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The German manufacturer Vileda specialised in household cleaning products, standing out for their quality and results. Now, in order to renew itself, it has also wanted to enter the field of robotics, with its own robot vacuum cleaners. One one of the best models is the Vileda VR 102.which also has a very attractive price.

It incorporates all the features you'd expect from a robot vacuum cleaner and for less than 150 euros. Few can compete with the quality and performance of this robot in the same price range.

Materials and design

Vileda has opted, like the vast majority, to use a plastic housing for your robot, which makes it lighter. In addition, it has a fairly good assembly and quality of finishes, making it a robust and durable product.

Regarding its designIt has not gone too far from the aesthetics that already seems standard in terms of robot vacuum cleaners, but the truth is that it has a look that is not at all unpleasant to have it hidden at home.

Tank capacity

robot warehouse vileda

The Vileda Robot 102 has arrived to improve on its VR 100 and VR 101 siblings, with a round design as opposed to the square design of the previous two and a larger tank inside. It now features 0.5 litre capacity in its dirt tank, instead of the 0.37 litres of the previous models.

This deposit will allow collect a large amount of dirt without the need for constant emptying after each use as with other low-capacity robots, and of course, you won't need to replace bags.

Technical features and functions of the Vileda VR 102

It is also worth noting that the Vileda RV 102 Robot has some functions and features that should be emphasized, such as:

  • Quiet mode that stays below 60 dB.
  • Larger suction mouth to avoid tangles.
  • A larger battery than its predecessors, going from 60 to 90 minutes of autonomy. With a Li-Ion device.
  • Intelligent navigation system, with 3 types of robot driving for zig-zag, spiral and automatic.
  • Multi-surface roller for all types of floors, such as screed, laminate, parquet, carpets and rugs up to 1.5 cm high.
  • The model has been fitted with level sensors to prevent falls down the stairs and to overcome obstacles.
  • The Vileda VR 102 vacuum cleaner can also be controlled by buttons on the robot itself.
  • Slim profile, only 8 cm high to fit under furniture.
  • Dimensions of the box 39.5×40.1×13.4 cm.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Vileda VR 102 robot

vileda vacuum cleaner buttons

If you compare this Vileda VR 102 robot vacuum cleaner with other robot vacuum cleaners on the market in the same price range, or with previous models of this brand, you can highlight some of them advantages clear:

  • Large capacity tank.
  • Large suction mouth to avoid tangles and better vacuuming.
  • Not all robots under €150 can clean carpets, while this one can.
  • Silent cleaning mode, so you won't be disturbed when you're working, studying or resting.
  • Sensors and intelligent navigation system.

As with all products, it also has its disadvantagessuch as:

  • It does not have the highest suction power.
  • It lacks advanced technologies and smarter mapping systems like other expensive models.
  • Not ideal for homes with pets.
  • The battery is not the longest lasting.
  • It does not have a function for self-emptying its tank once it is full, like other premium models.
  • It doesn't have mop mode, or floor mopping mode, only suction.

Maintenance and frequent problems with the Vileda VR 102

silent vileda vacuum cleaner

This Vileda VR 102 robot vacuum cleaner features a instruction manual very complete and in Spanish, to know everything you need before using this robot, or to solve problems in case they occur.

For example, it advises you to remove objects from the floor in the house before operating the robot. Do not let the robot pass through areas with spilled liquidsThe product may be damaged, or objects may be placed on top of it, or objects may be damaged.

Frequent problems and errors

The Vileda VR 102 Robot Vacuum Cleaner may have certain problems, which are described in the user manual. To indicate that there is something wrong with it you have two LED lights that act as indicators of failures. The most frequent are:

  • Fast flashing of 2 red LEDsThe robot is stuck somewhere or the temperature of its batteries is abnormal.
  • Alternating flashing of the 2 red LEDsindicates that the brush roll is jammed.

Maintenance, cleaning and charging

The Vileda VR 102 robot vacuum cleaner needs very simple maintenancelike any other robot vacuum cleaner in this range:

  • Emptying the robot's tank when it is close to full is recommended, and do not wait until it collapses.
  • Keep the robot sensors clean for a good performance.
  • It is recommended to clean the central and side brushes after each use.
  • Charge the robot battery until it is fully charged. That is, until the red LED goes out and the green LED lights up. This happens after about 4 hours.

Contents of the box

robot content vileda

When you buy the Vileda VR 102, in the box will come everything you need to put it to work. That is to say:

  • The Vileda VR 102 robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Battery charger.
  • Robot cleaning brush.
  • User manual.


The Vileda VR 102 can be a great robot vacuum cleaner if you're looking for something affordable and reliablewith a major brand behind it. In addition, you will be able to find spare or replacement parts easily. With a pretty good technical service to solve the problems in case they occur.

It is a very simple robot, but it does its job and does it in a very reliable way.. In short, if you decide to buy this robot, it is designed by a great brand, and with some advantages difficult to find in robots of this price range.

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