Industrial vacuum cleaners

The market for vacuum cleaners is very broad. Within it we find many brands, various types of models and many price ranges. Therefore, it is possible to say that there is a vacuum cleaner for all kinds of users, depending on the use they want to make of said vacuum cleaner. A group that is perhaps not so mediatic in this sense is that of the industry. Many companies also need to use one, although in this case we will talk about industrial vacuum cleaners.

Next we are going to present some models of this category. So, if there is someone who is looking for an industrial vacuum cleaner for their business, they can see what is currently on the market.

Comparison industrial vacuum cleaners

Then we leave you with a table comparison with the 5 best industrial vacuum cleaners. In this way, you can get a general idea of ​​these vacuum cleaners. After the table, we will talk about each of the models individually in more depth.

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What industrial vacuum cleaner to buy

Once we have the first specifications of each of them, we can move on to a review of the best industrial vacuum cleaners deeper into each of them. We will talk in more detail about its operation or some aspects that are important to take into account. So that you will have more information when making a decision in case you are thinking of buying one.

Kärcher WD3

We start with this model from one of the best-known brands in the sector. It is a firm that always offers us great quality in its vacuum cleaners. Something that gives a lot of peace. It is a vacuum cleaner stands out for its great power. So getting rid of accumulated dirt is something that will take us very little time. In addition, even if time passes, it will not lose suction power. An important detail is that vacuums both dry and wet.

So if there is wet dirt on the floor, don't be afraid. This vacuum cleaner can also vacuum it perfectly and without causing damage to its motor. This Kärcher model has a 17 liter tank.

This gives us the possibility of being able to suck up large amounts of dirt at all times without having to constantly empty the tank. Once filled, its extraction is simple. It also happens with the filters, which can be cleaned. It is enough to wet it and let it dry and it will work at full capacity again.

It is a manageable model that weighs 7,66 kg. Do not be fooled by the number, because thanks to its design with the wheels it is easy to move the vacuum cleaner with you. You will not have to be carrying it at all times. In addition, it must be said that for such a powerful vacuum cleaner, it is surprising that it is not too noisy. There are many household vacuum cleaners that generate more noise. So that is a good option to consider if you want something quiet. Undoubtedly a good combination that users value positively.

Einhell TC-VC 1812 S

Secondly, we find this model from a firm that does not sound familiar to many, but that offers good quality. It is an industrial vacuum cleaner smaller than the previous one in terms of weight and size, this just over 3 kg. So it stands out for being a model of the most manageable and light. In addition, although it is small, it is no less powerful, since we are dealing with a vacuum cleaner with great suction power that It also does not lose power over time.or. So it is a good investment.

Like the previous model, It is a wet-dry vacuum cleaner.. This means that we can vacuum everything dry, and also dirt that is wet. Although it has a cardboard bag inside, if we use the blue filter, the dirt goes into the tank at all times. So that the motor of the vacuum cleaner is not damaged at any time and we can continue using it as the first day.

vacuum cleaner tank It has a capacity of 12 liters. A sufficient amount to not have to be emptying every so often. Something that makes it more comfortable and helps us save.

It is a model that works well, although it does not let us regulate the power in any moment. It is a simpler vacuum cleaner and only has the on or off button. But, that guarantees us to be able to suck up any type of dirt in all types of situations. As for the noise, it is a model that makes more noise than the previous one, although there are domestic models that cause more noise and are more annoying than that of this vacuum cleaner.

Karcher WD 6

Thirdly, we find this model that is a classic industrial vacuum cleaner (in terms of design and power) and that offers us great performance. It stands out above all for its enormous power, since it has a 1300 W motor. So it will undoubtedly help us to vacuum all kinds of dirt of any kind. This offers us many guarantees since it works in all kinds of situations. In addition, liquids can be vacuumed with it without causing damage to the vacuum cleaner motor. Surely it is something that many are looking for, to also be able to suck up liquids.

Another detail that stands out especially about this vacuum cleaner is its huge tank that has a capacity of 30 liters. A huge amount and that allows us to use it in industrial environments where there is a lot to aspire to. In addition, this gives us the guarantee that we can use it without having to empty it every few minutes. So it is an ideal model for environments where a lot of dirt is generated on a regular basis.

It has filters that we can clean. It is enough to put them under the tap so that they work again like the first day. Making maintenance very easy at all times.

It is a somewhat heavier model, since its weight exceeds 13 Kg. But, thanks to its design, it is relatively easy to handle since it has four wheels that give this industrial vacuum cleaner great mobility and make it stable when moving. time to use. It will not tip over when we turn or move a lot. In addition, it is enough to pull it to be able to use it and carry it with us at all times. An industrial vacuum cleaner of all life, powerful and that works very well. This model comes with accessories included in the order.

Vacmaster VQ1530SFDC

The fourth industrial vacuum cleaner is once again a model of the most well-known brand in this sector. It is a vacuum cleaner that, like the first, gives us many guarantees and that works perfectly in all kinds of situations. Again, it is a model that stands out for its power, being somewhat more powerful than the first, so it offers us a much more efficient use and kills dirt faster. Like previous models, can vacuum wet and dry. So you can suck up wet dirt that has accumulated.

It has a 30 liter tank, which allows us to clean the dirt without having to constantly empty it. Something ideal if we are in a place where a lot of dirt accumulates or is large. In this way, it offers us a much more efficient use of cleaning time.

It has filters that we can clean easily so that the vacuum cleaner does not lose cleaning power at any time. You just have to put them under the tap.

It has a weight of 10 Kg, which although it seems too much, it does not cause it to be difficult to handle. Largely because of its design, which gives you a lot of stability and mobility. Making it easy to move it around with us as we clean. This means that your weight does not play such a decisive role at all times. This model also has various accessories that are included in your purchase. In order to make fuller use of it.

Nilfisk Multi II

We close the list with this model that belongs to one of the best-known brands in this sector. It is a vacuum cleaner that offers us great power thanks to its 1.200 W motor. This makes it have great suction power, ideal for getting rid of all kinds of dirt quickly. Making the use of it very efficient and comfortable. It is a good model to use in areas such as workshops or warehouses, largely thanks to its design and the fact that it is a lightweight model.

Thanks to this it is easy to be able to use the vacuum cleaner at all times and thus reach areas where dirt accumulates. In addition, it weighs little, making it easy to move around the rooms with the vacuum cleaner.

It is also very stable thanks to its four-wheel design, so it will not tip over in any way when we are using it. This undoubtedly offers a lot of peace of mind when using it, since it would be very uncomfortable or dangerous for it to tip over. Have a 22 liter tank, which gives us a lot of vacuuming time.

It should be mentioned that it is a model that generates little noise for the power it offers. So it is very comfortable and not very annoying. Something that consumers surely value positively at all times. It is a brand that always offers us quality models that work well. This is again demonstrated with this industrial vacuum cleaner.

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Industrial vacuum cleaner brands

In the market for industrial vacuum cleaners we find a large selection of models available. As in other categories, there are many makes or models, of various price ranges. In this sense it is no different. What brands are we in the market? These are some of the most important or well-known.


It is possibly the best known brand within this market segment. They present a wide selection of models and all the karcher vacuum cleaners stand out for their exceptional quality. Therefore, users always have guarantees that they will work well. In addition, they are powerful models but they do not lose power over time. Without a doubt, a guarantee of quality.


Another brand that enjoys a lot of popularity and good reviews in the industrial vacuum cleaner market. It is possibly the second best known within the sector. They also offer us a large selection of models, whose quality is indisputable. Therefore, it is also a good option to consider. Since the proper functioning and power are always guaranteed.


A brand known by the general public and that also manufactures industrial vacuum cleaners. As in the case of domestic vacuum cleaners, their models are synonymous with quality and good performance. Without a doubt, a guarantee that customers are looking for. There are many Bosch vacuum cleaner models, with different price ranges. But, always with the guarantee of quality that makes Bosch known throughout the world.


It is possibly a brand less known by the vast majority of people. Although this should not be a reason to distrust, since they have been present in this market for many years. They have managed to earn a place in it with good work. They offer us many models, which also tend to stand out for being very well priced. Therefore, you get a quality industrial vacuum cleaner without being so expensive.


Another name that many may read for the first time. It is a brand unknown to the general public, but based on manufacturing quality models it has a presence in the market. In general, they tend to present simpler industrial vacuum cleaners, but they offer good performance. In addition, they usually have very attractive prices. So if you are looking for something cheap but quality, it is a good brand to consider.

Are there industrial robot vacuum cleaners?

industrial robot vacuum cleaner

They are not common, most models and brands produce robot vacuum cleaners for the home. But yes, there are some industrial-type robot vacuum cleaners. This type of robot is much more robust, prepared to cover larger surfaces than domestic ones, with greater capacity, and great power.

An example of this type of robots is the Makita DRC200Z. A robotic vacuum cleaner with 18V Li-Ion batteries to give its brushless motor great power. This model can clean surfaces up to 150 square meters using two 5000 mAh LTX batteries.

The cleaning capacity of this robot is quite interesting, with 3 stages using side broom, brush and vacuum suction. Its dust box is large, so it can be used in industrial applications where a large amount of dirt is generated.

In the filtering part, it has a high efficiency filter to prevent dust from coming out, even the smallest microparticles.

What is an industrial vacuum cleaner

industrial vacuum cleaner parts

Un industrial vacuum cleaner It is a type of vacuum cleaner that is usually used in industry or in workshops for technical cleaning, or to be able to absorb all kinds of dirt (hot ashes, sand, metallic particles, shavings, sawdust, glass,...), from solids (even of a considerable size that would obstruct other vacuum cleaners), to liquids (solvents, oils, varnish, paint,...).

In addition, their suction power is usually quite high, they have a high-quality metal tank, and they have wheels to be able to move from one place to another easily. The latter is shared with the sled type. Some models also include the ability to absorb or blow, to have that duality if you need it.

On the other hand, they are usually more robust and last for more hours of work. So if you have large surfaces, it can also be a good way to not overheat or force a conventional vacuum cleaner too much.

There are many different types and prices, some of them quite affordable. For this reason, it is increasingly common to find this type of vacuum cleaner in the homes, to be able to vacuum the garage, large outdoor areas, garden, pool area, etc. In other words, its application is not restricted solely to the industrial field.

Types of industrial vacuum cleaners

water aspirator

Within the industrial vacuum cleaners you can find various types that the benefits and characteristics of this type of vacuum cleaner vary quite a bit:

  • Without bag: most include a large-capacity metal container in which they store everything they have collected. This saves you from having to change the bag frequently, and will give you more dirt holding capacity than the small bags found on conventional vacuum cleaners.
  • For works: they are vacuum cleaners specially designed for workshops and construction sites, being able to absorb fine dust generated on construction sites or by the tools that are usually used in them, such as radial cut saws, cement, sand, wood debris, plaster, etc.
  • Approval: they are usually somewhat bulkier, more powerful and heavier, since they are aimed at a somewhat more massive use. That translates into a larger capacity of your tank, greater suction power, and more robust. Of course, they are usually somewhat more expensive.

Industrial vacuum cleaner, with or without a bag?

Industrial vacuum cleaners are better without a bag. Not only due to capacity issues, which is also a point in favor of the large-capacity tanks that these industrial vacuum cleaners usually have, but also because of the type of dirt they are going to collect.

These vacuum cleaners usually include a large capacity tank and made of sturdy metal, to be able to absorb both small and larger dirt, as well as liquids, debris, chips, etc. This could break the paper bags, so it's not a great idea to have bags for these types of gadgets.

To all this we must add that the bags suppose to generate more garbage, since they are disposable. And for these applications you may need a lot of them…

How is an industrial vacuum cleaner different from a domestic one?

Industrial vacuum cleaners buying guide

An industrial vacuum cleaner has some differences with a domestic You should know these differences to know if it is really worth buying one of them for the applications that you are going to give it:

  • Power: it is usually very high, starting at 1200W, while the domestic ones are below that. That translates into more suction power to remove even the most difficult and heavy dirt. Although this also implies a higher electricity consumption.
  • Capacity: it is very high, with tanks from 12 liters or more. That will mean you can vacuum large surfaces or pick up large amounts of dirt without it filling up quickly.
  • Resistance: they are usually very hard and resistant, since they have been designed to work in more demanding environments. In addition, the tank is usually made of stainless steel, so it is resistant even if corrosive substances are aspirated.
  • Size: they are usually quite large compared to domestic compacts, which can also be a detail to take into account.
  • Applications: Domestic ones usually have certain limitations on the thickness of the dirt they suck, or they are not usually suitable for liquids. On the other hand, the industrial ones are all-terrain, being able to absorb larger solids and also liquids.
  • Noise: They are usually noisier than domestic ones, since they are made to offer better performance, not for homes.
  • Blown: some have a blowing function, that is, they not only suck, but can also project air to remove leaves, etc.
  • sophisticated filtering: Some industrial vacuum cleaners usually have HEPA filters and complex filtration systems, since they could even suck up dangerous substances.
  • Cable: They work via a cable, so they won't give you the freedom of batteries. Of course, they can be used in 220v home networks.
  • Plugs: some models also have plugs so that other tools can be connected to them, that is, a kind of rolling strip to supply other devices.

Is an industrial vacuum cleaner worth it?

It depends on the case. If you are going to use it only once, it is probably worth paying for the hours you need and having it. Once the work is finished, you can return it without having to find a place to store it and having invested more money in the complete purchase.

But if you're going to use more often is not worth it. There are some really cheap industrial vacuum cleaners out there, and not because they are poor quality. For example, you can even get some for less than €100. For such an affordable price, it will be much better to buy one and have it whenever you want, and in the long run it will be more profitable than paying rental fees.

Industrial vacuum cleaners are a very special type within the world of vacuum cleaners. Since we cannot consider them as one more class. It is a category that it is intended for a much more radical and larger use. They are not really intended for home use, but are more appropriate for use in a work environment. Since these are models that are larger and suck with greater power and have greater capacity.

industrial vacuum cleaners

So they are designed for much more demanding environments where fast and efficient cleaning is needed. From offices, to commercial premises, hotels, factories or warehouses. The use of industrial vacuum cleaners is identical to that of a normal vacuum cleaner. But in this case they stand out especially for their great power. So you can vacuum much more dirt in less time. Making them a very efficient option in this type of situation.

In addition, industrial vacuum cleaners are prepared to withstand the most extreme conditions. This means that they work very well in situations with higher temperatures or very cold. So it is something that can be used on multiple occasions and you know that it will work well at all times. In addition, these are products that stand out for their great resistance. They are a long-term investment, which you know will last a long time.

Therefore, it is worth buying an industrial vacuum cleaner. Of course it is worth it, but if it is for a professional/commercial environment in which it is going to be used appropriately. For domestic use, you have to buy another type of vacuum cleaner.

Where to buy a cheaper industrial vacuum cleaner

For buy a good industrial vacuum cleaner that is cheap, you can look in stores like these:

  • Amazon: It is the favorite platform of many, since it has a huge variety of brands and models to choose from, as well as various offers for each product to choose the cheapest one. It is a reliable website, with safe purchases and with all the guarantees to cover your back. And if you are a Prime customer you will avoid paying shipping costs and it will arrive quickly.
  • Lidl: The German supermarket chain also has some brands of industrial vacuum cleaners, although there is not a wide variety. Their prices are competitive, and you can choose between buying from their website so they can send it to your home or buying at any of their supermarkets.
  • Bricomart: The French DIY giant has managed to attract a large number of customers due to its competitive prices. Among the tools and devices you will also find some models of industrial vacuum cleaner. In this case, you can also choose to buy in person or on their website.
  • Leroy Merlin: This other French chain, and direct competition from Bricomart, also has an online and face-to-face purchase modality. Their prices are not bad, and sometimes they offer specific offers or promotions on some of their products.

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