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Today we meet many vacuum cleaner classes different available. So we have ideal classes based on the needs of each user. Thus, it is much easier to choose. One of the types of vacuum cleaners that have gained a lot of popularity in recent years are the Cyclonic vacuum cleaners that stand out for their great power. The name may not ring a bell to many.

For this reason, below we are going to explain what a cyclonic vacuum cleaner is and we will analyze five models that belong to this category. Thus, if you are looking for a cyclonic model for your home, you will be able to choose the one that best suits what you need with greater precision.

The best cyclone vacuum cleaners

Then we leave you with a table comparison with the best models of cyclone vacuum cleaner What are we going to analyze today? In it we leave you with some first specifications. So that you can get a main idea about these cyclonic vacuum cleaners.

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What cyclone vacuum cleaner to buy

In the table at the beginning we have talked about five different models. We have been able to see some of the specifications of these cyclone vacuum cleaners. But, now it's time to get to know each of them a little more in depth.

Polti Forzaspira C130 Plus

We start with this Polti cyclone vacuum cleaner. It is a well-known brand in the market that has many users. It is a model that stands out for its great power, which works on all types of surfaces and can handle all types of dirt. So no matter what type of floor we have, it will work perfectly. It is a good vacuum cleaner in case we have pets. Since it absorbs the hair easily.

It has a 1,8 liter capacity tank, which is large considering what other models offer. So we can use it for a long time until it is full. It is also easy to remove and clean.

As well It has filters that we can clean very easily., so we save a lot of money in that regard. In addition, it is a light model of 4,5 Kg, so you can move around the house easily.

It is an easy-to-use cyclone vacuum cleaner that can be easily handled around the house. The only problem it has is that the plastic with which it is made is somewhat delicate, at least that is what many users comment on. But it is not something that affects the operation of the vacuum cleaner. As for the noise, it is the normal noise that a vacuum cleaner makes, so there are no surprises or anything unusual in that regard.

Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic XL Animal RO4871

Second, we find this model of Rowenta vacuum cleaner, one of the most popular brands on the market in this regard. It is a cyclonic vacuum cleaner that stands out for being the most powerful, so you will be able to clean the entire house and vacuum on all types of surfaces. Although it works especially well on hard floors, so if you have that floor at home, it is a good option. What's more, It has a great power consumption, spending 550W thanks to its ECO technology but offering a suction power equivalent to 2000W models.

It has a removable 2,5 liter tank. So that It offers us enough capacity to be able to use the vacuum cleaner for several days at home. In addition, its removal is very simple and comfortable and we can clean it easily.

The same goes for the filter that the vacuum cleaner has. It is enough to clean it and wet it with water to be able to use it again. So it is a simple and very comfortable system that allows us to save money.

The vacuum cleaner has a 6,2 meter cable, which allows us to clean the house very comfortably and gives us freedom of movement. This cyclonic vacuum cleaner weighs 6,8 Kg, something that can be heavy. As it is noticeably heavier than others on the market and the comparison. So it is not the best model to move around the house, it is perhaps the only negative point. Especially if you have stairs at home and you have to carry it between floors.

Rowenta X-Trem Power

Thirdly we meet another Rowenta cyclone vacuum cleaner, so we have the guarantee of the German brand. Again, we find a model that stands out for being very powerful. We can clean all kinds of surfaces with ease and also it does not cause any damage since its wheels do not scratch the parquet and it moves especially well on all kinds of hard floors, although carpets are not a problem for it either.

It has a large tank, with a capacity of 2,5 litres. So it certainly allows us to use it for a long time at home until it is completely filled. That makes it a very comfortable option in that sense.

In addition, we can extract this deposit at any time with great comfort. So it's simple. The same happens with the filters, which can be cleaned very easilyjust wet them. So that way we have the vacuum cleaner always ready.

It is an easy to use and manage model. In addition, it is especially suitable if we have a car since it is very well prepared for cleaning vehicles (it includes specific suction nozzles) and with its adjustable power. So it is a good option if you want a versatile cyclone vacuum cleaner that you can use in all kinds of situations. It has a weight of 5 Kg, so it is easy to move it around the house or when using it in the car. A good model, reliable and that offers a good operation.

AmazonBasics VCM43A16H-70EU4

The fourth cyclone vacuum cleaner on the list is this Amazon model. On paper it has a somewhat lower power than other models, although power is not a problem since it absorbs all kinds of dirt very easily and works great on all types of surfaces. Also on carpets, so you can always keep them clean with great comfort. It also works well on carpet. Although, it is a somewhat heavy model, since it weighs 6 Kg.

For this reason, it is not so comfortable if we have stairs at home, but if it is a normal floor, it is ideal. Since we can handle it very easily and we can move very comfortably, since it is a very manageable model. It has a 5-meter cable, which allows us to move around the house between the different rooms. This model also has a filter that we can easily clean, you just have to wet it.

It has a container with a capacity of 2,5 liters, so it provides us with a lot of space to store dirt. In addition, we can use the vacuum cleaner at home on several occasions until it is full. The extraction, cleaning and maintenance of the tank is very simple, it is enough to wet it to clean it. So it is simple and it always takes little time.

Taurus Ultimate Lithium

We close the list with this model of Taurus vacuum cleaner, another brand of the best known in the market. It is a powerful model, although somewhat less powerful than other models on the list because it is a broom vacuum cleaner. But it is certainly a good option, since it allows us to clean all the dirt in the house with great ease. Works great on carpet and all types of surfaces, so you can also do it on wooden floors. It doesn't matter what kind of soil you have.

This model stands out especially for being very light, since only weighs 2 Kg. So we can move around the house very easily. For this reason, it is a good option if we have stairs, since thanks to its low weight, it is very easy to handle and move it. This model works with a battery, which allows us to use it for about 40 minutes. Plus, it fully charges in 1,5 hours. So it is very simple.

It has a removable tank of 0,65 liters. It is a much smaller capacity than others on the list, but it is certainly a good option if you have a small house, do not want to depend on cables or use it as a secondary vacuum cleaner. It is a very simple model to use, that hardly causes any problems and that we can use on sofas and also in the car.

Haven't found a cyclone vacuum cleaner that convinces you? We are convinced that in the following collection of products you will find it:


Best brands of cyclone vacuum cleaner

If you are thinking of purchasing a cyclone vacuum cleaner, there are some brands that stand out especially in this type of technology. Not all brands manage to measure up When it comes to cyclonic systems, therefore, in order not to make a mistake in the choice, I recommend you pay special attention to:


This British manufacturer has positioned itself at the top of air systems, both in purifiers, fans, hair dryers, and also in vacuum cleaners. They not only stand out for their design and quality, but also for having some of the best features on the market. Especially noteworthy is the suction power of this brand in wireless devices, which can leave much to be desired in other brands.

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It is the other great firm that has managed to create the best vacuum cleaners on the market. This German manufacturer has unsurpassed quality, in addition to having been a pioneer in history creating the first vacuum cleaner model in 1974, and the first bagless vacuum cleaner in 2001. Innovation and experience at your service so as not to disappoint.

See Rowenta vacuum cleaners


It is a firm that has come to Europe to stay. This firm has achieved very good quality, excellent results in reviews, satisfaction among user opinions, with reasonable prices, and results worthy of some awards and distinctions. Behind this brand is Xiaomi, being one of the many brands of this Chinese technology giant.

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This Chinese manufacturer also sells products under its same brand. Its products always stand out for their innovation, technology, performance and design. A firm that has been inspired by Apple in many ways and has wanted to follow in its footsteps, but expanding its market beyond computing. Its systems for the home are among the best valued, even the OCU has highlighted them in its analysis.

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This Spanish brand of Valencian origin has also positioned itself in the technology market as a benchmark in Spain. It stands out for its good prices on electronic products. These products from the Orts brothers are getting very good reviews and opinions from users who have tried them, and it is not for less.

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lidl cyclone vacuum cleaner

The German supermarket firm has also managed to destroy some of its white brands of cheap appliances. Some products with a great value for money, and that may be enough for those who are looking for something practical and functional without investing too much.

What is a cyclone vacuum cleaner?

First of all, it is important to know what a cyclone vacuum cleaner is and what makes it different from other types of vacuum cleaners. Since it is a key aspect, to know if this type of vacuum cleaner is what we are looking for.

These are machines that they stand out for their power and great suction capacity. Inside they have an integrated cyclonic system that gives them great efficiency. Since it has a great suction power in all kinds of situations, surfaces and against any material. So it is a very powerful option to clean your house. Plus, they never lose suction power over time.

It is also important to mention that a cyclone vacuum cleaner does not have a bag. They always have a deposit that we can extract to clean the dirt. So it saves money in that sense, since we never need shopping bags. The same goes for filters, which can be cleaned on most models.

Types of cyclone vacuums

Within this category of cyclonic vacuum cleaners we find various types. All of them are different categories that we can find in the market. Therefore, we explain a little about each of them.


Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. broom vacuum cleaners They are possibly the best known among cordless vacuum cleaners. These models emulate the shape of a broom, so they are elongated. They are easy to use at home, since they also stand out for being very light models. So they weigh little and have no cables.

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Without cable

These are models that stand out for the absence of cables. So you can move around the house very easily, since you do not need a cable since they work with rechargeable batteries. If you want to see the cordless vacuum cleaners more outstanding, in the link that we have just left you you will find more information.

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robot vacuum cleaner

They are models that stand out for being very simple and comfortable. The only thing we have to do is program them and they will start cleaning the house directly. So we can relax, in addition, the robot vacuum cleaner they are loaded easily and autonomously with a base.

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Without bag

Cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaners have a tank in which the sucked dirt is trapped. In this way, you will not have to have spare bags for the refill, you simply empty the tank once it is full, and you can continue cleaning.

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Industrial cyclonic vacuum cleaners have a larger capacity dirt container, as well as being robust, reliable and durable. They have been designed to clean large surfaces, and all kinds of dirt, including liquids. Thanks to the cyclone generated inside, the dirt is separated from the air during the spin, and the air comes out with a significantly lower amount of dust and dirt.

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for car

You can also find handheld or cordless cyclonic vacuum cleaners for the car. Powerful and small-sized vacuum cleaners to be able to vacuum all the corners of your vehicle, as well as the seat upholstery.

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How to choose a cyclone vacuum cleaner

Buying guide for cyclone vacuum cleaners

There are a number of aspects that we have to take into account when choosing a cyclone vacuum cleaner. Since in this way we can choose a vacuum cleaner that best suits what we are looking for. What do we have to take into account?


Power is a key aspect when choosing a model of this type. Since it is what differentiates them from many other vacuum cleaners. For this reason, we have to look for a model that is powerful and that helps us clean the dirt that is at home. You have to look at the power and also comments that help us see if it is powerful.

Cleaning and maintenance

The good thing about these types of vacuum cleaners is that they are bagless. So cleaning and maintenance is very simple. The important thing is to check that it is easy to extract the tank and the filter, since otherwise the process becomes too heavy.


Many of these models do not usually have accessories included. It depends on each brand. We always have to see if they are included or not. Since there are users who want to have some additional accessories to use the vacuum cleaner in all kinds of situations. Therefore, it is important that we always check it. It is good that they have them, since it allows us to use the cyclone vacuum cleaner in many more situations.

Weight and size

Ideally, the vacuum cleaner should not be too heavy. Since we have to move around the house using the vacuum cleaner, so if it weighs too much, the process is much less comfortable and it takes longer to clean the house. A weight between 3 and 5 kg is ideal. Because this also does not mean that the deposit is smaller. You also have to check the space you have to store it, since that also has an influence.

Advantages of a cyclone vacuum cleaner

cyclone vacuum cleaner

Like all types of vacuum cleaners, cyclone vacuum cleaners also have a number of advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, we will tell you about them below. Thus, you can get a clear idea about this type of vacuum cleaner.

  • Power: These are models that stand out for being very powerful. So they will undoubtedly help you remove all the dirt from your house. Without a doubt a good option if you are looking for something powerful.
  • Without bag: Not using a bag is a great money saver. Also, in many cases the deposit is large, much larger than a bag. So you can use it many times until it is full. In this aspect we do recommend that you always bet on a bagless vacuum cleaner.
  • Filter: The same thing happens in this case. These vacuum cleaners use HEPA filters, which are filters that we can clean. It is enough to wet them and thus we eliminate the dirt. In this way we continue to use them over time.
  • They do not lose suction power: Something that happens in many models is that they lose power over time. This does not happen in the case of cyclone vacuum cleaners. It will maintain its suction capacity even as time passes.
  • Maintenance: It is very simple to keep this type of vacuum cleaner clean. Since the tank is easily removed and we simply have to clean it with water. So it is a process that hardly takes time.


dyson cyclone vacuum cleaner

We have already mentioned some of the advantages of these cyclonic vacuum cleaners. Now, it's time to tell you about some of its disadvantages:

  • Noise: In many cases, the great power of this type of vacuum cleaner translates into a lot of noise. Something that can undoubtedly be very annoying for many users.
  • Cables: The vast majority of this type of vacuum cleaner functions with cables. This in itself is not a negative thing, but in some models the cable is very short. So it's important to make sure it's long enough. If this is a problem for you, you can always look at a cordless vacuum cleaner which is battery operated and gives you freedom at this point.
  • Heating: This is something that does not happen with all models. But there are some that tend to overheat with use. So it is not something that is ideal, and that could cause damage to the model.

How does a cyclone vacuum cleaner work?

cyclone vacuum cleaner operation

Cyclonic vacuum cleaners stand out for having a cyclone system integrated. Thanks to this system they have great power and suction power. Something that causes its great effectiveness. Its operation is as follows, the cyclone system takes advantage of the high speed of the air, and thanks to the conical design of the cyclones, materials of different densities are separated. So it separates the dust from gaseous materials.

The shape of the cyclone generates a high speed vortex, from the widest part to the narrowest. Then, the clean air rises through the center of this eddy, while the dust particles fall downwards. In this way, the dirt is separated from the clean air.

Is it worth buying a cyclone vacuum cleaner? My opinion

La cyclonic technology It generates strong eddies of wind by centrifugal force to separate certain heavier particles from the finer ones. In other words, the cyclone directs all the dirt to the walls of the tank to end up being deposited, while the smaller ones are directed to the filter, making the air it expels cleaner and preventing the filters from getting dirty so quickly.

This has its advantages:

  • They tend to vacuum much faster, saving you time.
  • You will save on filter replacements or cleaning.
  • They won't need bag or tank refills, so you'll also generate less waste.
  • The tanks are usually transparent, so you can better control when it's full. It can also allow you to detect large objects that are causing an obstruction.

But not all are advantages, you should also consider some disadvantages To determine if it's really worth it:

  • They tend to make a little more noise, due to the power of this cyclonic technology, although there are silent models.
  • They are usually somewhat more expensive than the average with conventional technology.

Where to buy a cheap cyclone vacuum cleaner

If you need to buy a cheap cyclone vacuum cleaner, you can find them in the most famous stores, such as:

  • Carrefour: the French chain has created sales centers in almost all the provinces and in many of the big cities. In them you can find cyclonic vacuum cleaners of various brands and at a good price. Or, if you prefer, you can also order it on their website so that they can send it to your home.
  • Amazon: the online sales giant also has many brands and models of cyclonic vacuum cleaners of all kinds. You can even choose between several offers of the same model, to always buy the cheapest one. All with guarantees and security in payments.
  • El Corte Ingles: This other Spanish supermarket chain also has an electronics section where you can find this type of home appliance. Their prices do not stand out for being the lowest, but you may get some of the discounts they usually do.
  • Media Markt: As for this other technology chain of German origin, it boasts of having some of the best prices, and you can find the latest cyclonic vacuum cleaner models, both on its website and in its stores.

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