Dreame vacuum cleaner

These Dreame vacuum cleaners (a subsidiary of the great Chinese technology group Xiaomi) are generating great anticipation and good reviews from the users who have purchased them. They have a very attractive and minimalist design, with a fairly good value for money, as well as great suction power, a good motor, and high autonomy.

What Dreame vacuum cleaner to buy

If you are determined to buy a Dreame vacuum cleaner for your home, but you are not sure which model is better, here you have it. some recommendations:

Dreame V10

This Dreame vacuum cleaner model is almost a Dyson clone. A cordless model, with a high suction capacity of up to 22000 Pa, a 0.5-liter capacity tank, and a Tracing Space brushless motor with a power of 450W and up to 100.000 RPM. Of course, it integrates a high-efficiency HEPA filter and a 6-layer noise reduction system.

It has great durability, is very efficient, and can make the lithium battery last up to 60 minutes. During that time you will be able to clean all kinds of surfaces with its different accessories for the floor and also to use it as a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean other surfaces.

Dream V11 Mistral

It is another enhanced model compared to the previous one, although also somewhat more expensive. Its hardware and power surprise especially since it has a 450W motor and is capable of turning at 125000 RPM. Its lithium battery has a range of up to 90 minutes, maintaining its constant power for longer.

It has three modes, normal mode, intermediate mode (greater power, but the battery drops after 30 min), and turbo mode (10 min of autonomy) with maximum suction power for the most complicated dirt. has a HEPA filter high efficiency, and 5 stages.

Dreame V9 Pro

This other broom-type vacuum cleaner, convertible into a handheld vacuum cleaner, is also one of the most outstanding of this Chinese brand. It is a cordless vacuum cleaner, with battery with autonomy of up to 60 min thanks to its A++ engine. Despite its 20.000 Pa suction power, this vacuum cleaner has low noise.

It has a long-lasting brushless motor, capable of turning up to 100.000RPM, 5-stage HEPA filtration system, 2500 mAh battery to work 60 min in normal mode, 28 min in intermediate mode, or 8 min in max mode.

Dream F9 Mistral

This robot vacuum cleaner is suitable for both hard floors and soft floors, such as carpets and rugs. It also has mopping functionIn addition to dry cleaning. To navigate around the house, it has a mapping system and an intelligent VSLAM system. It can be controlled by app from your mobile device.

Its digital motor reaches 2500 Pa of suction, with a microfiber brush 190 RPM, 3 scrub levels, 5 advanced mapping functions, lithium battery capable of reaching 150 min of autonomy, and removable dirt container.

Dream L10 Pro

This Dreame model is also a robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner, but with more advanced power and technology. With a real-time 3D obstacle detection system, laser mapping navigation, 4000 Pa of suction power, 150 minutes of autonomy in its lithium battery, 570 ml tank capacity, 2 cleaning modes, and the ability to cover up to 250 meters of surface.

It is ideal for all types of floors, even carpets. This robot can also be controlled via an app for mobile devices, and has WiFi connectivity, and is compatible with the virtual assistant Alexa.

Dream XR V10

It is a cordless broom-type vacuum cleaner, and convertible 3 in 1, since it can act as a vertical vacuum cleaner, broom type, and handheld. With 450W of motor power, capable of rotating at 100000 RPM and suction capacity of 22 Kpa. Its 2500 mAh lithium battery allows a range of 60 min.

Este HEPA filter It is washable, capable of removing up to 99,99% efficiency to remove 0.1 micron particles. It also integrates a built-in smart chip to keep the motor consumption efficient. It also comes with accessories and charging support.

Dream R10 Pro

we also have the R10 Pro, a new series of cordless vacuum cleaners in which you will find everything you can expect from this firm, with a 150AW motor, autonomy of 65 minutes, LED lights, multi-surface brush, and with very little weight, to clean the home or office. car.

Dream D10 Plus

The next product is a robot vacuum cleaner and floor mop by Dreame. This model has an automatic emptying function thanks to its base, in addition to an autonomy of 280 minutes, suction power of 5000 Pa, video surveillance function for when the house is left alone, control app, and the latest in technology, such as the AI ​​Action, DualBoost 1.0 and LDS.

Dreame R20

There is also the R20 series, which is slightly more powerful than the R10 which I mentioned previously. In this case we have the same thing, a cordless vacuum cleaner, with a long-lasting battery, a 0.6 liter dirt tank, a light motor, but a power of 190W in this case.

Dream L10 Ultra

If you are looking for one of the best cleaning robots, this L10 Ultra cannot be missing from the list, although you can also choose the more powerful versions, such as the L20. It is a robot with the capacity to vacuum and mop floors, with a self-emptying system at its base, self-cleaning, suitable for floors and carpets, suction power of 5300 Pa, as well as an intelligent 3D mapping system, LDS, and control by app.

Dreame H12 Core

And if what you are looking for is an effective and professional vacuum cleaner for dry and wet clean your floors, that is, with a vacuuming and mopping function, you can choose this H12 Core model. With a powerful battery, wireless, very light, and intelligent dirt detection. In addition, it works for hard floors, wood and vinyl.

Where is the Dreame brand from?

La Dreame brand is chinese. It is registered as Dreame Technology Limited, and also has a center in Europe from where it distributes outside the Chinese market. It belongs to Xiaomi's huge technological ecosystem, which is also a guarantee, and the truth is that they are rivaling the Dyson side by side and with much lower prices.

Characteristics of some Dreame vacuum cleaners

dreame vacuum cleaner technology

Dreame vacuum cleaners have quite remarkable features What have made them so popular?

  • Battery up to 150 minutes: The robot vacuum cleaners of this firm have up to 150 minutes of autonomy in some cases, which is a more than decent time to clean even larger houses.
  • Lightness: they are usually light, and with a very careful design. This will prevent you from having to make great efforts to hold them, especially hand models.
  • 125.000rpm engine: They have powerful and reliable brushless electric motors, which guarantees that they do not deteriorate and that they achieve great suction power. In addition, they are usually optimized to improve efficiency, and can go up to 125.000 RPM.
  • washable filters: These vacuums have efficient HEPA filters that can be easily removed and washed, so you don't need replacements and can be reused over and over again.
  • Easy to disassemble: they usually have a fairly easy assembly and disassembly system, to be able to exchange accessories or store the vacuum cleaner without wasting your time.
  • Alexa compatible: some robot models are compatible with Alexa, so you can also control them using voice commands thanks to this virtual assistant created by Amazon.
  • Laser obstacle detection: the most advanced models of Dreame robot vacuum cleaners have a mapping and object detection system, to clean more efficiently and let nothing stop it.
  • LiDAR Navigation: is the acronym for Light Detection and Ranging or also called Laser Image Detection and Raging. A sensor that allows you to measure distance with great precision to navigate around the house without problem, even where there are the most obstacles. In addition, this navigation system includes advanced SLAM and 3D mapping to learn every corner of your home.
  • DualBoost: technology that serves to empty the dirt tank automatically.
  • Check in: technology that allows you to use the robot vacuum cleaner as a surveillance camera to see what is happening inside when you are away.

Is it easy to find spare parts for a Dreame vacuum cleaner?

dreame vacuum cleaner spare parts

Yes, it is relatively simple find spare parts for these Dreame vacuum cleaners in some stores, or on platforms such as Amazon. In fact, you will even find complete kits with filters, rollers, etc, for your robots and vacuum cleaners.

Are Dreame vacuum cleaners good? My opinion

dream vacuum cleaner

Dreame hides behind her the great Xiaomi, which is something to keep in mind. On the other hand, their engines also stand out for their reliability. In addition, they have penetrated the European market thanks to their great value for money, their suction power, and their design.

have become one of Dyson's great rivals. And not only because of its technology and results, but also because of small details such as its autonomy, thanks to the batteries developed by Samsung.

Where to buy a Dreame vacuum cleaner

Finally, for buy a Dreame vacuum cleaner at a good price, you can choose these purchase options:

  • Fnac: This French sales subsidiary has all kinds of products for sale (both in its stores and on its website), including technology. Their prices do not stand out for being the lowest, although you can find some discounts on products such as vacuum cleaners.
  • Amazon: the online sales giant has a large number of Dreame vacuum cleaners of all types and with good offers. That is why it is one of the preferred purchase options of many. In addition, you have all the guarantees and security that this purchase platform provides. And if you are a Prime customer, the shipping costs are free and the order will arrive home very quickly.
  • El Corte Ingles: The Spanish supermarket chain also has technology and home products, such as Dreame vacuum cleaners. There you can find them at a decent price, and with some occasional discounts. You can choose between online and physical purchase.

How much do you want to spend on the vacuum cleaner?

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