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The vacuum cleaners for liquids are becoming increasingly popular. Already widely used in the industrial sector, they are now also conquering the household sector due to their flexibility in cleaning all kinds of dirt.

The best wet vacuum cleaners

Here is a selection of the best value for money vacuum cleaners that also have a reliability more than contrasted by the opinions of hundreds of users. Which one do you choose?

What is a wet vacuum cleaner

liquid aspirator

Liquid vacuum cleaners are machines capable of sucking up solid dirt, like conventional vacuum cleaners, as well as liquid dirt. An easy and versatile way to clean. Therefore, they can be perfect for removing dirt from surfaces when a liquid is spilled without causing damage to the appliance, as they are specially designed to do so.

Can a normal vacuum cleaner suck up liquids?

NoA normal vacuum cleaner is designed to suck up dust and other solid dirt, but its ducts, bag or tank and filtration system is not designed to absorb liquids. Sucking up liquids with a conventional vacuum cleaner could lead to vacuum cleaner malfunctions or short circuits.

Can a wet vacuum cleaner suck up solids?

YesA liquid vacuum cleaner can also suck up dust particles and other small solids without any problem. Its ducts, tank and filtration system are designed so that liquids do not spoil the system and continue to function properly.

Best brands of wet vacuum cleaners

If you are thinking of buying a vacuum cleaner for solids and liquids, you should consider buying one of these models. recommended brands:


This German brand is one of the best on the market, with very professional vacuum cleaners, high quality, and fantastic performance. The firm is focused on tools for cleaning in the domestic and professional field.


This German industrial group has been in the market of fasteners, joining chemicals, work safety equipment, and other power tools since 1995. It is currently one of the most recognized brands in the professional sector, for its quality and durability, and good price.


liquid vacuum cleaner lidl

The supermarket chain carries some of the best brands, as well as private labels, such as Silvercrest. This brand offers vacuum cleaners with excellent value for money. An exceptional product if you are looking for something cheap and functional.


It is another brand belonging to the German group Kompernass, like Silvercrest. A German family business that deals with supplying Lidl supermarkets with consumer electronics and other items. Like Silvercrest, it is focused on offering great value for money.

How Upholstery Vacuum Cleaners Work

liquid vacuum cleaner for upholstery

A vacuum cleaner for liquids works in a similar way to a conventional vacuum cleaner. That is, it includes a motor that will generate the suction or vacuum to suck the dirt through its hose or nozzle. In addition, they also have a filter system to let only the air pass through and let both the liquid and the solid precipitate in the dirt tank and the air can be expelled without dirt.

In addition, in wet vacuum cleaners the architecture is designed so that all the dirt falls into the tank, with the filter in a higher position, so that the air follows a different path to the dirt. On the other hand, the filtered air will pass through the motor, helping to cool it, and being expelled through the upper area of the vacuum cleaner.

Where to buy a cheaper wet vacuum cleaner

To purchase cheapest wet vacuumsyou can check offers from these sites:

  • AmazonThe online platform has a secure payment system, guarantees in case you need to return the product, and a very fast delivery service. If you are a Prime customer you can also save on shipping, as it is free. So you can choose from the largest selection of brands and models of vacuum cleaners at the best price.
  • MediaMarktThe German technology chain also has good prices, both on its website to order them online and in its physical store. You won't find as much variety as on Amazon, but you can choose from some of the most popular models.
  • Leroy MerlinAnother place to buy vacuum cleaners for liquids is this Gallic chain dedicated to do-it-yourself. It has some of the best known brands, as well as other private label brands. Sometimes they make promotions and offers both in their stores and on their website to order online.
  • BricomartLeroy Merlin: compatriot and competitor of Leroy Merlin also has pretty good prices on all kinds of material and DIY tools, among which are also the vacuum cleaners. Again you can choose between buying at any of their outlets as well as in the webshop.
  • Second HandAnother alternative is to buy a second hand vacuum cleaner through this buying and selling website. You can find interesting offers, although they are used products on which you have no guarantee 100% of the use that has been given, the damage that may have, etc..

How much do you want to spend on the vacuum cleaner?

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