest, but it gives us enough mobility.

iRobot Braava 390t

This Braava 390t is designed to clean multiple large rooms. It has a triple scrubbing pass and its iadapt 2.0 with navigation cubes that helps this little robot keep track of its location. As an option, we can choose a single pass if we only want to remove dirt, dust, our pet's hair and allergens or use its triple pass to scrub up to 33m²

As for other features, it includes 4 microfiber cloths, of which two are for scrubbing and two for mopping, which means that can dry mop.

AmazonBasics Bagless Canister Vacuum

The following model is a more conventional vacuum cleaner that stands out for offering a very efficient and problem-free operation. It is a much more classic model with which to carry out a house cleaning. It allows us to vacuum on all types of floors and has sufficient power. It is not the most powerful on the list, but it does not leave any dirt without vacuuming at any time. So it perfectly fulfills its mission at all times.

It has a tank with a capacity of 1,5 liters, which allows us to clean the house several times until it is full. The extraction and cleaning of this deposit are very simple. So it doesn't require too much maintenance. The same thing happens with the HEPA filter that it includes. When we notice that it has too much dirt accumulated, it is best to wet it, let it dry and use it again. In this way it returns to have the maximum suction power as the first day. A very simple method.

It works with cables, in this case it has a 5 meter cable. This allows us to move around the house comfortably and gives us a lot of freedom. As for the weight, this model weighs 4,5 kg. Therefore, it is not one of the heaviest vacuum cleaners, so it is easy to move around the house and take it with us if we have to climb stairs. In addition, thanks to its design with wheels, it is very mobile, therefore, it is not necessary to worry and carry it at all times. It generates the same noise as a conventional vacuum cleaner. In addition, this model comes with accessories included.

VicTsing Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

In penultimate place we find this handheld vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner of reduced size and that is designed for us to use it in areas that a normal vacuum cleaner cannot reach. Therefore, it is a great option to use on the sofa or in the car seats. Sites whose cleaning is somewhat more complicated and requires greater precision. Thanks to this model it will be much easier to reach these areas to keep them always clean.

No products found.

For a small size model it has a lot of power. So it will help us to finish even with the most complicated dirt. So the sofa will always be shiny. In addition, it weighs very little, making its use very comfortable and simple. It is very manageable, which also helps a lot, since the task of cleaning in these areas is not always easy. This model works without cables. It has a battery with autonomy of 30 minutes that we can charge.

It has a deposit that we can empty at any time with great ease. In addition, its cleaning and maintenance is very simple. The same goes for the filter that is included. It is a washable filter. So when we see that it loses some power, we wash the filter under the tap, let it dry and put it back. Thus, it works perfectly again. It includes several accessories, such as nozzles for different surfaces and functions.

Rowenta PowerLine Extreme

In last place we find this Rowenta broom vacuum cleaner. It is a surprising model because it is very powerful, so that we are going to be able to eliminate the dust and dirt accumulated in our house. It works very well on all types of surfaces thanks to its brush, designed to do so. Therefore, even if you have wooden floors, you can use it without having to worry. It guarantees us an effective and lasting cleaning.

This model works without cables. It has a battery with a range of 45 minutes. A time that should be enough to clean the entire house. Once the battery is exhausted, we put it on charge. It takes about eight hours to fully charge, which may be too long. Therefore, it is better to always charge it at night. So you have it ready in the morning if you need to clean the house. This model has a removable tank with a capacity of 0,5 liters.

It also has a HEPA filter that we can clean. So you have to wet it under the tap, let it dry and put it back on. Thanks to this we can enjoy the vacuum cleaner again as if it were the first day and it vacuums with great power and precision. As for the noise, it makes more noise than other models on the list, although it is not an annoying noise or a headache.

type of aspirator

As we have mentioned before, there are many kinds of vacuum cleaners available today. Each one has its peculiarities that make them better for certain situations. Therefore, it is convenient to be clear about what type of vacuum cleaner we need or are looking for. Since it will make our search more precise. We tell you more about the different types of vacuum cleaners below.


sled vacuum cleaner

These are the traditional vacuum cleaners that we all know. In this sense, they maintain the classic design and shape. Although technology has advanced a lot and they are usually more modern and powerful. They are models that work well on all types of surfaces and with which we not only vacuum house dust, but also all kinds of dirt.


broom vacuum cleaner

These vacuum cleaners stand out for emulating the shape of a broom. So they are vertical and elongated. They usually run on battery power and are somewhat less powerful than a traditional vacuum cleaner. Although they stand out for being light, manageable and for their great surface treatment.


Vacuum cleaner robot

A class that is gaining a lot of presence in recent years. They are a very comfortable option since all we have to do is program it and the robot will take care of cleaning the house for us. They work with batteries and always stand out for their rounded shape in the form of a plate. Although, they are also noticeably more expensive than a traditional vacuum cleaner.


handheld vacuum cleaner

These are small-sized vacuum cleaners that you can comfortably hold in your hand. They are designed to reach corners that a normal vacuum cleaner does not reach, such as car seats or a sofa. They are manageable, weigh little and their price is usually quite cheap. Some stick vacuums come with a built-in handheld vacuum.


Dyson Ball Stubborn 2

Cyclonic vacuum cleaners stand out for creating a whirlwind of air that increases suction power, helps to separate dirt more easily and also does not lose effectiveness over time.

from ashes

ash vacuum cleaner

These types of vacuum cleaners are designed to suck up ashes from fireplaces, barbecues or other types of activities that cause the accumulation of ashes. They have a much more specific use, although they also suck up dust and dirt. But its main task is to get rid of ashes or sawdust.

2 in 1 toy

2 in 1 vacuum cleaner

These are vacuum cleaners in which we find a main vacuum cleaner and a handheld one. They are generally broom models that come with an integrated handheld vacuum cleaner. So you can clean the whole house more accurately. Since you have the vacuum cleaner for the floors and another for areas such as sofas or less accessible corners.

Without bag

bagless vacuum cleaner

It is a type of vacuum cleaner that we see in most brands. Instead of having the traditional bags where dirt is stored, they have a removable container. In this way, when it fills up, we take out the tank and empty it. Thus, we do not spend money on bags. In addition, the maintenance of these deposits is very simple.

Of water

water aspirator

We are facing a very special type of vacuum cleaner since it is ideal for those people who have problems with allergies to dust or mites. It allows us to clean the house, but it also helps to purify the air thanks to its water filter. Thanks to it we have a deeper cleaning of the house and we make sure that the air is kept as clean as possible.


industrial vacuum cleaner

These types of vacuum cleaners are more designed to clean in commercial areas, hotels or restaurants or in industry. Since they stand out for having a great power that can absorb everything. Thanks to this power, a much more efficient and effective cleaning is achieved. Therefore, domestic use is not the best way to take advantage of it.

Best vacuum cleaner brands

When we are looking for a new vacuum cleaner we look a lot at the brand. Sometimes we may want to buy a model of the same brand that we already have or we bet on brands that are known. Without a doubt, the brand has a great influence on many occasions. Since we generally select brands that we know or that we trust. The selection of brands is very wide today, although there are some that specialize in a specific type of vacuum cleaner.


Roomba Logo

It is the manufacturer brand of vacuum robots par excellence. Who does not know the roomba vacuum cleaners? They have been in the market for about 25 years, so they have great experience. In addition, their robots are usually the most advanced and the ones that offer the best performance. So if you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner, it is undoubtedly the brand you should choose.


Rowenta Logo

One of the best known brands on the market. A firm with great experience over the years, so its models are a guarantee of quality and proper functioning. They manufacture many types of vacuum cleaners, from the traditional sled, to the broom, to the hand and also some 2 in 1. Discover here the best models of Rowenta vacuum cleaners.


Bosch Logo

Another brand that most users know and that is also synonymous with quality. They have extensive experience in the market and have the support of consumers, since it is a brand that many bet on because they know they are going to find a quality product. They manufacture many types of vacuum cleaners (broom, sledge, handheld, industrial...), here you can see the Bosch vacuum cleaners preferred by users.



The name may not sound familiar to many, but they are a company with experience in the sector. In addition, the karcher vacuum cleaners They stand out for making very powerful vacuum cleaners that always offer great performance. So if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner in which power is the key factor, it is one of the brands to consider. They also manufacture many types (industrial, ash, car, sledge...).


logo dyson

It is a brand that a large part of consumers also know. Generally because it is a firm whose products stand out for their quality and good performance over time. So buy a dyson vacuum cleaner it is also a guarantee and a safe option to turn to when looking for a vacuum cleaner. They manufacture various types of vacuum cleaners (sledge, industrial, hand, broom...).


Although ecovacs vacuum cleaners they are relatively new, the truth is that their navigation system, software and competitive price have made them one of the best options for those looking for a robot vacuum cleaner. If you are interested in buying one, do not hesitate to take a look at the models of this company.

Vacuum cleaner robot

How to choose a vacuum cleaner

When buying a vacuum cleaner you have to take a series of details into account. Since in this way we can make a decision with greater precision without fear of buying the wrong model. But, it is important to consider them all and think at all times what exactly we are looking for. All this will make our search much easier. Since it's important to think of a vacuum cleaner as an investment for your home, you don't want to buy a product that isn't going to meet your needs.


Another detail that is very important when choosing a vacuum cleaner is power. Whenever we read the specifications of a vacuum cleaner we see that the power is indicated. Although it is important to consult it, we have to take that number as an indication. It is not something that always tells us if a model is more powerful.

There are models that on paper have less power and in reality they aspire better. For this reason, it is good that we take into account the number that they usually indicate about power, but we must take it as an indication of their real power.

What interests us is that the vacuum cleaner is powerful. Since in this way we will be able to finish with the dirt and dust that accumulates at home more quickly and comfortably. But, we also do not want a vacuum cleaner that is too powerful. Because this causes it to stick to all kinds of surfaces. Ideally, the vacuum cleaner has a power regulator. This way we can determine the power we want to use depending on the situation.

In general, corded vacuum cleaners (those that are connected to the mains) are more powerful than battery-powered ones. So it is a detail to take into account. This does not mean that they are better, because battery-powered vacuum cleaners also suck well. But it is important that we are aware of this and take this detail into account.


There are other details that can help us a lot when choosing one vacuum cleaner over another. These are aspects that may not have the same importance as power or brand, but that also have an influence on the decision process. Therefore, it is important that we keep them in mind.

Maneuverability and ease of use is important. We want to be able to move around the house comfortably at all times. Not having to drag the vacuum cleaner or that it is too heavy. Also that it does not tip over while we use it. Therefore, these types of things have to be checked. Especially that it is not too heavy for you, since otherwise the task of cleaning the house will be much more difficult than it already is.

vacuum cleaner accessories

The maintenance and cleaning of the vacuum cleaner are also another detail to take into account. Since we want something that does not require too much time. If we have a deposit, something that most models have, cleaning and maintenance are simple. Simply remove the tank, empty it and wet it to remove any remaining dirt. A simple task that only takes a few minutes. In addition, we save since we do not have to buy bags.

Many models have a light and a battery indicator. These are additional details that can help us make the use of the vacuum cleaner much more efficient. They are undoubtedly positive and useful aspects. Although they are not or should not be decisive. At least not if that means the price of the vacuum cleaner is higher.

Another important detail in the event that you buy a corded vacuum cleaner is that you take into account the length of the cord. Since it may be very short and this limits you a lot at the time you do the cleaning. Because every time you change rooms you have to unplug again. So a long cable is a much more comfortable option in practice.

Filter types

HEPA filter

Today's vacuum cleaners have filters. The type of filter is something that many do not pay attention to, but it is a very important detail. Because it can lead to significant savings in money and maintenance. So it is important that we check the type of filter that the vacuum cleaner we are looking for has.

The most common today is that it has a HEPA filter. It is a type of filter that absorbs a lot of dirt. But also, we can clean it easily so you can keep using it for a long time. In addition, the way to clean this type of filter is very simple. We just have to wet it, let it dry and put it back in the vacuum cleaner. A simple process.

We also have blue light filters, present in some types of vacuum cleaners such as water ones. They can also be cleaned and have a high absorption capacity. In addition to helping to purify the air. But they are limited to some very specific types of vacuum cleaners.

Other vacuum cleaners have filters that are not HEPA certified. This type of filters cannot be cleaned, so from time to time we are forced to change them. Something that is not comfortable for users. In addition, it is a waste of money that is unnecessary in many cases.

Therefore, it is necessary that we consult the type of filter that the vacuum cleaner has. Since a filter that we can clean is the most convenient for us.


Buying guide aspiradoras baratas

Logically, the price is also a detail that matters a lot to users. Since depending on our budget we have certain limits and there may be models that we cannot afford. Therefore, it is important that we know what models are within our reach, especially in some types of vacuum cleaners.

In case you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner, prices are usually higher than normal models. Quite also, in many cases exceeding 400 euros. Although there are brands that have models from just over 200 euros. So it is a long-term investment, since they last a long time. But, it is important to think it through.

There are normal vacuum cleaners of all prices. We can find vacuum cleaners from about 80-90 euros that offer us good quality. Although the most common is that they cost more than 100 euros, between 100 and 200 euros we find most models on the market. A range in which there is variety but in which we can move more comfortably.

Nothing convinces you?

If you have not found a vacuum cleaner that suits what you are looking for, we are sure that you will find it in the following selection of products:

For some more specific types, such as industrial or wet vacuum cleaners, prices are usually somewhat higher. Although there are no huge differences. But it is important that you know what happens, to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. The good part is that more and more brands are launching affordable models. So that it is easier for all users to access them.

In any case, if what you want is to save on the purchase of your new vacuum cleaner, there are events during the year in which we can find very succulent offers. Some of these days are:

Therefore, we find aspiradoras baratas in the market. There are models whose prices start from around 60 euros in some cases. But, the majority tend to be in the segment between 100 and 200 euros. The good thing is that the quality of vacuum cleaners today is high. So even models with prices below 100 euros will offer you good performance.