Black Friday in vacuum cleaners

Black Friday 2023 is one of the best times to meet big discounts on vacuum cleaners. Without going any further, last year, one of the best deals was found in a robot vacuum cleaner. So this year, it will not hurt to take a look in case great offers reappear, which will surely appear sooner than we think. Find out how to get the best!

To help you choose, here is a selection of the best deals on vacuum cleaners for Black Friday 2023. Don't miss out on this opportunity.

Black Friday 2023 in vacuum cleaners

Right now, you can get any of the following robot vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaners on sale for the month of Black Friday:

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Below you will find even more deals on vacuum cleaners for Black Friday but classified by brand. There are more bargains so keep reading!

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One more year, we find ourselves with a Black Friday in vacuum cleaners with a high presence in robots of all brands and characteristics, with prices that are really accessible to anyone, so you have no excuse not to get one.

Vacuum cleaners on sale for Black Friday?


Made by iRobot, came onto the market in 2002 and was a revolution. In 2014 there were already more than 10 million units sold. Thanks to its sensors it will clean, without needing our help. It detects all kinds of obstacles and allows you to make various turns. Well, in this case, the Black Friday offers can discount almost 100 euros, depending on the model.


Hen/Stag broom type vacuum cleaners They are always a great alternative. Without cables, vertical and with a large battery that allows us more cleaning time. As a general rule, the prices are more affordable than the previous models. Some start from 50 or 60 euros, in the most basic. In higher prices, we will also get greater discounts of more than 20 euros.


The robot vacuum cleaner has become a great help to clean our house. The basics with sensors and three stages you can find them for 80 euros. So it is worth paying attention to Black Friday week, where thanks to the discount, we will have the option to spend much less.


Xiaomi is a Chinese company that has all kinds of electronic products. Among all of them, they also offer us a wide variety of vacuum cleaners. From broom-types to robots. The discounts will also be present during Black Friday, exceeding 150 euros less, in some models.


The company was founded in 1993 and soon expanded to more than 60 countries, with its headquarters in the UK. One of its main products are vacuum cleaners. One of the most common models is the cordless vacuum cleaner, with high power. So the prices can be somewhat varied. In this case, the first offers indicate that we can save between 20 and 30 euros, which will go up in the final bargains.

When is Black Friday 2023

A new era of vacuum cleaners has arrived and with them, of robots that take care of the dirtiest work, and never better said. But it is true that although it has crossed our minds throughout the year, perhaps the prices did not convince us. That is why there is nothing like taking advantage of the Black Friday 2023 in vacuum cleaners and robot vacuum cleaners.

That day of great discounts and offers arrives in all kinds of stores, from the physical ones to the online type. the key day It will be November 24. Although, as we well know, in many cases the Black Friday 2023 It is usually a few days ahead. For this reason, from November 17 we will find the first discounts. Thus, we have a few days to discover some offers and launch ourselves to buy or, wait for the big day and the bargains that appear at times.

How Black Friday works on Amazon

It is clear that in Amazon celebrates Black Friday in style. Moreover, always try to advance the date a little, so that there is more margin and more offers. On the weekend of November 21 and 22, we can already select our favorite products. Do you want to know how it works on Amazon?

  • The week before the 26th, Amazon will start adding some interesting discounts on the vast majority of its products.
  • On the 23rd the call will begin 'Black Friday Week'. In this case, we will have the so-called 'Deals of the day'.
  • In the early hours of Thursday 25 to 26, the most awaited moment arrives. Since the best bargains will start and we have to be quick to be able to buy them.
  • If you see a product that you like, you must select it for the basket and it will only take about 15 minutes to make your purchase.
  • When the product is not available, you will have the option of a waiting list. You add it to your wishes and as soon as it is back on sale, you can make the purchase. But in this case, you have to be quick, because they only allow you a couple of minutes of time.
  • If there is a vacuum cleaner in which you are interested, or in other products, look for it and surely its countdown will appear so you can get the discount. It's a perfect way to stay tuned and not miss out on the product itself.

Black Friday 2023 in vacuum cleaners

black friday vacuum cleaners

It's the best time of the year to buy vacuum cleaners. Among them, we have a wide variety: both handheld, with or without a bag, or the well-known robots that are already a bestseller. For this reason, during Black Friday we can find very juicy discounts. In some cases, their discounts go up to 20% or 30%.

El deduct VAT It is another of the steps that some stores or companies usually take on a day like this. Which means that we can also save a good pinch. But there is more, because Amazon always has an ace up its sleeve. In previous years, some of the vacuum cleaners have had discounts of between 45 and 150 euros (even more in the case of the Roomba and other robot vacuum cleaners that always drop a lot in price on Black Friday). What we are already talking about are quite curious amounts. Without forgetting that in one of the Chollos, which last only a few minutes, some robot had almost 100 euros discount.

When you do not see a discount that is too steep, then it is because perhaps they have removed the shipping costs or because they give us some accessories for our best vacuum cleaners. Be that as it may, it is always a good option to opt for the purchase during Black Friday.

Why is it called Black Friday?

It was in the 60s when this term began to be heard in the United States. exactly a day after thanksgiving, the streets were filled with people and cars, so even the police couldn't do their job properly. That is why it was the police themselves who called it 'Black Friday', knowing what awaited them each year.

But it did not stop there, but the world of commerce also saw how its sales declined. Hence, it was decided to control this day to keep purchases on the rise. Making sure that the balance in the economy was in good hands. A good alternative for advance christmas shopping. The tradition also reached Spain, especially via online, although today it is extended to other commercial surfaces.

When is better, on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday?

If Black Friday 2023 is November 24, el Cyber ​​Monday it will be the 27th of November. It is true that success is assured in the first one, since the great offers will always be present in it. But you have to remember that sometimes, some stock leftovers appear the following Monday at unbeatable prices. So if you want to wait, it's a good idea, but if you really need it, it's always better to opt for Black Friday. When it comes to buying vacuum cleaners or other technological products as well as appliances and everything online, then Monday will be your big day.

Tips for buying a vacuum cleaner on Black Friday

black friday vacuum cleaner deals

  • Write down the products that adjust to your tastes, to always have them at hand. This way we will save time in searches.
  • Always compare all prices of vacuum cleaners. Because in some cases the discounts will be greater and will compensate us more than others. If you find a good offer, take advantage of it.
  • Choose from your navigation system: Some have a laser, cameras or software, which will make the robot take different directions as well as decisions and create a map of the entire room, so that there is no dirty corner. So they will adapt to both said dirt and space.
  • La autonomy It is another point to take into account before a purchase like this. This will indicate the time of use that is around 100 or 120 minutes if we talk about the standard.
  • The suction capacity, as well as the filters, are other points to take into account in order to buy a good vacuum cleaner on Black Friday.

Where to get deals on vacuum cleaners for Black Friday

  • Amazon: In any list that talks about stores where you can get good deals, Amazon will appear among the first options. We are talking about one of the most important online stores in the world, if not the most, and in it we can buy practically any product, most of which are available at a good price. Among these items we will find vacuum cleaners of all imaginable types and models, and during Black Friday we will find them with succulent prices that are difficult to refuse.
  • El Corte Ingles: El Corte Inglés is a chain of stores of Spanish origin that is known for its department stores. Among the articles that we can find in them we have practically anything, but they stand out for their clothing (fashion) and electronics sections. Taking into account that one of its strong points is electronic devices, it is certain that during Black Friday we will find good offers that will allow us to buy vacuum cleaners at a good price.
  • Worten: a store specializing in electronics that comes to us from Portugal is Worten. It operates in the Iberian Peninsula, or more specifically in Spain and Portugal, and if you are wondering what the difference is, it is that they are also available on the islands. During Black Friday they will offer very interesting discounts, and among them we will have those of the most normal vacuum cleaners, other more advanced ones and those that are also considered intelligent.
  • Media Markt: Mediamarkt arrives from the Teutonic country. In countries like Spain it is already one of the most important chain stores when it comes to electronics, so buying a vacuum cleaner there during Black Friday will show that “I am not stupid” because we will pay less than what we would pay another day in other stores. .
  • Carrefour: from the neighboring country to the north, if you read this from Spain, Carrefour arrives. Among its stores we find some smaller ones that will be in our town and where we can make our daily purchase of food, among other things, and other larger ones that are in cities and where we can find more items, such as electronics. During Black Friday, Carrefour, which already has good prices for the rest of the year, will offer discounts with which we can buy vacuum cleaners for much less than we imagine.