Prime Day 2021


Vacuum cleaner offers for Black Friday

Prime Day is here for another year and this 2021 comes loaded with deals on vacuum cleaners, robot vacuums, Roomba, Cecotec, Xiaomi, Roidmi and other brands.

If you are looking for a cheaper vacuum cleaner thanks to Prime DayBelow you have the best deals of this Amazon event that will be held in the coming weeks:

Prime Day is over. Check back here in 2022 to discover the best discounts on vacuum cleaners for Amazon Prime members.

Best Prime Day Vacuum Cleaner Deals

In this section you will find the top deals on vacuum cleaners during Prime Day. If you are looking for bargains, these are the best without any doubt so do not let them escape:

The best deals on Roomba for Prime Day

Roomba is one of those brands that launched a product so original and good that now we refer to it by its brand name. In the same way that we ask for a "Kleenex" when what we want is a tissue, nowadays it is common to hear about "a Roomba" when we want to refer to a Roomba. small robotic vacuum cleaner that goes around our house vacuuming everything. It is manufactured and sold by iRobot and are the most popular automatic vacuum cleaners. Without a doubt, if you're thinking of buying a Roomba, it's worth waiting for Prime Day.

The best deals on robot vacuum cleaners on Prime Day

Robot vacuum cleaners have become an object of desire in any home. Not only are they useful but they free us from the work of having to sweep every day, so you should have one. If you don't have one yet, these are the Best Prime Day deals on robot vacuums:

The best deals on vacuum cleaners on Prime Day

The broom vacuum cleaner is another one of the desired ones. Its versatility and the absence of cables have made it the perfect complement to the robot vacuum cleaner. It vacuums with more power and reaches more corners thanks to these Amazon Prime Day deals on vacuum cleaners and brooms:

The best deals on Xiaomi on Prime Day

Xiaomi is a Chinese multinational company that has become one of the best options whether it is the one who whatever electronic device we are looking for. It is only 10 years old, time in which it has managed to climb to 4th place in the technological world, only surpassed by Apple, Samsung and its countrywoman Huawei, who has reached the podium, but with more than 30 years of life. Xiaomi offers all kinds of products, such as phones and tablets, which are getting such good reviews, computers, scales and all kinds of smart devices, among which we can find vacuum cleaners, as long as we treat any device that we can control from a smartphone or tablet as intelligent.

Xiaomi is usually one of the brands we see with discounts on special days like Prime Day, so if you're thinking of buying a vacuum cleaner from the Chinese brand, Amazon's special customer day is the perfect time to do it.

The best deals on handheld vacuum cleaners on Prime Day

Handheld vacuums are the Swiss Army Knife of vacuuming, you can vacuum your car or your kitchen with them and get into corners where no other model can reach. Check out the handheld vacuums on Amazon Prime Day:

The best deals on Dyson for Prime Day

Dyson is a global technology company which stands out for its vacuum cleaners, which are based on the principle of cyclonic separator. The company was founded in 1993 and is based in the UK, and in its catalog we also find other items such as hair dryers, dehumidifiers, hand dryers and fans, among others. In all likelihood, Dyson vacuum cleaners will be available at a good discount on Amazon Prime Day.

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What is Prime Day

Basically, Prime Day is an event in which we can buy all kinds of items at a discount. The secret or the question here is in which store and who will be able to access these offers. Unlike Black Friday or Cyber Monday, events that we can find in virtually any store in the world and where any user can buy, Prime Day is only available to Amazon Prime users, which means that we have to be subscribed to the service.

The service, which was previously known as Premium, has a price of 36€/yearwhich went up from 20€ to add to the package services such as Prime Video, a kind of Amazon's Netflix, among others. Therefore, and in short, Prime Day is a special event in which Amazon Prime customers can take advantage of very interesting offers without having to give up the guarantee and after-sales service of Amazon that we like so much to its customers.

When Prime day 2021 takes place

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Prime Day translates into English as "Main Day", but we don't have to do the direct translation if we want to know what and when it will happen. I'm saying this mainly because "day" is actually "days", two to be more exact..

This year, Prime Day 2021 will be held at on 21 and 22 JuneIt's worth creating a reminder or writing it down in any calendar, whether we want to buy something in particular or not. Among the offers, we are likely to find something we need, and if we do we can get it for a much lower price than its recommended price. The percentage of discount is unknown, but they can be really scandalous.

Types of vacuum cleaners that we can find on offer for Prime Day

  • Vacuum cleaner broom: Broom vacuum cleaners are a 2-in-1or almost. They are vacuum cleaners with a size and design similar to that of a broom, although they do not include the bag that other larger vacuum cleaners do. Their main advantage is that they are easy to move and store, as well as being very comfortable. Their size and design will also allow us to use them even in the most inaccessible corners. Considering that we are talking about products that are used every day, we will see several models of broom vacuum cleaners on Prime Day 2021, and surely the discount is worth it.
  • Robot vacuum cleanerBasically, and usually, a robot vacuum cleaner is a Roomba. That is, they are vacuum cleaners that work something like those toys that move forward until they encounter an obstacle, at which point they change direction to keep moving. These vacuums will go automatically scrolling until we stop themso they're the best option for the lazy or for those who don't have time to clean by hand. The upcoming Prime Day is a perfect day to buy a robot vacuum cleaner.

Why it's a good opportunity to buy a vacuum cleaner on Prime Day

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It's very simple: because we will pay less. On Prime Day, Amazon offers discounts on thousands of its products, so it is likely that that vacuum cleaner that we have long had our eye on is discounted. The percentage of discount varies from one product to another, but in many cases we can find very significant discounts.

On days such as special events where we are not charged VAT, the discount is Value Added Tax, which in Spain coincides with 21%. On Prime Day, some items are available at an unattractive discount, but others are available at an unattractive discount. double (or more) that of the VAT-free days.. The only thing is that, for this to be true, the most usual thing is that the article is not very popular or, if it is, it is likely that we are dealing with a model from previous years.

It is no less important to mention that discount does not translate into worse service. What we buy on Prime Day will have the same guarantees that Amazon offers the rest of the year, and personally I think they are the best we can find in online sales.

There is also the advantage that since it is held in June, it does not overlap with Black Friday as it did last year, so the quality of the offers will be much better.