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The signature Ikohs has burst with force, and has positioned itself as one of the best sellers on platforms like Amazon. The reason is that it offers a great design, good quality, good performance, and pretty good prices, both in handheld vacuum cleaners, broom, as in robot vacuum cleaners, etc..

The best Ikohs vacuum cleaners

Below we have compiled the Ikohs vacuum cleaners with the best value for money or that have reduced their price and you can buy them on sale right now. All of them have a reliability more than contrasted by hundreds of customers who have already tested them, so any of them is a good choice:

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Ikohs range of vacuum cleaners

The Ikohs brand has a range of vacuum cleaners to meet the diverse needs of its users:

Netbot Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Within this series you will find a wide variety of robot vacuum cleaner models with the most varied designs.

These robots include 3D laser technology for room mapping for greater versatility and efficiency when cleaning the home, both dry vacuuming and wet mopping the floor. They can clean, sweep, mop, scrub, and purify the air, all without you worrying about anything, with autonomous service, WiFi connectivity, control via app for mobile devices, and with a good autonomy.

Cordless DC Flux

It is a type of cordless vacuum cleaner with cyclonic technology. It has a powerful motor, with 3 speeds, suction power of 25 kPa, bagless, with a lithium battery with autonomy of up to 45 min, LED lighting to see in the darkest corners and with various accessories for the floor and other surfaces (even vertical).

Wipebot Glass Cleaner

With discount IKOHS Robot...

Ikohs also has a range of window cleaning robots, so you can forget about cleaning the windows too.

Fully automatic robots, with magnetic system to clean inside and outside, with high suction power, autonomy of up to 20 min, 2 cleaning speeds dry or wet, with safety cable, and remote control.

Where is the Ikohs brand from?

ikohs robot vacuum cleaner

The Ikohs brand is a company that, like so many other companies, manufactures its products in China, but assembles and distributes its products in China. from Spain. In fact, it is based in Valencia, as is Cecotec, one of its main competitors in the world of low-cost technology.

This firm already has a market presence in several countries, such as Spain and Italy, and they have a after-sales service and customer service in Englishand based here, which will make life much easier when something happens to the device or you have any doubts.

Ikohs robot vacuum cleaner or Cecotec Conga?

The great prices and similarities between the Ikohs Netbot and the Cecotec Conga makes many users have the doubt of which one is better, and do not know how to decide to buy. To be able to decide for one or the other, you have to analyze each point, for example:

  • Suction powerIn this section, the Conga's motors are in the lead, achieving suction powers up to 10 times higher than the Ikohs in some cases, so if you want to remove even the most ingrained dirt, you'd be better off opting for the Conga. However, for hard floors (not carpets and rugs), such as wood, ceramic or stoneware, an Ikohs will be more than enough.
  • AutonomyIn this case, the battery and battery life of both is very much on par. They are usually around 100-120 minutes of average autonomy without charging, both in the Conga and the Netbot.
  • Navigation systemis another point where the two are also very evenly matched, although users seem to be slightly more satisfied with the Conga, albeit only slightly.
  • PriceIkohs wins here, as its price is much lower than that of Cecotec. So if you're looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that does its job and is economical, the Netbot should be your choice.

Where to download instructions for an Ikohs vacuum cleaner

ikohs laser navigation vacuum cleaner

To save costs, many low-cost brands are eliminating certain accessories or extras from their boxes. One of those extras is usually the manual. That way, they not only save money to adjust their prices even more, but they also save paper. On the other hand, if you want to have the free PDF manualyou can download it from their official website like this:

  1. Access to the web.
  2. Click on the menu (the three little stripes on the top left).
  3. Choose the type of Ikohs product you have purchased and its model.
  4. Now you will be redirected to the page with the characteristics of the product in question, and if you scroll down, you will see the Manual option. Click on it.
  5. It will take you to the area where you will find the download link of the Manual, just above the video. Click on it and the download will start.

My opinion of Ikohs vacuum cleaners

Ikohs vacuum cleaners are a good option both handheld and broom type, and even robot vacuum cleaners. They can be a good option for those looking for something very economical, without opting for unknown Chinese brands or lacking technical support here.

In addition, they are products that have 2 years warrantyas required by law, and have a decent design and quality. They do not have too much to envy to other brands that double or triple their price.

If I had somewhat negative to highlight would be their suction power, especially in their Netbot robot vacuums. They usually offer an average of 1200 Pa, which is well below Cecotec, which has suction powers of 8000 or 10000 Pa, and other expensive brands that can reach much more than that. That 1200 Pa may be enough for hard or wooden floors, to pick up dirt like fluff, dust, etc., but it won't be enough if you have carpets, or slightly heavier dirt.

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