Cordless vacuum cleaners

Nowadays, when we start looking for a new vacuum cleaner for our house, we see that there are many different kinds of vacuum cleaners. This is positive, as it gives us more variety and a greater chance of finding something that suits us. Although at the same time it makes it somewhat more complex to choose the one that suits us best. One of the many types we come across are the cordless vacuum cleaners.

As its name suggests, this type of vacuum cleaner stands out for the absence of cables. So they work with a rechargeable battery. The absence of cables It gives us a lot of freedom when moving around the house using this type of vacuum cleaners. Although, having to charge the battery can be seen as a limitation by some users. Since you have to wait for the battery to be charged to use it again.

Below we present the best models of cordless vacuum cleaners. We are going to submit them to a comparison, so that you can find a vacuum cleaner that fits what you need.

The best cordless vacuum cleaners

Then we leave you with the models of cordless vacuum cleaners that will be part of this analysis. First of all, we leave you with a comparative table in which we can observe its main characteristics. Thus, we can get a first idea about these models.

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What cordless vacuum cleaner to buy

In the previous table we have mentioned some of the characteristics of these cordless vacuum cleaners. But, now it's time to talk a little more in depth about each of these models. In this way you can have a much clearer idea about its specifications and operation.

Rowenta PowerLine Extreme Cyclonic

We open the list with a broom vacuum cleaner, a type that has been very popular for a few years. This model of Rowenta vacuum cleaner It is one of the best known on the market. It has a 25,2 V battery that It offers us an autonomy of up to 60 minutes. So we can clean the house in that time without any problem. Once empty, the battery can be easily charged. The problem is that it takes 8 hours to fully charge, something excessive.

It has a great suction capacity and works like a charm on all types of surfaces. So it does not matter what floor we have in our house. It will work perfectly. It also has a 0,5 liter tank in which dirt is stored. It may seem small, but it is enough to be able to clean the house on several occasions. Once full, it is very easy to remove, empty and clean for reuse.

In addition, it has filters that we can clean to reuse them constantly. It is important to clean them, because the vacuum cleaner loses but suction power.

It is a model that stands out for being manageable and very easy to use. In addition, being a cordless vacuum cleaner is very comfortable. Since we can move around the house without worrying about cables. In addition, it is a light model, it weighs 4,2 Kg, so it is easy to move around the house using this vacuum cleaner. This model does not come with accessories included.

Cecotec Conga Rockstar

This second is a most complete cordless vacuum cleaner. As it is a 3 in 1 model. This means that it can carry out several functions. In addition, it comes with a built-in removable handheld vacuum. So we can use the small one on sofas, corners or in the car. Without a doubt, an option that gives us the option of being able to clean the entire house. It has lithium batteries that allow us a usage time of about 65 minutes. It is noticeably inferior to other models in that regard.

Although its specifications show us that its engine is not as powerful as others, the truth is that it has enough power to clean the house. It also works great on carpets. So there is no problem of any kind. Although in the case of carpets it is recommended to use it at maximum power for greater efficiency. In addition, it stands out for working well on all types of soils.

The battery charges in about 4 hours. In addition, it is a vacuum cleaner that stands out for being easy to handle and light (it weighs 3,7 kg). So we can use it with great comfort throughout the house. Users value its easy operation and good performance in general, in addition to noting that it is a fairly quiet model. So you will not have an annoying noise while using it.

Bosch Home Unlimited 6 Series

In third place we find this Bosch model. It stands out for being a model that has a 18 V battery that It offers us an autonomy of about 60 minutes. So it is enough time to clean the house completely. In addition, the battery is charged to 80% in 3 hours and fully in just under 6 hours. So we can charge it briefly if we have an emergency. It also stands out for being a very light model, since it barely weighs 3 Kg.

It works perfectly on all types of floors, even on wooden floors. In addition, it is a model with great suction power. So there is no dirt that will be able to resist this cordless vacuum cleaner. Without a doubt great to make sure that the house is completely clean.

It has a removable tank in which dirt is stored. It has a capacity of 0,9 liters, so we can use it many times until it is full.

This model It has filters that we can clean easily. Simply wet them to clean them. In this way we can continue to use them. So it also helps us save in a simple way. It is a very easy to use vacuum cleaner and has no operating problems. In addition, in this case the accessories are included with the vacuum cleaner.

Taurus Homeland Parking

In fourth place we find this Taurus vacuum cleaner. It stands out for having a 25,9 V battery that provides us with a autonomy of up to 55 minutes. So it offers us enough time to be able to clean our house optimally. In addition, it also stands out for being one of the lightest models, with a weight that barely exceeds 3 Kg, specifically 3,2 Kg. So it is easy to move around the house carrying the vacuum cleaner with us. Especially if we have to climb stairs.

It is a model that works very well on all types of surfaces. In addition, by having different types of power, they work correctly depending on the ground or what we want to aspire to. It should also be mentioned that Features a removable handheld vacuum included. The hand can be used as car vacuum cleaner, on sofas or in smaller corners. So it allows us to clean the entire house easily and without complications.

It is a vacuum cleaner that is easy to use and has no operating problems. Comfortable and light, so we can all use this model. It has a tank with a capacity of 0,6 liters where dirt is stored. It is enough to be able to vacuum the house several times until it is full. In addition, it is very easy to remove and clean.

Polti Forzaspira SR100

We close the list of these cordless vacuum cleaners with this model. It has a 21,9 V rechargeable battery that provides us with a range of up to 56 minutes. So it is enough time to be able to clean the house easily and without problems. The battery charge lasts about 4,5 hours, although in many cases it is usually fully charged before. So it is an acceptable charging time for the battery.

It is a model that stands out for its sufficient power to clean the house. Especially if you are looking to remove dust or animal hair. In those cases it is a great model that perfectly fulfills its mission. It should also be mentioned that it works well on any surface and does not cause damage on any kind of floor. So there is no need to worry in that regard. Although it must be said that if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner with great power, this model does not stand out so much for that.

It should also be noted that it is very easy to handle. In addition, with its weight of 2,5 Kg it is very easy to move around the house with it. Or even if we have to go up and down stairs. So there are no problems in that sense. It has a removable 0,4 liter tank, which may seem small, but it allows us to vacuum the house on several occasions until it is full. In addition, it is very easy to remove and clean it. In general, it is a simple, practical and light model.

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Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Brands

If you have decided on the comfort and freedom provided by the cordless vacuum cleaners, you can give preference to these recommended brands:


This British brand offers one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners, with great autonomy, a compact and lightweight motor and, especially, one of the best suction power. An excellent performance to offer the best cleaning results, even if it is more encrusted.


If you are looking for something powerful, of quality, with a good design, and reliable, but that is also cheap, you can opt for one of the models of the Chinese giant. It has some vacuum cleaner models that have little to envy other brands, but with an almost unbeatable value for money.


The German manufacturer offers one of the cordless vacuum cleaners with greater autonomy and power, as well as being durable and with innovation applied to facilitate cleaning, such as its articulated vacuum cleaners to vacuum even under furniture or tables without having to bend down.


This German firm also has some of the best cordless vacuum cleaners, with great performance and results, as well as good autonomy. The filtration system of these vacuum cleaners is usually one of their strengths, and the enormous experience in this sector of this brand is noticeable, since they are pioneers.


The South Korean multinational has high-tech and high-performance vacuum cleaners, offering fantastic results and autonomy. In addition, they are products with good reliability and with some advanced functions that you will not find in other brands.


The Swedish also has fantastic cordless vacuum cleaners, with competitive prices. Their broom-type cordless vacuum cleaners especially stand out, which offer a lot for the day-to-day life of the home.


This family business based in Valencia has been growing little by little until it has become one of the reference brands on the national scene. Their products have a great value for money, so if you are looking for something good and very cheap, this firm gives it to you.

Types of cordless vacuum cleaners

As you have seen with these analysis models, there are many types of cordless vacuum cleaners today. So we can find a category that perhaps best suits our needs. Since there is a remarkable variety within this group.

We tell you more about some types of cordless vacuum cleaners that we find today.


Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. broom vacuum cleaners They are possibly the best known among cordless vacuum cleaners. These models emulate the shape of a broom, so they are elongated. Using them is very comfortable since we do not have to bend down and we simply have to move around the house using them. They are usually light models in general.


Another type of cordless vacuum cleaner that we can buy are the handheld vacuum cleaners. As the name itself indicates, these are small-sized vacuum cleaners. Something that makes them very comfortable if we want to take them somewhere or to clean the car. But, they also have their limitations. Since they have less power, a smaller deposit and they give a lot of work if we intend to clean the house. They work best as a complement to the larger ones.

If you do not want to suffer from the above problems, there are some hybrids between broom and handheld vacuum cleaners, with the advantages of both types. We know these as 2 in 1 vacuum cleaners.

Without bag

This type of cordless vacuum cleaner stands out for not having a bag, but instead it has a tank where dirt is stored. When it is full, we just have to empty said tank and that's it. So they are a comfortable option and help us save. Since we don't have to be buying bags every few months. looking for a bagless vacuum cleaner? You will find it in the link that we just left you.

robot vacuum cleaner

A type of vacuum cleaner that has gained a lot of popularity since they stand out for being very simple and comfortable. We simply have to program them and they will take care of cleaning our house. We don't have to do anything else. Also, many robot vacuum cleaner models they automatically return to their base to recharge. So they are also a very interesting option within cordless vacuum cleaners.

How to choose a cordless vacuum cleaner

If we are interested in buying a cordless vacuum cleaner, then there are several aspects that we have to take into account. Since in this way, as there are some aspects to which we pay attention, we will be able to choose better. And that is something important. Because we want to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner that fits what we are looking for.

Therefore, below we leave you with the aspects that must always be taken into account:


broom vacuum cleaner battery

As they do not have cables, they always work with a battery. So it is essential that it provides us with sufficient autonomy. So we have to pay special attention to the size/capacity of the battery. But not only that. Since although on paper a larger battery gives us more autonomy, it is not always the case. Therefore, you have to look at the battery and the autonomy it offers.


Another aspect of great importance when we look cordless vacuum cleaners is the power. Usually the power is indicated. But it is important that we do not let ourselves be guided only by that number. Users often comment on how powerful a vacuum cleaner is. So it's a good idea to check it out. But, without a doubt, it is important that it is powerful enough to clean the dirt in our house. Therefore, always check the specifications.

Cleaning and maintenance

cordless vacuum cleaner parts

Generally, most of these cordless vacuum cleaners usually have a tank where dirt is stored. This allows us that when it is full, we extract it, empty it, clean it and put it back. It is a comfortable option, since we save a lot on bags. Also the filters are usually washable.

Therefore, it is important that we check if it is easy to remove the tank and filters. Also if it is possible to clean them. Since if it is not possible to clean the filters, we are going to be spending money constantly on them.

Weight and size

You have seen it in the comparison itself. There are all kinds of models of cordless vacuum cleaners and each one has a different weight. Ideally, it should be light, but we don't want that to compromise the power of the model. Although today there are light models that have a lot of power. So you have to check that.

The ideal weight depends on the user and the use they are going to make. If you have to climb a lot of stairs or carry it on your back, then go for the lightest thing there is. But, a vacuum cleaner between 3 and 5 Kg is the most common and they do not present problems.


cordless vacuum cleaner accessories

As many of you already know and have verified in this list, there are models of cordless vacuum cleaners in which the accessories are included. In general, it is always something positive, since it allows us to give our vacuum cleaner many more uses. Especially on other surfaces or in areas such as sofas or carpets. But there are users who do not care if they have accessories included or not.

It depends on personal preferences. If you are not going to use them for anything, then you are not interested in the vacuum cleaner coming with them. But, if you want a very precise cleaning in all corners of the house, then make sure that your vacuum cleaner has the included accessories. Because I'm sure it's going to be of enormous use to you and you're going to give them the proper use.

How cordless vacuum cleaners work

cordless vacuum cleaner operation

Hen/Stag cordless vacuum cleaners They work quite similar to the cable ones. The only difference is that they tend to be more compact and lighter, as well as using more efficient motors to increase battery life. Of course, the power source in this case will be the integrated rechargeable battery.

Su motor will generate suction and it will absorb all the dirt through its nozzle, passing it through some filters so that all the dust and debris are trapped in the tank that these vacuum cleaners usually have. The air is filtered and expelled back into the room.

These vacuum cleaners usually have washable filters, so that they can be easily cleaned and reused, and they do not have a bag, since they have a tank to facilitate the emptying of dirt without the need for refills.

On the other hand, the battery, once it is depleted, can be charged using a power adapter similar to the one that a mobile phone or laptop may have. Many of these vacuum cleaners include a base that can be anchored to the wall, next to a plug, so that it is charged every time it is connected to this support.

How cordless vacuum cleaners are charged

vacuum cleaner load broom

The batteries of cordless vacuum cleaners, as I mentioned earlier, are charging via power adapter. The battery is usually embedded in the handle of these vacuum cleaners, and they are not usually removable. You can just place the vacuum cleaner on its stand and plug it into any outlet.

Once connected to it, you will see that the LED indicator lights up to indicate that it is charging. And, depending on the model, it can be indicated that the charge has finished in a different way, such as blinking, with a different color light, on the screen, etc.

Advantages of a cordless vacuum cleaner

lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner

Cordless vacuum cleaners have great and advantages compared to wired ones, such as:

  • Libertad: having no cables and having a built-in power source, they are very practical for cleaning in any situation, time and place. For example, you can use it for the car, or use it in a place where there are no plugs, to clean in high areas where the cable would not reach, etc.
  • Versatility: These types of vacuum cleaners usually have several accessories to be used on the floor, or also on other types of surfaces and fabrics when they are transformed into a handheld vacuum cleaner.
  • Simple to use: They are very easy for both young and old, as their operation is just as easy as other vacuum cleaners. In addition, since they do not have cables, they can be extraordinary for the elderly, since you avoid the obstacle of the cable on the ground that can cause accidents.
  • Virtual: being more compact, they take up less space, and having a wall bracket, you can hang them vertically together with their accessories so that the space is even smaller.


Of course, just like other types of vacuum cleaner, the cordless vacuum cleaner also has its drawbacks. disadvantages:

  • Power: they usually have a lower power than others with cable, since they have to be efficient to make the battery last. However, the big brands have achieved very high suction powers, so it should not be a problem.
  • Losses: Some battery vacuum cleaners do not offer the same suction power at the beginning, when the battery is fully charged, as at the end, when the battery is almost empty. The cable ones always have the same energy level, so they are more constant in that sense.
  • Price: They can be more expensive than other conventional corded vacuums, since they have more advanced technology.
  • Autonomy: you can use the cable ones without limitations, but the battery ones will run out in a few minutes. There are from 15 min of autonomy, to others that can last 60 min or more. That may be enough for most cases.
  • Soft floors: Many of these vacuum cleaners do not offer a good result on soft floors such as carpets or rugs, although the most advanced models already offer special brushes with moving rollers that achieve extraordinary results. But beware of the cheapest...

Where to buy a cheaper cordless vacuum cleaner

If you want to have one cheap cordless vacuum cleaner, you can compare prices in the following stores:

  • Amazon: the online sales giant has the largest number of brands and models to choose from, with different offers so you can get the most affordable. It offers security in purchases, and all guarantees. Also, if you have become Prime, you will not pay shipping costs and it will arrive home in 24/48.
  • Media Markt: The German technology chain has always boasted cheap prices, and they have some current models of cordless vacuum cleaners. You can go to any of the nearest centers or ask for it on their website so that they can bring it to your home.
  • El Corte Ingles: it is also another alternative, with some popular brands to choose from, and with prices that do not stand out for being the most competitive, but that may have some promotions and specific offers to get it cheaper. In this case, online and face-to-face purchase is also supported.
  • PC Components: The Murcian technology distributor has a large number of makes and models to choose from, and at fairly good prices. Their packages usually arrive quickly, and they have good service if something happens. In this case, you can choose to pick it up at the Murcia store or to have it sent to the chosen address.
  • Carrefour: The French chain offers products similar to those of El Corte Inglés, with some of the best-known models. Their prices are competitive, and they have certain offers as in the case of their great rival. Again, it is another place that offers the possibility of buying online or in person.

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