Car vacuum cleaner

If we start looking for a vacuum cleaner, we can see that there are many types available on the market. So the selection is the widest. But, depending on the use we want to give it, we find some specific types. For example, if we want buy a vacuum cleaner for the car we don't need to buy a normal one. There are car vacuum cleaners.

A car vacuum cleaner is a specific model for use in the car. A place where dirt accumulates in a much smaller and more complex space. As we have to clean between the seats, but also under them or in the trunk. So we need a special vacuum cleaner for this type of situation. Something that we can find very easily.

Therefore, below we perform a analysis with the best car vacuum cleaner models. In this way, if you were looking for one for your car, you can see what is on the market and choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

The best car vacuum cleaner

One of the best vacuum cleaners for the car is the Black & Decker model PD1200AV. The American brand has great devices, like this vacuum cleaner to connect to the cigarette lighter adapter (12V) of the car.

What sets this vacuum apart from other car vacuums is that it has a very powerful engine, with cyclonic technology to achieve optimal results. Its tube is flexible, with up to 1.5 meters to give you more freedom.

This vacuum cleaner reaches suctions of 1060 litres/min. In addition, it has a dirt container that does not need replacement bags, with a translucent lid to see when it is full. Its capacity is 400 ml.

The pack includes the vacuum cleaner, the car cigarette lighter adapter, battery to use without cables, 2 nozzles in one for the most inaccessible places, long nozzle, and bag to store the vacuum cleaner.

The best rated car vacuum cleaners

We have made a comparison with a total of five different models of car vacuum cleaner. Then we leave you with a table with specifications on each of these models. Thus, you get an idea about them and you can see if there is already one that fits your needs. Then, we will do an in-depth analysis of each one.

finder vacuum cleaners

What car vacuum to buy

Once we know some of the specifications of these models, we move on to an in-depth analysis below. In this way, you can learn more details about these car vacuum cleaners. Thus, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Black&Decker PV1200AV-XJ

We open with this signature model. In terms of design, it meets what one expects from a car vacuum cleaner, and it must be said that it is very easy to handle and comfortable. So you will be able to use it comfortably in your car, regardless of the model you have. In addition, it is a model that does not weigh too much, so its use is much easier in a small space such as that of our car. So it works in that sense.

It is a model that makes use of cyclone technology. This means that it is a very powerful car vacuum cleaner and that it will be able to suck up all kinds of dirt that has accumulated in it. So it will be of enormous help to us to keep the car always clean. In addition, this type of technology makes the filter accumulate little dirt. So it never loses suction power. Undoubtedly an option that is comfortable and designed for the long term.

It has a tank with a capacity of 0,44 liters, which is certainly enough for this type of model. In addition, the extraction of this deposit is very simple. So as soon as we see that it is full, being able to remove it is simple. Too it's very easy to clean, since it is enough to wet it a little with water to clarify it. So it doesn't require too much maintenance. This car vacuum cleaner has a 5-meter cable and connects to the car's cigarette lighter socket, so it gives us a lot of freedom of movement. Plus, it's easy to store.

Another noteworthy point is that its suction head can be placed at multiple angles and there are also accessories to facilitate cleaning the dashboard or corners. Without a doubt, it is one of the best options you can buy.

Black&Decker PD1200AV

In second place we find this model of the same brand. It also stands out for being a car vacuum cleaner very manageable and easy to use. So it is a good option in a small space such as a car. In addition, it also has a 5-meter cable that offers us a lot of freedom when moving. It should also be noted that it is a powerful car vacuum cleaner, which can handle all the dirt that has accumulated in our vehicle.

In this case it has a 0,4 liter tank. It is somewhat smaller, but it is enough to be able to vacuum the car completely on more than one occasion. Its removal and cleaning is very simple so that does not present problems. In this case, also has a filter, which is in a compartment. Access is not the best, although it is not complicated. It can be cleaned whenever we see that something is dirty, with water or by blowing hard, either of the two methods is valid.

As we have mentioned, this model works with a cable and has an adapter with which use it in car cigarette lighter for 12V socket. It is a simple, functional model that does not give problems and is also powerful.


Thirdly, we find this model that stands out as one of the most powerful What can we find in this category? It is a very powerful and efficient car vacuum cleaner. Undoubtedly a great and quality model with which to eliminate all the dirt that has accumulated in the car. In addition, it makes use of cyclonic technology. So it never loses power over time. Something that we also see reflected in the filters of it.

It has a tank with a capacity of 0,4 liters, making it also the largest in this type of vacuum cleaner. So we have a lot of space available to clean the car on more than one occasion. What's more, the removal of the tank is very simple and can be cleaned very easily (just wet it and rinse it). So it is a model with easy maintenance. Very comfortable in that sense.

In this case, it is a model that works without wires. Something that gives us a lot of freedom when moving around in the car to clean. Since we do not have to be aware that the cable is long enough. The battery life is about 30 minutes. So in principle it gives us time to clean the entire car. In addition, the full charge takes about 3 hours, so it can always be charged in a shorter time in times of urgency and we have a large percentage of battery.

Vosfeel Car Vacuum Cleaner

In fourth place we find this small-sized vacuum cleaner, without a doubt the lightest we find in this comparison. Being the smallest has its advantages in the sense that it is very easy to handle and store, as it hardly takes up any space. In addition, it has a long cable that allows us to handle it with enough comfort and freedom. The cable length is 4,6 meters. Enough to work comfortably.

It is a model that does have a but it is that it is less powerful than others in the analysis. So it is a simpler vacuum cleaner, but it also helps us to clean the car. It is a good option if we have dogs, since it absorbs animal hair very well and also comes with multiple accessories to reach corners with little access.

It also has a filter that we can and should clean from time to time. But, cleaning both the filter and the tank where dirt accumulates are simple. All we have to do is wet them and we can enjoy the vacuum again.

bedee Auto Vacuum Cleaner

We close the list with this car vacuum cleaner that is a model similar to the previous one. Since it also stands out for being a reduced size model. What makes its use in the car simple and it is also very easy to store it in any corner, no matter where. So if we want we can always take it in the car with us. To have it at hand. It weighs just 1,16 kg, so its use is very simple. What's more, It has a battery with autonomy for about 30 minutes.

As with the previous model, it is not as powerful a model as the first ones. Although, for the small size it has, it sucks with great power. So, without a doubt, it will leave us satisfied in that sense, since it will be able to eliminate the accumulated dirt in our car at all times. It is also a good option for those with dogs, as it sucks up hair very easily and there is an accessory that helps to lift those hairs that sometimes get caught in the car upholstery or on the mats.

In terms of maintenance we do not have much to do. The vacuum cleaner has filters, which can be cleaned when dirt accumulates. In this case it is important to do so, otherwise the suction power is affected. But just put them under the tap and they would be clean. So it is something very simple and comfortable. It is a simple, but very functional vacuum cleaner that more than fulfills its mission.

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Best brands of car vacuum cleaners

There are many brands of car vacuum cleaners. To get a good product, you have to find that it has the necessary accessories and adequate suction power, since otherwise, it will practically not suck up any dirt and will end up getting frustrated. For added peace of mind, some of the best brands, which usually offer what you need, are:

Black & Decker

It is an American manufacturer of tools and small appliances that is among the best brands of vacuum cleaners for the car. It offers great quality and durability of its products, with several series, with the possibility of connecting to the car's cigarette lighter socket (12V).


It has models with a great value for money. They are very compact, include many accessories, and their suction power is quite good. In addition, they are usually based on cyclonic technology, to achieve better results, and can absorb both solids and liquids that spill.


The Chinese technology giant also has models of wireless portable vacuum cleaner for the car. They are of good quality and not very expensive. Its power is good, and autonomy usually lasts 10 or 12 min.


The German firm is one of the most robust and reliable brands you will find. In addition, the benefits of their vacuum cleaners do not disappoint, as is the case with other brands that do not exactly stand out for their suction power and results. In addition, some models are really light and compact, with the possibility of choosing the speed.

Types of car vacuum cleaners

Within the vacuum cleaners for the car you will find various types that you should know to know which one is best for you to choose to suit your needs:

With cable

They are vacuum cleaners that can be connected to a plug or with an adapter for the vehicle's cigarette lighter socket, or any 12V socket in the car. The advantage of these is that you will not run out of battery, always obtaining constant and unlimited performance.

Without cable

Cordless vacuum cleaners offer more freedom to clean everything you need without having to depend on the cable. This is a fantastic advantage for cars, since you can take it to the back seats, trunk, etc.


Professional car vacuum cleaners have greater power and suction power, to improve results. In addition, they are prepared for longer jobs and have great reliability.


If you are going to buy a vacuum cleaner for the car, it is better to guarantee that it is powerful. If it doesn't have enough suction power, it won't pick up all the dirt, and some heavier items, like gravel from the floor mats, or hair embedded in the upholstery, will stay. That's frustrating, and will make you buy a useless device.


There are some vacuum cleaners that can be connected to a USB socket for power. They are similar to those that connect to the cigarette lighter or 12V, but can be connected to these ports that are included in many modern cars. However, these can be very compact and light, but they do not have as much power as other models.

What is the difference between a handheld and a car vacuum?

Muchos handheld vacuum cleaners they can be used for the car, in fact, many people have a single multi-purpose vacuum cleaner. In terms of appearance, they can be very similar, also in terms of benefits they could be similar. But they are not the same type of product.

The main difference of these car vacuum cleaners is that they usually have some vehicle specific accessories. For example, some have a charger that can be connected to the 12v socket for power or charging, as well as other specific nozzles for corners that are more inaccessible to conventional vacuum cleaner nozzles. Therefore, in order to carry out the work properly, it would be convenient for you to consider the extras that these vacuum cleaners have and that can make a difference.

How to choose a car vacuum cleaner

powerful car vacuum cleaner

Once we have seen these models, it is important to remember that there are certain aspects that it is good to take into account when we are looking for a car vacuum cleaner. Since in this way, thanks to certain aspects we can choose the one that best suits what we are looking for.

For this reason, we have grouped together certain important aspects to take into account. The important thing is always to compare several models of different brands. In addition to always reading the opinions of users, since that is how you see how that machine works in real life.


Power is always a topic of great importance in all vacuum cleaners. Also in a car vacuum cleaner. This type of vacuum cleaner is usually somewhat less powerful, because they act in a much more limited area. But, there are differences between models on the market. Ideally, it should be powerful, but not too powerful. Because otherwise it will stick to the seats constantly.

The best thing is that the model we buy allows us to regulate the power. So we can use it more fully. Use one power on the seats and another on the mats, for example. So we must check that its power is sufficient for our needs.

With cable or with battery

battery car vacuum cleaner

We mainly find these two types of car vacuum cleaners. It depends on personal preferences. A cable can limit us more when it comes to moving, since it may not be long enough. Also because we have to make sure that it can move as we want. While the battery gives us more freedom in that regard.

The problem is that the battery can run out, so we always have to charge it. So we cannot use it whenever we want or in case of emergency. While the cable one is always ready to be used. But which one to choose is more a matter of personal taste.

An alternative to car vacuum cleaners that we really like are the 2 in 1 vacuum cleaners. We can use them at home, they have a battery with more autonomy and more power, with which we have solved all the handicaps that we have seen so far.

Cleaning and maintenance

car vacuum filter

Typically, a car vacuum cleaner has less capacity and is easier to maintain and clean. So in this sense there are usually no big differences between models. The best is always a vacuum cleaner without a bag, with a deposit. We have to see that we can extract the deposit with ease. Filters are also important.

Since the convenient thing is that the filter can be cleaned. Thus, when we see that it is dirty, we wet it and we can use it again. It is the most comfortable in terms of cleaning and maintenance that we can find on the market.


car vacuum cleaner accessories

The subject of accessories is always something very personal. But it is always positive that a car vacuum cleaner has accessories included since this is very useful. Because we can use it in a different way on each occasion. Since it will have a special brush or head for carpets or seats. This allows us to clean more efficiently.

Therefore, if the accessories are included, it is much better for us. Since we also save ourselves having to buy them. If the model does not have them, it is important that we see if it is compatible with accessories, in case we want to buy something separately.

Weight and size

In this type of vacuum cleaner, size is always essential. Since being in a space as small as a car, we do not want something too big or cumbersome. Because it will make the task much heavier at all times. We want and need a manageable car vacuum that does not weigh too much. Because otherwise the task is complex and heavy

Therefore, it is important to compare several models and see how much each one weighs and how manageable they are. In addition, it is important that because it is smaller and lighter, it is not less powerful. We also have to keep that in mind at all times. Just because it's smaller doesn't mean it's or should be less powerful.

For what uses is a car vacuum intended?

car vacuum cleaner for seats

A car vacuum cleaner can allow you clean the car at home without having to pay third parties to do it. In the long run, it will be much more profitable, allowing the purchase to be amortized. In addition, it will be of great help for different areas that are difficult to clean otherwise:

  • Carpet Cleaning: The mats, whether they are made of rubber or cloth, tend to get very dirty, accumulating mud, sand, hair, and other types of dirt. To be able to clean them properly, if it is not enough to shake them, you can use this type of vacuum cleaner. It will also allow you to clean under them.
  • Dashboard: the dashboard area also tends to accumulate dust and dirt, even more so if you are a smoker. To be able to absorb everything in a simple way, the vacuum cleaner can be of great help in those areas where the cloth cannot remove the dirt.
  • nooks and crannies: in a vehicle there are many nooks and crannies, because of the cup holders, the areas under the seats, the door openings, the glove compartment, trays, etc. All those areas cannot be cleaned well with a cloth, since it does not allow you to remove the dirt upwards. Instead, with a car vacuum cleaner you will leave them clean.
  • Trunk: The trunk is also a point where a lot of dirt accumulates. Anything that gets into it usually ends up with a bottom full of dirt. In order to easily vacuum an area that cannot usually be removed to shake it, you should use this type of device.
  • Ashtrays: they can usually be easily removed to throw the dirt into a wastebasket. Instead, some may be broken and cannot be removed. In those cases you have the option of not using them, or to use them and resort to a vacuum cleaner to be able to empty them easily.

Can a car vacuum be used to clean the seats?

A vacuum cleaner for the car can help you to remove any dirt from the seats, especially the crumbs that may have fallen when you eat in the car, dirt or dust that has entered from the outside, some hair from your pet, etc.

But in order to thoroughly clean a seat, you'll need a water aspirator. This type of vacuum cleaner is specially designed for upholstery and fabrics such as car seats, so the results will be much better.

Where to buy a cheaper car vacuum cleaner

If you are determined to purchase a cheap car vacuum cleaner, you should keep in mind the stores where you can buy it without abusive prices:

  • The Amazon: the American online sales giant has a multitude of brands and models, both those highlighted above and many others. In addition, you will be able to access a large number of offers, with the guarantee and security that this platform offers. Therefore, it is usually the preferred option of many buyers.
  • Media Markt: This German technology chain has distributed stores throughout the Spanish geography, in addition to providing you with the possibility of buying online if you prefer. There you can find some models of car vacuum cleaner at a good price.
  • Carrefour: has a selection of some of the most popular makes and models of car vacuum cleaners. Its prices are not bad, and it sometimes has some interesting promotions, both in its physical stores and on the website of this French chain.
  • Norauto: This Spanish chain of face-to-face and online sales is specialized in maintenance products and spare parts for vehicles, among which you can also find car vacuum cleaners. Their prices are not bad, although they have a somewhat limited range of models, so you won't have much to choose from.
  • Lidl: This German chain has also become popular for offering technology items at very cheap prices and with good results. This is the case of its white-label compact wet/dry vacuum cleaner. A way to be able to vacuum the car easily, with a washable filter and Li-Ion battery.

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