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Christmas is coming and with it the gifts. But it is true that we never know what to buy, because we do not want to repeat but we are looking for something really necessary and that the recipients get to use. Don't you think it's a good idea the buy vacuum cleaners for Christmas?

Perhaps a priori it may seem a somewhat strange option, but today, thanks to the evolution and revolution of these devices, surely not. The new generations, both of robot-like vacuum cleanersThey have become one of those gifts that will appear on the Santa Claus list or in the Three Wise Men's letter, so there's still time to get one!

The best vacuum cleaners to buy for Christmas

iRobot Roomba 960 Roomba 960...
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iRobot Roomba 960 Roomba 960...
  • Irobot has more than 25 years of robotic innovation and experience and has sold more than 25 million robots...
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  • Ideal for pet hair effectively removes pet hair by using two multi-surface rubber brushes and a...
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Robot vacuum cleaner with...
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Robot vacuum cleaner with...
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Robot vacuum cleaner with...
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Robot vacuum cleaner with...
  • iRobot has more than 30 years of experience in robotics and innovation with more than 30 million home robots...
  • Three-stage cleaning power - Vacuums up the toughest dirt with a premium three-stage cleaning system, which...
  • Robots that plan their work - Our robots learn how you'd like to clean and make personalised suggestions...

Why is it a good idea to give a vacuum cleaner as a Christmas present?

Surely you have to make several gifts, but you realize that last year's gifts have not been used much or do not seem to have made much illusion to the recipients. So it's time for a change and to search for practical gifts. Of those that have a great functionality and that is where the vacuum cleaners and the generation of robots that we have at our fingertips.

With a gift like this you're going to hit the nail on the head. First of all because they are fashionable and everyone wants to get one. But also because they really help with household choresThey take time and work, as well as do a more than impeccable job, which is why they are so valuable, and we don't mean the prices. Because as always, there will be a good deal waiting for you. It combines technology as well as design and efficiency in a gift like this, what more can we ask for?

Are there any vacuum cleaner offers at Christmas?

It is true that after the Black Friday offers we will not find the same discounts. But we must also take into account that in many stores they will put some other quite beneficial promotion for our purchase. Moreover, even some of the discounts that we have seen in November, will still be valid while stocks last.

The prices that you are going to find for vacuum cleaners and robotscan be very varied. Cordless vacuum cleaners are around 100 euros. While bagless vacuum cleaners are between 50 and 80 euros. While when we talk about robots, some of the most basic ones will also start from 40 euros and we will find that others, for 100 euros approximately, already offer us great features.

Why give a vacuum cleaner for Christmas

christmas vacuum cleaners

The robot vacuum cleaner revolution is something everyone is talking about. Maybe because it has more advantages than we could imagine. Do you really know everything it can do for you?

  • They save you a lot of timeBecause while they walk around the house, you can do other tasks. We always complain that we do not have much time, well now there is a great solution at your fingertips. You will no longer have to vacuum because it will do it for you.
  • You can program themAnother very good point is that thanks to its technology, we can program them for one or more rooms and time. They will know how to go through all the areas and corners to clean every inch of your floor, even if we are not at home.
  • They are very efficientThis indicates that their hard work will be noticed and we will not have to go behind to clean. Since they will leave the house spotless.
  • One of the new options, which are always basic, is the new scrubbing system. So your work will still be much better.
  • Your navigation systemIt is another of the great qualities, along with the sensors. Since the latter are as if they were your sight or your eyes. They will be able to detect all kinds of obstacles and also the unevenness that exist. While thanks to the navigation system, the robot in question will know where to go to do a good cleaning.
  • The latest robots don't just walk around the room, they can also will create a kind of mapto be able to make a tour that is really necessary.
  • The autonomyAfter charging, the time that a vacuum cleaner of this type can be in operation is between 100 or perhaps 120 minutes. It is true that it will always depend on the model in question. Of course, time is not everything, because if you buy one that is more efficient, then it will take less time. Since their trajectories are mapped out to perfection.

Vacuum cleaner types and brands you should buy

As it usually happens in the vast majority of products, there are many brands that appear before our eyes. But not only that, but within the same, there are always many other options. To make it a little easier for you to buy vacuum cleaners for Christmas, we suggest some specific types and some good brands. Don't you think it's a good idea?

  • Robot vacuum cleanerIf you are thinking of giving a good, practical, efficient and time-saving gift, then you can't hesitate any longer. The robot vacuum cleaner has become one of the great Christmas wishes. It will keep your house always clean without any effort on your part. Will remove your pet's hair and will help the floor to be perfect if you have small children who spend more time on this surface.
  • Broom: The broom vacuums has a powerful suction, which allows us to collect more dirt with minimal effort. In addition, they are very easy to clean and can be stored in any corner. They are light, versatile and have a good autonomy. Of course, they won't take up as much time as the previous ones.
  • Roomba: It is one of the most talked about brands lately. Within it we know its robot vacuum cleaner. It was launched in 2002 and to give us an idea, when we arrived in 2014 it had already sold more than 10 million. With this data it says it all! Its sensors allow it to reach all kinds of corners, and make various turns. You will find various models to suit your needs.
  • DysonDyson vacuum cleaner: To be in good hands, nothing like getting a Dyson vacuum cleaner. It is another of those names that have been hanging around in our heads since the 90s. Decade in which it began to offer us all kinds of products and appliances. So the quality and the best advantages or features are also in each of them.
  • Conga: The Conga vacuum cleaner comes from the hand of Cecotec. It has positioned itself as another of the great essentials to take into account in your Christmas gifts. It was in 2016 when they came with the option of adding a scrubbing system to the robot. This revolutionized the vacuum cleaner landscape.

Surely after all this, you will have realized that it is always a good idea to give a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. You will have got the gift right and they will thank you forever.