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The pets are more than just friends, they have become family members in many households. However, these furry four-legged companions leave a lot of hair everywhere. If you have pets at home, you'll definitely want to have one of these special vacuum cleaners for these faithful companions.

Best Pet Vacuums

If you're undecided on choosing the right pet vacuum cleaner, here are three different types that will we recommend you:

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Best Pet Robot Vacuum Cleaner: iRobot Roomba i3552

This smart robot vacuum cleaner is one of the best for pets due to its features and power to clean the most persistent hair and lint. It is a vacuum cleaner capable of navigating through all the rooms in an intelligent way thanks to its advanced navigation and mapping system Roombai3+, so you don't leave anything behind and avoid going through the same place several times like other robots do.

It has a base that is not only used for charging. It also has an automatic Clean Base system which allows the robot to automatically empty itself for 60 daysso you can forget about it for two months without having to empty your tank so often.

Its powerful suction is up to 10 times higher It has a multi-surface rubber brush system to thoroughly clean any type of floor, whether it's hard floors or carpet, and it won't get tangled up in pet hair. And it can even detect the dirtiest areas in your home with Dirt Detect technology to clean them more conscientiously.

Best Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner: Roidmi X30

If you prefer manual cleaning, then you can also opt for this handheld model. A vacuum cleaner created by Roidmi, a brand that operates in Europe and behind which is Xiaomi. It has a good price, quality and design, with up to 5 years warranty in your engine.

With high efficiency HEPA filters, 6 levels of filtration, bagless, with lithium battery up to 70 minutes of autonomy, LED lighting to see the dirt in the darkest places, wall bracket for charging, and antibacterial brush.

It has an amazing suction power of 26500 Pa thanks to its powerful 435W motor. You can vacuuming, cleaning and disinfecting in a single step, which is ideal for households with pets and small children. Its rotating brush works on all types of floors, including hard floors, laminate, parquet and carpets, in a V-shape to avoid pet hair tangles.

The best sled vacuum cleaner for animals: Bosch ProAnimal 6 Series

If you are more traditional and prefer a sled type vacuum cleaner, you also have this German model with great quality and suction power. It is a bagless vacuum cleaner, capable of cleaning and sanitizing the floor for homes with pets thanks to its AirTurbo Plus nozzle and the SelfClean function. With them you will avoid tangles and it will always work efficiently.

It has a HEPA filter to filter the exhaust air and prevent dust and other allergens from coming out. Its SmartSensorControl also offers continuous performance monitoring, distinguishing when vacuuming different types of surfaces (floor, upholstery, crevices,...). QuattroPowerSystem also offers improved efficiency to reduce energy consumption.

Your wheels will allow you to carry it from one place to another comfortably, without holding its weight, and its cable of several meters will give you enough room to maneuver without having to change the plug. Of course, it has an automatic collection system.

What are the differences between a pet vacuum cleaner and a conventional vacuum cleaner?

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Conventional vacuum cleaners can also be used to clean in homes with pets, but they won't do it as efficiently. The reason is that the hairs sometimes get embedded in fabrics such as the sofa, carpets, etc., and are not so easy to remove with a conventional vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, those that have specific heads for this purpose will leave everything clean with little effort.

Moreover, it is not only the brushing system and their technologies to avoid hair tangles, they also tend to have superior power to suck up all the stubborn dirt. And their tanks will prevent clogging and time wasting that you may encounter with other conventional vacuum cleaners when there's a lot of hair.

Best Pet Vacuum Cleaner Brands

If you are looking for a good brand special vacuum cleaner for homes with pets, you can pay special attention to manufacturers such as:


This British brand has managed to create some of the most innovative and powerful vacuum cleaners on the market, especially the battery ones, which achieve great autonomy and very high suction power. In addition, the floor attachment with rotating roller is also perfect for cleaning pet hair even from carpets and rugs. If you choose a Dyson, you'll get extreme quality, plus great results.


The German firm is also among the best in terms of pet vacuuming. With high power, filtration systems suitable for trapping allergens, and specially designed brushes with technologies capable of avoiding tangles and save time during cleaning. In addition, this firm stands out for its enormous reliability and durability, its variety of vacuum cleaners, as well as its innovation.


The Chinese tech giant also has cordless vacuum cleaners and robots with good value for money, great design, and good performance. Their brushes are also ready to work with pet hair. In addition, you also have the option of the Roidmi sub-brand, which is characterized by very robust motors with a 5-year warranty.


The Spanish brand based in Valencia has also managed to conquer the market thanks to its excellent value for money. A brand with incredible prices without sacrificing quality and technology. Its handheld vacuum cleaners and robot vacuum cleaners are among the best rated, and have accessories and design for cleaning in homes with pets.


The brand behind Roomba robots is an American manufacturer specializing in robotics that has now also entered the home cleaning sector with the best robots on the market. They offer highly advanced intelligent systems, the highest suction power on the market, and fantastic technologies to make cleaning more comfortable and efficient.

How should be a vacuum cleaner to remove hairs from:

vacuum cleaner to remove hair from the sofa

If you need a specific vacuum cleaner for remove hair from surfaces as the following, you should look for these characteristics:

  • CarpetCarpets and rugs have a texture that makes pet hair and fluff stick to them very well, so a simple vacuum cleaner would not be enough to remove them. In order to get this surface clean, you need two basic things: suction power and a brush with a rotating roller. Thanks to that you will be able to move and loosen the hairs and suction them properly. In addition, if it has technologies to avoid tangles, so much the better. On the other hand, pets also tend to leave drool stains, etc., so if you opt for a vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning function or floor mopping robots, it can also be a smart choice.
  • SofaFabrics and sofa fabrics are usually not as demanding as carpets, but there may also be some cases where hairs get tangled in the fabrics. In this case, you must again have a good suction power and specific brushes capable of attracting or extracting the hair.

Where to buy a pet vacuum cleaner

To buy a pet vacuum cleaner of the best brands and at a good priceyou can opt for stores like:

  • CarrefourIn the shopping centres and supermarkets of this French chain you will find a large number of brands and models of all types of vacuum cleaners with accessories or special functions for pet hair, both handheld and broom type, robots, sleds, etc... You can choose between buying online or in person.
  • MediamarktYou can also buy both online and in person at any of their outlets. This German technology chain has some of the most advanced vacuum cleaners of various types, including robot vacuums. Their prices also stand out for being good, so it could be a good alternative.
  • The English CourtThis Spanish supermarket chain has a large section of household appliances, among which you will find the best brands and models of vacuum cleaners, many of them suitable for pets. You can choose between online and in-person shopping, both with some special offers such as Tecnoprecios.
  • Amazonis the favorite place of many because it has the largest number of brands, models and types of vacuum cleaners ideal for pets. In addition, for each product you can see several offers, to choose the cheapest, or the one with the best delivery conditions. All with the guarantees and security of this platform. And if you are a Prime customer, remember that shipping is free, and that the packages will arrive faster so you can start enjoying your purchase as soon as possible.

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