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Would you like buy a handheld vacuum cleaner? The vacuum cleaner market has grown remarkably over the years. There are more and more different types of vacuum cleaners and prices have dropped significantly over time. So that any user can get a vacuum cleaner for their home. A type of vacuum cleaner that many users do not know about or do not use are handheld vacuum cleaners.

It is about these vacuum cleaners of small size that They help us clean small corners or areas that a normal vacuum cleaner does not reach. So they are a complement to a traditional vacuum cleaner in many cases.

For those interested in handheld vacuum cleaners, we bring you an analysis of several models below. In this way, you know something more about what is currently on the market, as well as helping you choose one in case you are looking to buy one.

Comparison of handheld vacuum cleaners

In the first place we leave you with this comparative table in which they are analyzed best handheld vacuums. In this table we leave you with some of the most important specifications of these handheld vacuum cleaners. So, you can already get an idea of ​​them.

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Which handheld vacuum to buy

Once we know these first specifications about these models of handheld vacuum cleaners, we can move on to a more in-depth analysis. In this handheld vacuum cleaner buying guide We talk more in depth about each of the models. So that you have more information about its operation and thus find the one that best suits what you are currently looking for.

Orbegozo AP 1500

The first of the models is from the Orbegozo brand. It is a wireless handheld vacuum cleaner, so the absence of cables gives us a lot of freedom when moving. In this case, you have a good autonomy, and suction of 2200 PA. Time that should be enough to clean in the car or on the sofa with it. Once exhausted, we have a base where we can charge the battery. It takes a maximum of 5 hours to fully charge. So maybe it's a good idea to charge it at night.

It is a fairly powerful model, thanks to which you can vacuum all the dirt and dust accumulated in the corners that a normal vacuum cleaner does not reach. In addition, it is enough to pass it only once so that you can vacuum everything. So it allows us a fairly quick and effective cleaning at home. Without a doubt very comfortable in case we have little time or have to clean quickly for whatever reason.

You have a 0.4 liter reservoir. Since she does not weigh too much and we can control her without getting tired at any time. It is light and the hand grip is comfortable, so you will not have complaints after using it or it will be uncomfortable. It is a model that fulfills its mission at all times. The handheld vacuum cleaner comes with a charger and several nozzles to reach the most difficult corners. For its price, It is one of the best options to consider..

Bomann CB 967

Secondly, we have this model that at first glance does not look like a traditional handheld vacuum cleaner. But, it is a model that works perfectly when it comes to cleaning less accessible or more sensitive areas such as a sofa or car upholstery. First of all you have to highlight the great power that this model has. Thanks to which there is no dirt that can resist it. Therefore, cleaning is always very effective and efficient with this vacuum cleaner.

It also has a large capacity tank, two liters in this case. Something that gives us the possibility to clean many times until it is full. Ideal in case we are a time without cleaning. We will not have to be emptying every so often. This vacuum cleaner works with cableThat's why it's so powerful. In this case, it has a 6-meter cable, which gives us a lot of freedom when it comes to moving. Something essential in this type of models.

It has a weight of 1,66 Kg. Therefore, it stands out for being a very light and easy to handle vacuum cleaner. This is very important if we are cleaning areas that are normally not easily reached using a normal vacuum cleaner. Its dimensions are very small., making storage a breeze as it hardly takes up any space in a cupboard. It makes a lot of noise, although less than a normal vacuum cleaner.

Black&Decker Nvc-215

This third model has a more classic design in terms of handheld vacuum cleaners. Since this is the way that many users recognize right away. It is a model that has less power, but is really designed to be used for specific things. It is not a vacuum cleaner with which you are going to clean the entire car or the entire sofa. But, in those cases in which something has happened, it always gets you out of trouble. Therefore, it is a very useful model.

It works well and sucks up dirt and dust with enough power. One pass is enough for it to do so. So it's an easy model to use in that sense and it doesn't take us too long. This handheld vacuum It works with a battery, which offers us an autonomy of about 10 minutes so so. Full charge takes about 10 hours according to the manufacturer itself. Therefore, it is better to charge at night.

It is a very light model, it weighs about 650 grams. So it is very easy to handle and we can move it with great comfort at all times. This is undoubtedly very positive if we have to clean the car or the sofa, since we do not want something heavy and that makes this task somewhat more complicated. A very simple auxiliary model, but that stands out for its great functionality.

Bosch Move

The model of the German brand is also committed to a traditional design and has the shape with which we all associate handheld vacuum cleaners. This time we are faced with a model that stands out for its power. It is a vacuum cleaner with great suction power that will eliminate the dust and dirt accumulated in somewhat complex corners. That is why it is ideal for use in the car, on the sofa or between its cushions. Since it allows us to clean everything perfectly.

It has a deposit with a capacity of 0,3 Kg, which is enough in this type of situation to be able to clean this type of area. In addition, it is very easy to empty it to use it again. The same happens with the filter, which we can clean under the tap and use it again like the first day. This vacuum cleaner works with a battery that offers us a autonomy of about 12 minutes. In principle, this is more than enough time to clean this type of area. Once finished, we have a charger in which to proceed with charging. Battery charging time is 10 hours.

It is a vacuum cleaner weighs 1,3 kg. This makes it a very manageable model and one that we can use with great comfort due to how light it is. In addition, the absence of cables gives us a lot of freedom when we have to move or if we want to go from one room to another. It must be said that it is not a model that makes too much noise for how powerful it is.

CECOTEC Conga Immortal ExtremeSuction

The following model is from another brand that is very popular in this market, although they are mainly known for manufacturing robot vacuum cleaners. But, they also leave us with models like this handheld vacuum cleaner. It is an option that works perfectly to reach more complex corners that a normal vacuum cleaner cannot reach. What's more, works as both solids and liquids. So we can also use it in the kitchen without any problem. A very versatile model.

This handheld vacuum cleaner works with a battery that offers a range of about 24 minutes so so. In principle, it is more than enough time to clean areas such as a sofa or in the car. Or some accident that we have had in the kitchen if a product is spilled. In addition, it has a tank with a capacity of 0,5 liters, which is a lot for this type of product. It also has a filter that we can clean, just shake it to remove dirt.

It weighs 1,32 Kg, so we are facing a lightweight model that we can handle with great comfort when we are cleaning around the house. In addition, the absence of cables when running on battery also facilitates that mobility that we have, since we do not have to worry about plugs. It makes a lot of noise, more than expected, but it makes up for it with its good performance. This vacuum cleaner comes with several extra nozzles included.

Rowenta Extensive Cyclonic AC476901

Next we find a Rowenta model, a brand with great success in the market and that users value positively. This model stands out for being very powerful, do not let the power figure it shows fool you, since sucks very well. Largely thanks to cyclonic technology which it makes use of. Therefore, it is a great option when cleaning in areas that are difficult to access for a normal vacuum cleaner. Also, it works well on upholstery or on the sofa, without causing any damage.

It has a tank with a capacity of 0,35 liters, a sufficient amount in this type of model, also, considering the type of cleaning that is done with it, it is more than enough. The extraction of this deposit is very simple and also its cleaning. The same happens with the filter, which we can easily clean in the tap and thus use it again. This model works with a battery that gives us a autonomy of 16 minutes. It should be enough time, but we can always charge it for a while to use it again.

It has a weight of 2,6 kg. In this sense, it is one of the heaviest on the list, although this does not affect its use at home, since it is very comfortable when used. We can easily move it, the absence of cables and the handle it has also help, which is easy to grip and the hand does not get tired at any time. The only downside is that it can be quite noisy. Otherwise, it is a great and reliable model. Includes the charging base and various nozzles.

Dyson V10

We close the list with this model of Dyson, another of the best-known brands on the market and that consumers like a lot. This model stands out for its design, which is quite different from what many expect. It should also be mentioned that it is a vacuum cleaner that it has great power. So there is no dirt or dust that can resist it. Great for deep cleaning in more difficult access areas.

This model has a tank with a capacity of 0,76 liters. A capacity that allows us to vacuum the desired areas without having to empty it. In addition, emptying it is something very simple and so we can use it again to clean. It is a model that stands out for having a very simple maintenance. This handheld vacuum cleaner works with a battery that gives us a autonomy of 30 minutes of use

It also stands out for being a light model with a weight of 2,68 Kg. Therefore, using it is very comfortable, since it does not weigh too much. In addition, the absence of cables allows us to move through many areas directly without having to be aware of the cable's range. The only negative point that can be found is the noise, but otherwise it is one of the most complete models. It comes with various accessories included, including the multifunction accessory.

If this Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner is substantially more expensive than the rest, it is because its motor is also much more powerful, the manufacturing materials are of much higher quality, which translates into greater durability and efficiency in vacuuming. There are also variants of this vacuum cleaner with more features, you just have to click on the “See offers” button to see what each one has.

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Is a handheld vacuum worth it?

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

This is a very personal matter. The usefulness of a handheld vacuum cleaner is very clear. They are a good option if we have to remove dirt from somewhat more complex corners. Think of a sofa or car seats. In this type of situation they are of enormous help to us to be able to eliminate the accumulated dust and dirt. So they are a great complement to a normal vacuum cleaner.

In addition, handheld vacuums take up very little space. So that we can have it stored anywhere and use it when it is time to clean specific corners or areas in the house. Thanks to these handheld vacuum cleaners we will be able to reach corners that are difficult to access, making cleaning the house much more complete and precise. Therefore, they are a very useful purchase.

Personally, I think a handheld vacuum is worth having. Especially if you find that you have trouble removing dirt from places like your sofa. For this type of situation it is one of the most effective and simplest alternatives. Since its operation is simple and you can clean quickly. Therefore, it is a good option to consider. Also, their prices are not high.

Types of handheld vacuum cleaners

Within this category of products we find several different types of vacuum cleaners. So this must also be taken into account when choosing a model that suits our needs. What types of handheld vacuums exist today? We tell you more about each of them.

With cable

There are models of handheld vacuum cleaners that work with cable connected to the mains. This gives us the possibility of using them at all times when we need them. Although, we must take into account the length of the cable, because otherwise we may have very limited freedom when using it. Causing the use of it to be somewhat uncomfortable for users.

Without cable

In this case, the absence of cables gives us a lot of freedom of movement. So we can move comfortably wherever we want while using it. It works with battery that we have to recharge. In this case, the most important thing of all is that we take into account the autonomy of the battery. Since if it is little, its use is very limited. You have to give us time to be able to clean the areas we want.

For the car

handheld vacuum cleaner for car

This type of handheld vacuum cleaners for car they are meant for us to use so that we can effectively clean between car seats. Since in addition, the upholstery is a very sensitive part, so we cannot use any type of cleaning method. They are an ideal option to clean the car without causing any damage to the upholstery.

2 in 1 toy

2-in-1 vacuum cleaner with integrated handheld vacuum

We find many broom vacuum cleaners that come with an integrated handheld vacuum cleaner. So you buy two vacuum cleaners at the same time. It is a way to have everything in a single purchase. In addition, this way you can carry out a much more complete cleaning of your house thanks to the two models. If you are interested, here you can see our selection of 2 in 1 vacuum cleaners.

Brands of handheld vacuum cleaners

The selection of handheld vacuum cleaners is not as wide as that of normal vacuum cleaners. It is somewhat more limited, although we find a wide variety of brands on the market that offer us a model in this category. What brands can we find?


Bosch Logo

The German brand is one of the best known and most reliable in the vacuum cleaner market. Something that also extends to handheld vacuum cleaners. Since these models maintain the quality and proper functioning of normal models. So that buy a bosch vacuum cleaner It is an option that is always safe and with which you know that you are going to succeed.


Rowenta Logo

Another German brand that has years of experience and that is also a guarantee of quality. We have many models of Rowenta vacuum cleaner available, something they have also done in the handheld vacuum cleaner market. Again, they are quality handheld vacuum cleaners and they also have quite interesting prices. A good option to consider.


logo dyson

It is a brand that most consumers know. Although their handheld vacuum cleaners may not be known by many. But, as with normal vacuum cleaners, they are models that stand out for a high quality standard. So we have a guarantee of good operation that will help us in cleaning our house.


It is possibly one of the brands that most users know the least about. But, based on effort they have made a hole in the market. They present us with very varied and quality models. In addition, they usually have relatively low prices, so they allow us to buy a handheld vacuum cleaner without spending a fortune.


A company that has been in the vacuum cleaner sector for many years. The name may tell you a lot at first, although if we talk about Conga, surely it sounds more familiar to you. They are a quality manufacturer, offering a wide range of products and also offering very competitive prices.

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