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Technology has changed the way things are done, especially in the robotics and artificial intelligence sector. More and more products are doing a lot of things for you that used to be drudgery or take away from your fun time. One example of this is the Roborock Vacuum CleanersThey can vacuum, mop, and even scrub for you.

You all you have to worry about is having a good time, or relaxing, while your robot vacuum does all the work and leaves your home clean, even if you have pets. Plus, some have advanced features that can help you keep an eye on your home when you're not around...

Roborock Vacuum Cleaner Comparison

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Best Roborock Vacuum Cleaners

Among the recommended models of Roborock vacuum cleaners, there are a few in particular that stand out, such as:

Roborock S7

It's a powerful robot vacuum cleaner with truly amazing cleaning results. What's more, this advanced model also includes sonic scrubbing system that promises similar results to a conventional mop.

It is compact about 35 cm in diameter and weighs about 4.7 kg. In addition, it has an advanced navigation system with LiDAR sensor to scan the environment and overcome all obstacles thanks to its AI and mapping system. Of course, you won't fall down the stairs or pass through the same place several times, leaving other areas uncleared.

Your suction power is 2500 PaIt has a 470 ml tank for vacuumed solids, a 300 ml water tank for scrubbing, and a 5200mAh battery for 180 minutes of autonomy. It also has WiFi connectivity for control from the mobile app, or via voice commands with Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa, and can even be programmed to forget everything.

Roborock S6 MaxV

This other Roborock robot is an improvement over the base S6. With a dual front camera, LiDAR sensor for navigation, Qualcomm ReactiveAI processor to make it more intelligent when it comes to avoiding objects, stairs, pet feces, etc. In addition, it will know very well where it has passed and where it has not passed, for a more optimal cleaning.

This robot has the same dimensions as the S7, but is slightly lighter at 3.7 kg. The suction power is still 2500 Pa, which is 25% more than the S6-Series. As for the solids tank it is 460 ml and 297 ml for the mop water. It also has WiFi connectivity for control from app, is programmable, and has a 5200aAh lithium battery with quick charge and up to 180 minutes of autonomy ...

Roborock S5 Max

It is another of Roborock's most complete models. It has 9 cleaning modes, 5 power levelsIt is silent, supports programming, has an automatic return function to the charging base, an intelligent interactive mapping system of the house, and a control app.

As for your suction power, low to 2000 Pawhich is not bad either, although it is slightly lower than the previous ones. It can be charged in 6 hours, and has an autonomy of 150 minutes thanks to its 5200mAh battery. As for capacity, you have 290ml for the scrubbing water tank and 460ml for the solids tank.

Roborock S6 Series

It is one of the most complete and best performing series offers within this brand. In terms of dimensions and weight, they are more or less the same as the S5. But some things vary from the previous one. In the box is also included scrubbing accessory, 2 washable mops, 6 disposable, replacement filters, charging base, and rollers for different surfaces.

In this case, the autonomy is about 3 hoursThe battery is 5200mAh Li-Ion, that is, about 180 min, with its 5200mAh battery. The noise it makes is slightly lower than the S5, and has an app for control, is programmable, has intelligent navigation system, 480 ml tank capacity, WiFi, and suction power of 2000 Pa.

Roborock S4

This model has a good value for moneyIn addition, it also includes a damp mop function for scrubbing the floor. In addition, its technical features are not very different from its big brothers. Therefore, it can be a good alternative if you want a great robot, with quality and good results, but without going for the more expensive models.

Its suction power is 2000 Pa, it returns to the base automatically for charging, it has collision, distance and level sensors, it has an intelligent navigation system, it can be controlled by remote control or via the appIt has a 5200mAh battery (up to 180 min in silent mode), charges in 6 hours, can cover surfaces of up to 250 m² with one charge, and has a 420 ml tank.

Roborock E4

It is a cheap alternativebut without forgetting the quality and performance of this great brand. It does its job effectively and is equipped with an intelligent system that maps the home, avoids obstacles, and is fast.

Can cover surfaces of up to 200 sqm with a charge, its lithium battery lasts about 200 min, it has WiFi connectivity for app control, its noise level is slightly higher than the previous ones, but not too much. Its capacity is quite good, and its suction power is also good. Of course, it also includes a hybrid vacuum and mop option.

Characteristics of some Roborock robots

When you look at the Roborock robots you can see that they come equipped with the latest in innovation and technology to make their results superior and make it easier for you to use them. Some of the most notable ones that you should know are:

  • Sonic and self lifting scrubbing technologySome robots with a mop function simply rub a damp mop across the floor, with somewhat questionable results. Roborock, on the other hand, has equipped its robots with sonic technology that scrubs the mop up to 3000 times per minute, allowing it to remove dry stains and obtain results similar to the real mop. In addition, its VibraRise technology allows you to self-wash the mop, without having to do it yourself or replace it after each use.
  • HyperForce Suction:  is a new suction system that includes some models and are able to reach a suction power of up to 2500 Pa, a 25% than other previous models. This will allow even the most ingrained dirt to be vacuumed up.
  • Carpet recognitionThe intelligent system is capable of recognising the carpets you have around the house and adapting to them. It does this by means of ultrasonic technology, to stop scrubbing when it reaches this type of surface and avoid dampening them, or to automatically raise the scrubbing module, etc.
  • Floating rubber brushThese brushes are designed to improve cleaning and remove dirt more efficiently even on uneven surfaces. To do this, it also allows to stick more to the ground, to adapt to uneven ground, etc.
  • Autonomy up to 3 hoursThe most advanced models of the Roborock vacuum cleaner are equipped with efficient hardware and a Li-Ion battery of up to 5200 mAh. This means that they can run for up to 180 minutes without any problems.
  • LIDAR Navigationis an advanced system for measuring distances and detecting obstacles that uses laser technology for greater accuracy. A more advanced way to give the AI a clear idea of the robot's environment. In addition, they will be able to map the house and know exactly the places it has passed through, the places it has yet to pass through, etc.
  • Sensient SensorsThe sensor array in some advanced models of these robot vacuums includes an accelerometer, odometer, infrared elevation sensor, compass and other sensors. All of them are intended to feed the artificial intelligence with the most accurate navigation data.
  • Washable air filter:  some filters are disposable after several months of use. On the other hand, these filters can be washed with water, dried thoroughly and reused. That way you will always have your robot ready and save on replacements.

Is Roborock better than Roomba?

Yes, Roborock is one of the leading brands in terms of robot vacuum cleaners, along with iRobot. Although the iRobot Roomba are excellently good, Roborock has a plus in terms of value for money compared to the high-end iRobot, which may be interesting for many pockets. Also, that will not mean that they have less accessories or worse quality, as they are still well above other brands.

Is a Roborock Vacuum Cleaner worth it? My opinion

roborock vacuum cleaner

If you don't usually have too much time for houseworkIf you have a vacuum cleaner, or you have trouble vacuuming or mopping the floor, it is certainly a great option that for a little investment will allow you to forget about having to do these tasks forever. Even if you have mops, parquet or ceramic floors, or if you have pets at home.

The results of these robot vacuum cleaners are very goodThey are silent (without generating discomfort while acting), efficient, and are controlled comfortably from the remote control, app, voice commands, or simply programming them to activate when you need them to.

In addition, this brand has a advanced navigation and mapping systemmaking them clean more efficiently and effectively. Some cheap robots tend to go through the same place many times and leave other areas uncleaned. That won't be the case with these models, so you won't get a device that will ultimately be useless to you...

Where to buy a Roborock vacuum cleaner for the best price

If you are looking to compare a Roborock robot vacuum cleaner, you can buy it at the best price on sites like:

  • AmazonThe American online sales platform has all the models of this firm, so you can choose the one you like and even compare with others. Of course, you have a variety of offers, so you can buy the one that is cheapest for you.
  • AliexpressThis other great Chinese online bazaar also has this type of robot vacuum cleaners at a good price. The problem with this type of store is that orders may take longer, as they are shipped from China. There are rarely problems with customs, but it could also happen. In addition, the customer service is not the same as Amazon.
  • Banggoodis another alternative to the previous ones, being one of the largest technology gadget stores. It also offers a secure system of purchase, although shipments usually take several days to arrive, some up to more than 1 month.

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