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If you have a garden, terrace, swimming pool, or live in the countryside, surely you will be interested in having a good leaf vacuum. These types of vacuum cleaners are very practical tools, and will help you leave large surfaces clean in a jiffy without having to leave your back and your time with a broom.

The best leaf vacuums

Here is a selection of the best leaf vacuums whose reliability has been proven by hundreds of customers. Which one do you prefer?

Best leaf vacuum brands

If you are looking for a good leaf vacuum, you should preferably opt for these brands:


It is a German brand that provides you with equipment with good quality and very low prices. So if you want something simple and that doesn't cost too much, for home use, this firm is a good choice.

Black & Decker

The American brand is one of the best, with products of great power, reliability, and versatility. It has models of aspiration, blowing and also with a grinder function. In addition, their prices are not crazy at all, and the results will be very good.


This German firm also has some of the best models of leaf vacuums, with fairly compact designs. It is synonymous with quality and durability, as well as magnificent results. That is why its tools are well known in the professional world.


It is another high quality alternative, and with quite good wireless models. If you are looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner that offers good performance, this may be the best option.


It is also another of the greats of German technology, especially focused on cleaning. Their products are highly valued for their power, performance, and quality. And in the field of leaf vacuums, it also follows that same path. In addition, it has fantastic compact battery vacuum cleaners, so you are not "tied" to a cable.


stihl leaf blower

It is another of the great brands, well known for its numerous tools, especially those designed for the field and gardening. It is synonymous with great performance and durability in its products, with the maximum guarantees. And, although it is especially known for its products with a combustion engine, it also offers electric emission-free models.


lidl leaf vacuum

The German supermarket chain also has some leaf blowers among its products, and with great prices. A good value for money that can be an alternative to Einhell. It currently sells under the Parkside brand, and the price is really low…

How to choose a leaf vacuum

powerful leaf vacuum

To choose a good leaf vacuum, you should look at some technical characteristics of these. The most important ones that differentiate a good one from a bad one are:


It is important that it is powerful. You can find them in 1800W, 1900W, 2000W, 3000W, etc. For a domestic garden, private pool enclosure, small terrace, etc., with one of less than 2000W you can have plenty. On the other hand, if you plan to cover larger surfaces and need a more powerful tool for more "heavy" jobs, you better choose a superior one.


It is an important factor when you have a blowing function. You can find models that go from 200 km/h to 450 km/h. The higher the speed of the air that it expels, the better, since it can carry even the heaviest dirt, such as small stones, wet leaves, remains of tree branches, etc. On the other hand, the higher air speed also makes your work easier, being able to cover a greater range of surface without having to move as much, since it will have a greater range.

Collection bag size

leaf vacuum bag

It is another important factor. They usually have a good size, between 20-40 liters of capacity, so it will allow you to collect enough leaves. Moreover, if it is a shredder, it is possible to cover large surfaces without having to empty it.

On the other hand, when there are a huge number of leaves or the surface is too large, some may be too small. In those cases it is better to opt for the blowing function.

Length of the hose

Many models include a cable of only a few centimeters, so you can use an extension cord for your work. Instead, others can have up to 2-3 meters of hose. In principle, a longer length could help if you want to cover larger areas and farther from a power outlet. Although for too large areas, you may be more interested in a gasoline or wireless one.

Wired or wireless

corded leaf vacuum

There are some cordless leaf blowers/vacuum blowers as they include a battery. On the other hand, they will not develop the power of a corded one, and they will always have a limited autonomy. Therefore, the preferable option should be with cable, and if you want some powerful without cable, better opt for a gasoline one. However, there are brands such as Greenworks or Kärcher that have models with features very similar to cable ones that will not disappoint you, but beware of other cheap brands.

area of ​​use

There are models for domestic use, for private pools, gardens, terraces, porches, etc., which usually have a more compact size and lower power. Others are more professional, with higher power and for applications where it is required to cover larger surfaces and have high capacities.

Types of leaf vacuums

There are various types of leaf vacuums in the market, to satisfy all needs:

only aspirator

These vacuums simply suck up dry leaves and other debris. They are practical for gardens or patios in the city. With them you can easily clean this type of residue, without worrying about obstructions as would happen with a conventional vacuum cleaner.

vacuum cleaner and blower

There are some models that have both a suction function and a blower function. Therefore, you can use them to clean gardens and exteriors by vacuuming and sending the dirt to a reusable bag, or blow the leaves and dirt to clean large exterior surfaces and send the leaves to the sides, roadsides, etc. Blowing is perfect for larger surfaces, allowing very fast cleaning, clearing the way in no time.

Vacuum, blower and grinder

Others also include a shredder function. The advantage of this type of device is that you can blow and also vacuum, but when it absorbs the leaves and other dirt, they will pass through a turbine and be crushed. The positive thing about this is that the dirt will take up less space, and you can even use it as compost if you have an orchard, garden, etc.

How does a leaf vacuum work?

leaf vacuum operation

A leaf vacuum works very similar to a conventional vacuum cleaner. An engine turns a shaft connected to a propeller that will be the one that generates the air suction power or the blowing power. Sometimes, this propeller also has teeth or blades through which the dirt is passed before reaching the bag to be crushed.

These leaf vacuums usually have one or various speeds, so you can control its action. And, sometimes, they have two intakes, one for blowing and another independent for vacuuming. In addition, the bag usually hangs from the vacuum cleaner itself or, failing that, they usually have handles to hang it on your back as if it were a backpack and carry out the work comfortably.

Where to buy a cheap leaf vacuum

If you want to buy a good leaf vacuum, of any kind, and at a cheap price, you can search in:

  • Amazon: the web giant has the largest variety of brands and models of leaf vacuums to choose from, both those that vacuum, and those that also have a blowing or shredding function, with or without cables. You will find a multitude of offers, and always with the guarantees and security that this platform provides for payments.
  • Leroy Merlin: the gala do-it-yourself superstore also has some models of leaf blowers, among which are the best brands. Sometimes, they do promotions or sales so that you can get them cheaper, some offers are exclusive to their website, and they usually offer free shipping eventually.
  • Brico Depot: This other alternative is also an option to buy this type of leaf vacuum cleaner. You will find several models and brands, and you can choose both online and in person.
  • Carrefour: French shopping malls also have leaf vacuums from the best-known brands and the latest models. They usually do some specific promotions and offers, to get them even cheaper, both on their website and at your nearest point of sale.

How much do you want to spend on the vacuum cleaner?

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