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Cecotec continues to offer an area of democratization of certain cutting-edge technological products. In this field we find its range "Conga"The most popular robot vacuum cleaners in the Spanish market due to its interesting value for money, this is how Cecotec has earned the trust of hundreds of thousands of users throughout the national territory (and abroad).

It's not the first Cecotec product we've reviewed, so we recommend you take a look at our reviews section. Be that as it may, we are going to analyze in depth this robot vacuum cleaner Conga Series 1090 of Cecotec, stay to discover its most interesting points.

If you're thinking about buying a robot vacuum cleaner, we recommend you take a look at our robot vacuum cleaner comparison in the link we just left you.

Design and materials: House sign

In the market for robot vacuum cleaners we have little innovation as far as design is concerned, and is that for obvious reasons little can be risked in this aspect. This is a classic robot of standard size and circular shape, which tends to facilitate, as it could not be otherwise, cleaning anywhere as well as its intelligent navigation. We have plastic as the main element, which also helps to lighten its weight, and therefore gain in autonomy.

  • Size: 32,5 x 32,5 x 7,5 cm
  • Weight: 2,6 Kg

At the bottom of this Conga 1090, Unlike other products in the family, we have a double brush that is dedicated to catching as much dirt as possible to direct it towards its motorized central brush, which scrapes off the dirt and puts it into the garbage bin. Generally speaking, we have a fairly standardized robot in which we don't miss anything. The top is crowned by a glossy surface, with two manual function buttons and the WiFi indicator.

Cleaning modes and technical features

floor cleaner conga 1090

Of course, we have an IoT product in this Conga 1090, as we have an IoT product in this Conga 1090. has its own app available in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store to interact with it. This application will act as a remote control, although it will not perform a mapping of the house as it does not have the necessary scanner for it. We will be able to run any of its four cleaning modes through the application, as well as manage the water tank for scrubbing. The control modes are: Auto; Edge only; Manual mode; Room mode; Spiral and return to charge port.

  • Garbage deposit: 500ml
  • Water tank: 400ml

This Conga 1090 of Cecotec has three vacuum power settings, an Eco Mode with 800 Pa suction, a Normal Mode with 1200 Pa suction and a last mode for deep cleanings called Turbo Mode which reaches 1400 Pa no less. This product definitely meets the standards of vacuuming power that we can expect from it. As it could not be otherwise we have a high efficiency filter that purifies the air absorbed, returning it without dust or allergens, something extremely important.

Connectivity and extra features

conga 1090 connectivity

We have a product, as we have said before, capable of connecting via WiFithanks to its application will allow us to link it with two of the most popular virtual assistant services on the market, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. are fully compatible with the Conga 1090 so we will be able to start it directly with a voice command, as well as to schedule certain hours of operation directly from our corresponding applications for iOS and Android. We definitely have a product with high connectivity.

This Conga 1090 has many other features that make it extremely interesting, for example has an OnlySilence mode that offers a significantly quieter cleaning system than usual.without forgetting that we have a sound level around the 64 dB in most of the time of use. This robot is of course fully compatible with any carpet, and will overcome obstacles up to 2cm high without even batting an eyelid. With the anti-fall and anti-shock sensors we have a fairly independent robot. To not leave a gap in our house has iTech Smart 2.0 patented by Cecotec.

Autonomy and user experience

conga 1090 operation

We have in this product a 2,600 mAh battery, which will give us up to 160 minutes of total cleaning time in Eco Mode, which will usually stay at around 120 minutes in normal cleaning mode. The total charging time is between 3 and 4 hours and how could it be otherwise, has a system of "back home" fully automatic, when you run out of battery will locate your charging station without further interaction on our part, which is quite welcome.

This robot is especially recommended for those who have animals at home, has a BestFriend Care brush made of silicone which makes the hairs do not get tangled and collects them all without added problems. In the box we will include in addition to the vacuum cleaner and manuals two mops for scrubbing, as well as two replacement side brushes, a HEPA filter, a maintenance brush and a special brush for pets along with the charging base. It is worth mentioning that this product does not come with a remote control included.

Editor's opinion

It is a good vacuum cleaner as far as value for money is concerned, we have a fairly quiet and efficient system, although we will not be able to limit the areas in which we do not want to carry out the cleaning. Of course, the quality/price ratio is practically unbeatable, few products are going to offer these features for the same price. 189 it costsand that has positioned it as Amazon's best-selling robot vacuum cleaner this holiday season.

It is definitely a good option in order to take the step in this type of products, although this certainly can only be the beginning to end up betting on the high end of the firm that also offers good value for money.

If you're not convinced, you can take a look at our robot vacuum cleaner comparison to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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4 thoughts on “Conga 1090”

  1. Don't buy the Conga. In the six months I've had it I've had it repaired twice and it's just broken again. It doesn't vacuum well, it gets tangled up in the jealousy, it crashes all the time. It drops the garbage collected and doesn't know how to get to the charging base. In short if you don't want to throw your money away, don't buy it, it's worthless.

  2. Hello, I would like you to inform me of the difference between the model conga 1090 and the model conga 5490 that I have seen that are the best sellers and I have seen that the price is different, I have a pet that releases a lot of hair and I would not like to spend less money and that I will not result, thank you.

  3. For me the Conga 1090 is not even close to what is explained here, about 2 months ago my daughter gave it to me and for more than a week it has been telling me that the central brush is dirty when it is not, you put it back on and more of the same; another piece of junk at home and that's it, a real disaster!!!!


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