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Are you looking for bosch vacuum cleaners? The amount of vacuum cleaner brands that we find in the market is enormous. Also the number of types of vacuum cleaners it is. That is why, when we are looking for a new vacuum cleaner, our tendency is to bet on reliable brands that we know. A good example of this is Bosch. A brand known by the vast majority of consumers.

Bosch is a manufacturer with a good image and has proven over the years its ability to manufacture quality products, including vacuum cleaners. That's why, when it's time to renew ours, taking a look at Bosch vacuum cleaners is a good idea.

With this in mind, we have prepared below a analysis of various models of Bosch vacuum cleaners. In this way, if you are thinking of renewing yours, you may find a model of the brand that fits your needs and preferences.

Comparative Bosch vacuum cleaners

First of all we are going to leave you with a comparison table of five models of Bosch vacuum cleaners in which we show you some of the most important specifications. In this way you can get an idea about each model. After the table we talk about each of the vacuum cleaners in depth individually.

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Which Bosch vacuum cleaner to buy

Once we have seen the table with some of the most relevant specifications of each model, it is time to move on to a deeper analysis of each of the models. In this way, you can learn more about its operation. Thus, you will more easily find the Bosch vacuum cleaner that best suits what you are looking for.

Bosch Unlimited Gen 2 Series 8

Without a doubt one of the vacuum cleaners Most powerful and recommended Bosch, in addition to providing comfort thanks to its battery, so as not to depend on cables, and its different accessories to adapt to all areas of your home and much more.

This vacuum cleaner includes a LED display to indicate the battery level, it can be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner and also as a broom, it adapts to all types of floors, with brushes with LEDs to see every corner, nozzles for joints and upholstery, etc. It also has interchangeable batteries, and an autonomy of more than 1 hour.

Bosch Flexxo

A new and practical 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner, so you can use it both as a handheld vacuum cleaner, to clean high areas, the car, etc., and also as a broom type vacuum cleaner for the floor. In addition, it is very light, has a good autonomy, EasyClean system, RobustAir to offer high performance even when the drawer is full, and with great ease of use.

Bosch Athletic

We start with this broom vacuum cleaner Bosch Athlet, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular models of the company. It is also possibly one of the best that we find within this category of products. It is a model that stands out for being very powerful and having great suction power. Plus, it works on all kinds of surfaces, so no matter what floor you have it's going to deliver great performance. Whether you have a wooden floor, tiles, carpet or granite, it will always work well.

This vacuum cleaner has a tank with a capacity of 0,9 liters. It is a capacity that allows us to clean the entire house without having to empty said tank. In addition, it is very easy to extract and empty said compartment. So the maintenance of this model is very simple and comfortable. The same thing happens with the filter you have. Cleaning it is very simple. It should be mentioned that It is a vacuum cleaner that stands out for being easy to handle, largely because it is so light. Something that also causes it to take up little space when it comes to having to store it.

It has a 25,2 V battery, which gives it a autonomy of 60 minutes. In addition, on the vacuum cleaner itself there is an indicator that shows us the status of the battery at all times. The battery charges 80% in about 3 hours, so you can use it again. The

The only aspect that some users might perceive as annoying about this model is the noise, since it is not the model of the brand that manages noise best (in reality, all broom vacuum cleaners are quite noisy). But otherwise It is one of the best broom vacuum cleaners on the market.. This vacuum comes with accessories included.

Bosch Relaxx'x ProSilence

Second we find this bagless vacuum cleaner with a much more traditional design. It is a model that stands out for being powerful but very quiet at the same time. This vacuum cleaner works very well on all types of surfaces and is especially suitable if you have animals at home. Since it helps us to eliminate the hair that they leave from any corner of the house. Also on carpets, so it certainly helps us a lot in this arduous task. In fact, comes with a kit special to remove pet hair of your home.

This Bosch vacuum cleaner also stands out for its large tank with a capacity of 3 liters. This allows us to clean the house many times until this tank has been filled. In addition, cleaning both the tank and the filter that the vacuum cleaner has is very simple.

In both cases, you simply have to put them under the tap so that they work again like the first day. So we don't have to do anything in that regard. It's very comfortable.

This vacuum cleaner works with cables. stands out because it has a huge 11 meter cable. So we can move around the entire house without any problem. We have a lot of freedom to clean between stays. In addition, it is a vacuum cleaner that is easy to handle and very comfortable in the hand. So the task of cleaning the house will be a little more enjoyable. It is also important to mention that it is a fairly quiet model, so if you are especially sensitive to the noise of a vacuum cleaner, it is a very suitable model that emits little noise.

Bosch BBH218LTD Readyy'y 2-in-1

In third place is this model that is also quite popular and that stands out especially because comes with an integrated handheld vacuum. A vacuum cleaner that we can use for smaller corners such as the sofa or in the car. So it undoubtedly allows us to carry out a much more precise cleaning of our house. Although, it is important to mention that it is a less powerful model and that many do not see as much as a vacuum cleaner.

It is a good option to clean the dust or dirt that accumulates on the floor, but it does not have the power for a deeper cleaning of other models. This is a different option.

It should be noted from this 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner its lightness and ease of handling. In addition, the absence of cables helps a lot in this regard, since we can move around all the rooms of our house without worrying that the cable is not long enough. Something that will make cleaning our home much more comfortable. What's more, It is a flexible vacuum cleaner that easily reaches any corner, so we can get rid of all the dirt in the house.

This Bosch vacuum cleaner It has a battery that lasts about 40 minutes. So it lasts long enough to clean the entire house. Once it has been emptied, the full charge takes about 4-5 hours in total. In addition, in the vacuum cleaner itself we have an indicator that shows us at all times how much battery we have left. So we can see if it is enough to clean the house. This vacuum cleaner does not come with accessories, although we have various packs available to buy separately.

Bosch Series 4

In fourth place we find a much more classic vacuum cleaner. In fact, it is the only one on the list that has a bag. So it is a model for those who are looking for a traditional vacuum cleaner, but who know that it will give them a good performance.

It is a powerful model that will help us eliminate dust and dirt from our house. In addition, it works optimally on all types of floors, making it a vacuum cleaner for all consumers. We can regulate the power depending on the ground or what we are doing.

It is a model of sled vacuum cleaner manageable and It has a 10 meter long cable. Therefore, it allows us to move around the house with great freedom and to be able to clean between rooms without any problem. This model, as we have told you, has bags. These are traditional bags, plus five as a gift. These types of bags maintain suction capacity even when full. It also has a filter that we can clean very easily, just wet it.

This Bosch vacuum cleaner is a traditional model. But it works well and perfectly fulfills its task of cleaning dust and dirt from the house. So if you were looking for a classic vacuum cleaner and you know that it meets what you ask of it at all times, this is your model.

Bosch Readyy'y Series 2

Lastly we find this broom vacuum cleaner which is a model similar to the third. In fact, this vacuum cleaner It also has an integrated handheld vacuum cleaner. that we can extract to clean other areas such as a sofa or the car in this way. So it helps us carry out a much deeper and more precise cleaning of our house. In addition, it is a very light model that stands out for being very easy to handle. Being a broom vacuum cleaner, it does not have cables.

This absence of cables means that we can move between the rooms of the house more easily. Especially if we have to climb stairs. So we have a little more freedom in this regard. As it does not work with cables, it has a rechargeable battery.

This battery provides a range of about 40 minutes. So this is enough time to be able to clean the entire house. So it is enough time at all times. In addition, we have a battery indicator that helps us control at all times how much battery is available.

It has a 0,4 liter tank that allows us to clean the entire house without being filled. In addition, the extraction of this deposit is simple. Also always keep it clean, because we can put it under the tap directly. The same goes for the filter that the vacuum cleaner has. We can clean it by putting it under the tap. Thus, we have it ready to use it again.

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Bosch range of vacuum cleaners

Within the Bosch firm you have a wide variety of vacuum cleaners to be able to choose the one that best suits your needs. Among the ranges available are:


They are the most advanced models of Bosch vacuum cleaners, with a compact and powerful motor, as well as a long-lasting battery to allow you to clean without the limitations of the cable. This type of vacuum cleaner has its accessory to clean floors, and also other accessories to access the most inaccessible corners, cleaning fabrics, etc.


These other vacuums also use a battery, to take it wherever you want without cables. However, the difference with respect to the Unlimited range is that in this case they are not hand-held vacuum cleaner models, but rather a broom type, for the floor.


In essence it is like a upright vacuum cleaner battery-powered and cordless floor cleaner like the Athlet, but it also allows you to remove the main block of the broom to turn it into a handy handheld vacuum. This model provides greater versatility in terms of uses, to also clean other surfaces that are not the floor.

Bagless (Series 8, Series 6, Series 4 and Series 2)

Conclusion vacuum cleaners without bags replacement. This has great advantages, since you will not have to buy replacement balls, and you will not have to dispose of them either, achieving greater sustainability.

With bag (Series 6, Series 4 and Series 2)

There are also the classic ones with a bag, which you will have to remove and discard when it fills with dirt. These types of vacuum cleaners are usually cheaper, but will mean that you have to buy replacement bags.

Handheld (Move)

They are vacuum cleaners that can be held by hand, whether they are compact to clean the car, or the highest surfaces, or the wireless models for everything, like the Unlimited.

No wires

They lack cable, obtaining energy from a battery. Generally they usually last 10 or 15 minutes, up to double or more in the highest range. The advantage of these batteries is that they will prevent you from having to depend on the cable, being able to take it where you need it.

Is a Bosch vacuum cleaner worth it?

bosch handheld vacuum cleaner

Bosch is one of the most well-known brands by consumers in the home appliance market. In fact, it is very likely that you have had a product of the brand in your home before. Or that you currently have one. It is a firm with a lot of experience in the sector. And that he has managed to win the favor of consumers with his good work.

Bosch vacuum cleaners, like the rest of the firm's products, maintain high quality standards. So we are faced with high-quality vacuum cleaners, which work well and last a long time. So it is an investment for our home. In addition, it is a brand that has proven to be innovative over the years.

So it is about modern products and designed for a current home. So they adapt perfectly to what you need right now to help you clean your home. It is also necessary to point out that they have a wide selection of models of all kinds. So it is easier to find one that best suits your personal situation. Therefore, the answer to the question is yes. Bosch products are worth considering.

Is it easy to find spare parts for a Bosch vacuum cleaner?

bosch vacuum cleaner spare parts

Yes, it is very easy to find spare parts for Bosch vacuum cleaners, both replacement filters, dirt bags, and even some others. spare parts accessories, such as brushes, etc. And it is that Bosch is one of the best known brands of home appliances, so they can be easily found in many stores.

You will also have technical service and good assistance, something that does not happen with other cheap and less well-known brands.

Bosch history

Bosch Logo

The history of Bosch It begins in Germany in 1886, the year in which it was founded. Although it was not until 1937 that it began to use the name by which we know it today. Since its inception, the company has been dedicated to carrying out various activities. Since for the vast majority of us it is known as a manufacturer of various household appliances. But, Bosch carries out more activities.

Since the company also manufactures components for automobiles. From brakes, generators, starter motors or combustion systems, among others. In fact, it is the largest auto parts distributor in the world. So it is a division of enormous importance for the German company.

Since 1967, the division of the company that is responsible for manufacturing household appliances has operated under the umbrella of BSH, a joint venture between Bosch and Siemens. So two of the most important German companies have been working together on this project for 50 years now. In fact, BSH is the market leader in household appliances. Among these products we find the brand's vacuum cleaners.

A sample of the success and good work of the brand. Since it has managed to maintain itself in a privileged position over the years. In addition to adapting at all times to a market that has changed a lot.

Where to buy a cheaper Bosch vacuum cleaner

As for the stores where to buy a Bosch vacuum cleaner at a good price, you can find several of the models in places like:

  • Amazon: The American distribution platform has a huge selection of vacuum cleaners of all kinds of the Bosch brand. You have all the ranges and models you can imagine, and with different offers to choose the most suitable one. Of course, the store offers all the guarantees and a secure payment system.
  • El Corte Ingles: The Spanish chain of stores also has the best-selling and current models of the Bosch firm in its home appliances section. Its prices are not the most competitive, but it has some promotions and offers that could be interesting, such as its Tecnoprecios. You can choose both the online and face-to-face purchase modality.
  • Media Markt: whether you go to the points of sale of this German chain, or if you order it through its website so that it can be sent to your home, you will be able to find the latest Bosch models at good prices.
  • Carrefour: The gala shopping center chain also offers purchases from its online platform, or from any of the centers throughout Spain. Whichever mode you choose, you will have decent prices and some occasional offers and promotions on Bosch brand vacuum cleaners.

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