Cyber ​​Monday 2023

If there is a practical and necessary product for every day, it is vacuum cleaners. Its cleaning concept has taken another step forward. For this reason, we can find endless models, among which we highlight robots, because just by turning them on they will do all the work that always falls to us. Therefore, whether you need to renew them or treat yourself, the Cyber ​​Monday.

Another of those long-awaited days of the year, and it is that the discounts are the true protagonists of it. Although with the Black Friday We have already experienced these almost incredible offers, now it is the turn of that technological Monday that will allow us to continue saving a few good euros. Do not lose this chance!

Cyber ​​Monday vacuum cleaner deals

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When is Cyber ​​Monday 2023

It will always be the Monday after Thanksgiving and of course, the day of Black Friday. So this year will fall on the day on November 27, 2023. Although we should not get lost because in many cases the offers that will be crowned with Monday will continue during the weekend. A good time to make those products that are still in stock, get unbeatable offers.

How Cyber ​​Monday works at Amazon

Amazon is one of the big portals that do not expect to have offers on big days. Because during the whole black friday week has had great discounts. So it will continue both on the weekend and when Cyber ​​Monday arrives.

It is true that all those days we will have the option to select a deal of the day or bargain. We will have a list of them, among which the most current vacuum cleaners will surely appear. If it is a bargain, then we have to select the one we need, add to the shopping cart and not think about it too much because they can fly in a matter of minutes. Moreover, each of these offers has a limited time that will be specified in the product.

This is how the time of said offer is announced. Although as we say, there are discounts all week, during Cyber ​​Monday there will still be many equally or more attractive options in order to save on our robots or vacuum cleaners. Always remember that if you have the Prime account, shipping all of them will be free, so you can continue saving.

Cyber ​​Monday in vacuum cleaners

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Vacuum cleaners are always a star product during these days of discounts. In stores like Amazon we can find bagless vacuum cleaners with a discount of more than 50%. So we are talking about offers that are not always easy to find. In others with similar characteristics, they can appear with a discount of 40 euros on their base price.

Therefore, during the day of Cyber ​​Monday, these types of discounts are maintained, or may even be slightly increased. Which means that we no longer have any doubts about getting a vacuum cleaner. But if you are thinking of a robot, even better. Since such discounts will be more pronounced. In a Vacuum cleaner robot that cost more than 300 euros, can now be yours for just over 170 euros. Also in other stores, they usually subtract VAT or add certain accessories as accessories that never hurt.

What vacuum cleaners can you buy cheaper on Cyber ​​Monday?

  • Dyson: It was founded in 1993 with an expansion to more than 60 countries. But its headquarters have always been located in the United Kingdom. Vacuum cleaners and also without cable, is one of those most demanded models. That will be taken into account in terms of offers, which can already be seen with about 30 euros less on their price.
  • Roomba: Made by iRobot, saw the light in 2002. A few years later, sales amounted to more than 10 million units. A robot that cleans without the need for human power. He knows how to turn and defend himself. If you want one of them to be yours, this Cyber ​​Monday you will have discounts that exceed 100 euros with growth.
  • Broom: These types of vacuum cleaners with cables are vertical such as the shape of a basic broom and have a good battery, which will make our cleaning non-stop for hours. Prices are cheaper in this case. But that does not mean that some of its models and brands also have good discounts around 20 or 30 euros.
  • Robot: The robot vacuum cleaner is one of those basics that has sensors and that you will find for low prices, in the simplest models. But it is true that during Cyber ​​Monday, we can save more than 180 euros on some of the best-known models.
  • Xiaomi: A Chinese company that offers us various electronic products. The vacuum cleaners were not going to be left behind and with a good result. You can choose the robot or those that are broom type. Some of their models have a discount of more than 50 euros, which makes them another product to take into account.

Why is it called Cyber ​​Monday?

Sales are always the end of any self-respecting store. For this reason, it was born a few years ago after the great success of Black Friday. Although this was promoted by the usual and physical stores, Cyber ​​Monday was intended for technological purchases and those made online. So that all types of businesses would have the same chances of success, before the arrival of Christmas.

When is better, on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday?

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The truth is that they are two of the great days of the year to make purchases. It is true that it is much more successful or in demand on Black Friday. Since today it has been extended, not only to one day, but to the whole week. Therefore, we always recommend that if we really need a product, we buy it during that day. But if you want to enjoy even more discounts, then it is best to wait until Monday. Especially if the shopping is internet centric and they are products like vacuum cleaners.

Tips for buying a vacuum cleaner on Cyber ​​Monday

There is no turning back now. You are on Cyber ​​Monday and you need buy a vacuum cleaner. Well, it is best to follow a few basic and quick steps.

  • Choose the model you need, whether it is a broom or robot vacuum cleaner, as well as its main characteristics. Since there are many options and we do not have much time to lose.
  • It is worth comparing between the different brands and evaluating some of the comments from other buyers.
  • Within the great discounts, we can select a robot or vacuum cleaner that not only vacuums, but also sweeps or mops, with good autonomy, that is programmable and with intelligent navigation. Since we are going to find all this at good prices and we do not want to miss it.
  • If there is a model that really convinces you, has a good guarantee and a good price, it is time to add it to the shopping cart and not think twice. Since those 50% discounts will not be repeated until the year.