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Philips is one of the giants of European technology, synonymous with innovation, quality, great results and meeting the highest safety standards. This is also noticeable in each of the vacuum cleaner models of this Dutch firm, so its products will leave customers more than satisfied.

Which Philips vacuum cleaner to buy

If you wish to choose a Philips vacuum cleaner model, but you don't know which one to opt for, you can see the qualities of this selection with some of the best:

Philips Speed ​​Pro

This type vacuum cleaner vertical broom and capable of becoming a handheld vacuum cleaner, is one of the perfect options under this brand, in addition to having a very attractive price. It has a 0.4 liter capacity tank, and a battery to eliminate the need for cables, with great autonomy to clean your home, car, etc.

Your broom has a special brush designed for floors of all kinds, with a led light built-in to allow you to see dust and dirt even in the most hidden and dark places. It also includes a star nozzle for the most inaccessible places, and a wall mount station or base for charging with magnetic fastening.

has technology PowerCylone 7, and PowerBlade motor, designed to achieve high rotation speeds and very high suction power, with up to 800 liters per minute. A high yield that will remain stable for up to 30 minutes.

Philips Power Pro Expert

If you prefer corded and more basic sled type vacuum cleaners, then you have this other Philips. With a powerful 650W motor capable of maintaining the always stable suction power, whatever the weather, and with a very high performance. In addition, it is an efficient system, to reduce consumption and labeled as A+.

Its tank has a large capacity of up to 2 liters, and has an extra nozzle special for pet hair. Also includes hard floor brush, crevice tool, TriActive combination nozzle, hypoallergenic dust filter with Allerg Lock technology, PowerCylone 8 technology to separate air from dirt, wheels for easy portability, long cord, and automatic collection system.

Philips SpeedProMAX Aqua+

This cordless vacuum cleaner allows you to move freely thanks to its lithium-ion battery, capable of cleaning up to 125+ square meters on a single charge in turbo mode. Its efficient filtering system allows filtering with an efficiency of up to 99,7%, and the tank to add water and detergent allows wet cleaning as well, eliminating up to 99% of bacteria from the floor. Therefore, it is perfect for homes with pets and children.

It has a powerful suction system, it is comfortable, compact and light, and it has a wall support for charging, brush with LED lights for the floor, head for spot cleaning, narrow brush, and multifunction accessory for fabrics, corners, etc.

Philips PowerPro Compact

It is an alternative model to the previous one, also of the sled type and with cable. This vacuum cleaner uses tcyclone technology, bagless, and with a 1.5 liter capacity tank, making it more compact. It allows a perfect cleaning of all types of interior surfaces, with PowerCyclone 5 technology, TriActive brush with 3 actions, and a special floor brush.

It has large rubber wheels for better movement control, and its advanced dust container can be empty in a very hygienic way. It is very easy to clean and has a filtration system that prevents allergens from escaping.

Philips Performer Compact Series 3000

An affordable and simple vacuum cleaner. With replaceable bag, AirFlow MAX technology, and enormous suction power thanks to its 900W motor. Its high-efficiency Allergy Lock filter (with an ECARF hypoallergenic certificate for blocking up to 99.9% of dust) blocks air and allergens from escaping, and its triple action and floor brushes allow cleaning of all types of surfaces with a single light and compact device.

It has a cable up to 9 meters in length, with automatic collection system. You will be able to cover large surfaces without unplugging and plugging in, and with a perfect level of result. The bag is a durable S-Bag type, with a capacity of 3 litres.

Philips Series 7000 Aqua

We also have this recent launch, a Philips cordless vacuum cleaner with PowerCyclone 12 technology, digital motor, and belonging to the 7000 Aqua series of this European brand with such a good reputation. In addition, it is very powerful, and includes LED lights for greater ease.

It is modular, since it has a Aqua module that can be removed and put on, includes two accessories and a large lithium battery that is capable of providing autonomy of up to 80 minutes…

Philips MiniVac

Finally, you also have a vacuum cleaner to be able to vacuum in high areas, or take wherever you want. It is also perfect for inaccessible areas, such as in the car. This is this battery-powered Philips MiniVac. It can be connected to the car's 12V socket, has no bag and comes with 5 accessories.

Types of Philips vacuum cleaners

Within the Philips brand you can find various series and types of vacuum cleaner to satisfy all needs and pockets. Among them are:


It is a type of Philips vacuum cleaner that allows cleaning the floor in a very comfortable way, with a long handle to avoid having to bend down, and without effort. In addition, being vertical, it takes up very little space, and can be stored in the same place as brushes, mops, etc. Some models do not have a cable, and there are also 2-in-1 convertibles, so you can have a broom-type vacuum cleaner when you need it and a handheld one.

Without bag

These types of vacuum cleaners, whether hand, broom or sled type, avoid having to use replacement bags. You will be able to use them comfortably until their tank is full, empty the tank easily and continue cleaning, without changing a thing. This is not only more practical and comfortable, it also saves generating more garbage.

with bag

There are also models with a bag, which will need spare parts such as the S-Bag where all the dirt will be trapped. Once full, you can remove the bag, place a clean one and continue with the work. The advantage in this case is that emptying is somewhat more hygienic, since you can throw away the bag with the dirt inside without handling anything, while vacuum cleaners with a canister can release some dust during the emptying process, or spill through accident.


They are compact vacuum cleaners, with a light weight, and generally without cables. Thanks to that, you can use them to vacuum all kinds of surfaces, even the highest ones, where you would not reach with a broom-type or sled-type vacuum cleaner. They can also be very practical for the car.

Features of some Philips vacuum cleaners

powerful philips vacuum cleaner

Philips vacuum cleaners have large advantages over others, some of the most notable are:

  • cyclone technology: the cyclonic technology allows the generation of a vortex of air in the dirt tank to separate the solid dirt from the air, either by gravity or by the action of rotation, thus obtaining cleaner air at the vacuum cleaner outlet. This type of technology is perfect for homes with people with respiratory problems and will also make the filters last longer in perfect condition.
  • Digital PowerBlade Engine: It is a type of digital motor designed to create a high-energy airflow of up to 1000 liters per minute, producing a very high 360º suction power. In this way, a very efficient cleaning is achieved with just a few passes, even when the dirt is persistent.
  • 360º suction brush: It is a floor brush capable of sucking dirt in 360º in combination with the Philips digital motor. In addition, these brushes usually have an effective cleaning system even with one pass, both forwards and backwards and even from the side. This will allow a deep cleaning avoiding all kinds of obstacles with ease. They also include LED light to better see the dirt.
  • Suitable for all types of floors: Philips vacuum cleaners have advanced brushes suitable for all types of floors, both hard such as ceramic or stoneware, as well as laminate, parquet or wood, soft such as carpets and rugs, etc. In all of them you will achieve great results, even in the joints thanks to its special brushes.
  • HEPA filter: It is a high-efficiency filter capable of trapping up to 99,7% of the smallest particles, down to 0.3 microns. In this way it will trap dust, mold, some bacteria and viruses, and allergens such as pollen, pet hair, etc., leaving a much purer air.
  • Aqua Nozzle: for wet cleaning, like mopping to remove stains.
  • PowerCyclone: It is a Philips technology to guarantee great performance and suction power.
  • TriActive Mouthpiece: It is a nozzle with three different cleaning actions to remove deep dust from carpets and rugs.

Where to get spare parts for Philips vacuum cleaners

philips vacuum cleaner spare parts

The Philips brand is one of the best known, with a large network of distribution and service in almost all countries, which makes Finding replacement parts or accessories for these vacuum cleaners is extremely easy.. In this way, if you need to buy filters, replacement bags, or accessories that have been lost or damaged, you will be able to continue giving life to your vacuum cleaner for many years.

You can find them in multitude of specialized stores, and also on Amazon. Another option is to buy them directly from the official Philips store on its website. Be that as it may, you will find packs of 16-unit bags, filters, and other parts and accessories that are most often broken or lost.

Is it worth buying a Philips vacuum cleaner? My opinion

philips vacuum cleaner

Philips is one of those brands from which you expect a lot, and the truth is that their vacuum cleaners do not disappoint. They provide exactly what is expected from a great manufacturer like this: innovation, high technology, functions that make cleaning easier, efficient filters, high power, quality, reliability, ergonomics, and comfort.

All this can lead you to think that they are very expensive, but the truth is that the good news is that they are not the most expensive on the market. Therefore, you will get premium features and the maximum guarantees for a good price.

Where to buy a Philips vacuum cleaner

For buy a Philips vacuum cleaner at a good price, you have several options, some of the most interesting are in this list:

  • Carrefour: allows you to choose between ordering it through its website so that it is sent to the chosen address or going to any of its closest points of sale. In any case, you will find the most current Philips vacuum cleaner models and, with a bit of luck, they could even be with a discount or promotion.
  • Media Markt: They boast of having fantastic prices, and it's true. Both on the web sales platform and in the stores of this German chain you can find vacuum cleaners from this firm.
  • The English Court: These Spanish supermarkets also have an electrical appliance section with Philips brand products, such as their vacuum cleaners. Their prices are not the cheapest, but they usually offer discounts and promotions at times. In this case you can also choose to buy online or in person.
  • Amazon: the Internet giant has the largest number of models of the Philips brand, with all types available and even with several offers of the same product to choose the best. All with the security and support of this platform, as well as the agility of shipments that it provides.

How much do you want to spend on the vacuum cleaner?

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