Robot vacuum cleaner and mop

A type of vacuum cleaner is becoming more and more popular is the robot vacuum cleaner. More and more people are buying a model of this type for their homes. Within this field, the robot vacuum cleaner and mop is a particularly interesting option for many.

Now, we tell you more about the robot vacuum cleaner and mop. So that you can learn more about this type of robot vacuum cleaner, see some models that are available on the market, as well as some tips to keep in mind when you go to buy one.

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The best robot vacuum cleaners and mops

Cecotec Robot Vacuum Cleaner Conga Series 8000 Ultra

The first model is a classic in the Cecotec Conga catalogue. Like the other models we present today, it has the ability to scrub. Although in this case, we can also use it to vacuum, sweep, mop, mop and it also has the special brush for pets. So that we can get a great game in our house.

It has a suction power up to 10000 pa, which allows us to use it on various surfaces or corners and effectively remove dirt. It is also compatible with Alexa and Google Home. This robot vacuum cleaner also gives us functions such as the creation of a magnetic wall, to decide which rooms in the house are cleaned with it each time. Its battery has a range of up to 240 minutes.

It is a good robot vacuum cleaner and mop, very versatile in terms of functions, which will fulfill its mission at all times. In addition, it is not one of the most expensive models of the brand, so it is accessible to everyone.

Roborock S7

The Roborock S7 is one of the mid-high range of this subsidiary brand of Xiaomi. It includes a large water tank to cover more ground, with its 300ml it can cover an area of ​​approximately 200m². But if the Roborocks are famous for something, it's for their mapping system, and this one has a High precision LDS laser sensor that scans rooms at 300RPM. In addition, it has a suction power of 2500 Pa.

As for other features, and like most models of this brand, it stands out for its intelligent configuration, the one that makes the water stop if it gets stuck so as not to create unnecessary puddles in our house, among other things. As if that were not enough, this Roborock is quite a climber, being able to climb steps about 2cm high.

Rowenta Xplorer

The second model on the list is this Rowenta robot, which has the ability to vacuum and mop the floor in our house. It has an active motorized brush for efficient cleaning and three cleaning modes to access difficult areas: random (random), random rooms (random suitable for small rooms) and edges (edges) to complete the entire cleaning session. Its battery also gives us 150 minutes of autonomy, which is very comfortable.

Vacuum and scrub at the same time to leave your home sparkling clean thanks to its active motorized brush mop system for effective cleaning and three cleaning modes to access difficult areas. In addition, we can configure and plan when to use it thanks to its app. The design of this robot is thin and light, which allows it to reach more corners. Thanks to its sensors, it does not collide with furniture or fall down the stairs.

A good robot vacuum cleaner, with the guarantee of a brand like Rowenta. It has the features we look for in a product in this category, so it does the job very well. In addition, it is not one of the most expensive models that we find, something that is also very much in these cases.

Ecovacs Deebot X1 OMNI

The third model on the list belongs to another well-known brand in this segment, such as Ecovas. It is a 4 in 1 vacuum cleaner., since thanks to it we have the sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and scrubbing functions available. This allows us to have the house always clean in a simple way, as well as being very efficient in its operation when we have to use it.

It has a technology that allows go move safely at home. He's never going to crash and he creates a map of the house so he knows how to move efficiently and knows where he can and can't go. The robot vacuum cleaner has four different cleaning modes in this case. In addition, it is compatible with assistants such as Alexa, so that we can control it with voice commands, from its app.

It is presented as a great robot vacuum cleaner and mop. Versatile in terms of functions, with several cleaning modes that adjust to the use we need to make of it and it also has a good value for money. Therefore, it is a good robot vacuum cleaner to consider.

iRobot Braava jet M6134

This Braava jet M6134 is a high-end mop, which also means that it is a bit more expensive than other models. How could it be otherwise in an advanced robot, we can control it from our mobile device, but that is not, by far, the best thing about this device.

And it is that this Braava has a pressure sprayer, so we could almost say that what we have is a pressure washer (like the Kärcher), but smaller, for the floor and fully automatic. In addition, it includes advanced navigation that improves with use, it scrubs the floor and mops it to dry it and we can use it in large areas. What do you think about all this? Well, it is a summary, to which we also have to add that it is compatible with Alexa.

RoboRock S5 Max

The next model on the list is this vacuum cleaner, which is one of the most powerful in this field, with a suction power of 2.000 pa. Thanks to this we can end up with dirt in all kinds of corners, in addition to being able to end up with the finest dust. In addition, it has a good 5.200 mAh capacity battery, which will give us good autonomy at all times. Up to 150 minutes of autonomy, depending on the brand.

We can vacuum or scrub with itIt works both dry and wet. Plus, it works great on all types of floors, including carpet. One of its advantages is that it has several modes. Since it has quiet, balanced, turbo and maximum modes and zonal cleaning meets all your needs, the specialized carpet pressurization mode can automatically identify the carpet and turn on maximum suction. A most versatile robot in this case.

We can control it with its app in a simple way on the phone. As you can see, it appears as a most reliable and complete robot, with which we have our house always clean in a very simple way. So it is a good option to consider.

Xiaomi Mijia X10

This Xiaomi Mijia is a vacuum cleaner that bears the brand of the Chinese company, and not like the Roborock. Falling short of its good mark also means it's somewhat more limited, but so is its price, and this robot costs less than half than the vacuum cleaners of the Xiaomi subsidiary.

As for what it offers us, it has 4 levels of suction, the water tank is 200ml, it can clean rooms up to 120m² and it will recharge automatically when it detects that the battery drops below 15%, it will charge up to 80% and it will get back to work to finish the cleaning.

iRobot Braava m6134

The following model is a most original option, at least in terms of design, because it does not look like other robot vacuum cleaner models on the market. Thanks to it you can easily scrub and sweep the floor at home. Plus, it has two cleaning modes, which use damp microfiber cloths to scrub away everyday dirt and grime; use dry microfiber cloths to sweep away dust and all kinds of hair.

It gives us good autonomy, because we can wear it for more than 3 hours in sweeping mode and for 2 2/XNUMX hours in scrubbing mode. So you can take advantage of it when cleaning our house. The robot's charging station allows its battery to be filled again in just XNUMX hours of time.

It is a somewhat different robot, but it has a very clear purpose in this case, which is to sweep and mop. For thoseIt is presented as a very comfortable option in that case.. It is of quality, its handling is simple and it also has a good autonomy, which allows us to work perfectly when cleaning our house.

How does a robot mop work?

How a robot mop works

One of the great doubts of users is the way in which this type of robot vacuum cleaner and mop works.

A robot mop is a floor cleaning robot that is one step above vacuum cleaners. They are autonomous, that is, they move automatically, and its function is to scrub and mop the floor. Initially, the result should be as if we were mopping ourselves, and some models can also suck up dust and all kinds of dirt particles.

In this case, in addition to having the function of vacuuming, has a water tank, which we can use to mop the floor. So we can get a double cleaning when we use it.

roomba vacuum cleaner floor cleaner

The aspirator has an opening, where is going to be expelling water, to be able to use the scrubbing function. In the lower part of it we find cloths, which are the ones that will eliminate said dirt, in addition to making the floor dry later. There are models that have a higher pressure when water is thrown, in addition to having a different size tank.

What these types of robots do is to detect the type of soil. In this way, it allows the scrubbing function to be used on surfaces that are suitable. There may be floors where we cannot use it, such as carpets and rugs. But in the robot app we can always configure where it is used and where it is not.

What detergent to use for robot scrubbers?

This question is easy to answer as well as complicated. At first, we may think that what they use are detergents exactly the same as those we use to clean with a mop, but we may be wrong. The mops have nothing to spoil, beyond cleaning cloths and mops, so we can use them with any cleaning fluid, including bleach. On the other hand, we have mopping robots, which have a very different design and are much more complex.

And you have to take some things into account: these devices use their mops and their own speed, so what we need is a detergent that, first, is not going to damage the device and, second, is prepared so that its mixture is the necessary to clean properly, which means it has to be just the right amount and density. For this reason, it is best look at the manufacturer's instructions or recommendations. In them we will see what type of detergent we should use, among which they will also recommend the best brand. In any case, we can also try to buy private label mopping detergent, but be careful, sometimes cheap is expensive.

On what types of floors can a robot mop be used?

Surfaces where to use a Mop

A mopping robot can be used on virtually any floor. It is true that it will depend on the model, but we can use it on normal tiles, parquet-type wood and even on floors that are made of stones, but the latter must be special floors with fixed stones or, otherwise, what it will do will be a mess . It is in this last type of floor where a mop may not work well, and we must look at its specifications if it is compatible.

Taking into account that they work with water and detergents, unless we find an unusual one that puts it in its specifications, are not recommended for use on carpets. Logically, and although it seems obvious, it is not indicated for use on garden-type floors, such as grass. If I comment on this it is because, as crazy as it may seem, there have been cases.

Types of robot moppers

Types of robot moppers

Until Manuel Jalón had the idea of ​​putting a stick on the cleaning rags and invented the mop almost 70 years ago, the floor was cleaned kneeling and scrubbing with the hands. It seems like an absurd invention, but it changed the way we clean in our homes, making it more comfortable and efficient.

Decades later there is already robot scrubber, which not only prevents us from having to kneel, but we can leave them running without even having to pay attention to them. In this article we are going to talk about them, so that you understand what they are and how they work in case you are considering buying one.

To get you out of doubt, here are the most common types of mopping robots:

floor mops only

The mops are like a mop, but automatic. The design of many of them is very similar to that of robot vacuum cleaners, that is, a round device that moves across the floor to work its magic. Unlike vacuum cleaners, these robots have water, detergent and cleaning cloths and mops to clean the floor, a floor that can be made of different materials, including some with a texture similar to stone.

Vacuum cleaner + mop

But in addition to mopping the floor as we have explained in the previous point, there are also other robots that can vacuum. These would be an all-in-one, since first they would suck up all kinds of dirt particles and, later, they would wipe them with cleaning cloths, water and detergent to leave the floor shiny. If we have said before that a single mop would be like a mop, one that is also a vacuum cleaner would offer results similar to those we would obtain if we passed first a broom and then the mop. In reality, although this would depend on the model, the vacuum cleaner + floor mopping robots will leave the floor better than we would leave it cleaning it manually.

What should a good robot vacuum cleaner with mopping function have?

If we are thinking of buying a model of this typeIt is important to take some aspects into account. Since it should have certain functions, which are what allow us to take advantage of this type of robot at all times. Therefore, these are the features to look for:

  • Mapping: The mapping function makes the robot have a map of the rooms at home, to better plan the routes. It also helps to know where furniture or rugs are, so you won't be using the scrub function on those sensitive surfaces.
  • Good autonomy: Autonomy is essential, so that we can clean the house several times before it has to be charged again. It is usual for them to have a good battery, but when combining vacuuming and scrubbing, consumption is higher, so it is convenient to take this into account, to avoid scares or buy a model with a battery that does not last long.
  • Large Deposit: The capacity of the tank is also important, so that we can clean the entire house without having to empty it, something that would be most annoying for many.
  • Wireless: The absence of cables is another important element, because it will allow this robot to move around the house with great freedom at all times, which is essential for its proper functioning. That way we don't have to worry about anything.

Advantages of a robot vacuum cleaner

This type of robot vacuum cleaner has many advantages, which are the ones that undoubtedly encourage many consumers to buy one on occasion. Therefore, if you were doubting whether to buy one, know that there are certain advantages that are of great interest:

  • More effective and deep cleaning: You will be able to get a better cleaning at home with the combination of these two services. By vacuuming and scrubbing, dust and any type of dirt is easily removed, as well.
  • Works on all types of surfaces: We can use it on all types of floors, so it will help us keep them clean easily.
  • easy control: A clear advantage is that we hardly have to do anything. Since the robot is controlled in many cases through its app, so we only have to tell it what we want it to do and in which room.
  • It's automatic. This is the most logical. It will be done automatically and we can forget about it.
  • Regarding the previous point, we can leave them running while we are not at home and, when we arrive, everything will be cleaner.
  • some models, scrub and vacuum, so they remove all the dirt.
  • They can dry mop, which means that we will not have to wait to pass once it has finished working.
  • they work on almost any type of soil.


floor mopping robot vacuum cleaner

As you can imagine, this type of robot vacuum cleaner and mop it does not leave us only with advantages. There are also certain aspects that are disadvantages, which we must also take into account, for better use at all times or if we are hesitating about buying one:

  • Price: By combining these functions, it is usual for its price to be somewhat higher than that of a normal robot vacuum cleaner. So for some users it might be too expensive, preventing them from buying one.
  • Carpets and rugs: If you have a house where there are many carpets or you have carpeted floors, you will not get much out of this type of robot vacuum cleaner and mop, since the mopping function will probably not be able to be used on said floors.
  • Water tank: Although the size is variable, in general said deposit is not the largest. So there may be times when it is not large enough for users to clean their house in one go.

Best robot vacuum cleaners and mops

If we are already convinced that we want one, there are always some brands that we can consult, because they leave us with very interesting models, with a variety of prices and functions that fit what we are looking for. In this field of robot vacuum cleaners and mops, there are also some brands to consider:

  • Xiaomi: The Chinese manufacturer has a wide range of robot vacuum cleaners, with several models that also have the function of mopping floors. As with its products in other fields, its prices are adjusted, making it an interesting option. Xiaomi is a technology company that has only existed for 10 years, a decade in which they have done things so well that they have managed to put themselves in the fourth place for technology companies, only surpassed by Apple, Samsung and its countrywoman Huawei. In its catalog we find all kinds of electronic devices, among which its mobile phones and tablets stand out, but also computers and peripherals. In addition, it also manufactures and sells appliances for the home, such as some of the best floor cleaners in terms of value for money
  • Roomba: It is possibly the best known brand in the field of robot vacuum cleaners in the world. They have a very wide range, where we have many models at various prices, which also have the function of cleaning floors.
  • Conga: Another of the most popular robot vacuum cleaner brands on the market, with a fairly extensive catalog where they have many models with the function of mopping the floor. So we can consult them, because they also have quite a variety of prices in their models.
  • Rowenta: A classic brand in the field of vacuum cleaners, which now has an increasing presence in the field of robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners. A brand that is synonymous with quality, reliability and that leaves us with good prices in many cases.
  • Cecotec: is a company that has specialized in the manufacture and sale of products that we would mainly use at home, such as vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, kitchens, comes to manufacturing electric scooters, pressure washers and mopping robots, modern and efficient ones that make them one of the best options to consider.
  • Medion: is the leading manufacturer in Germany of consumer electronics and one of the best digital service providers in its category. In its catalog we find monitors, computers, laptops and desktops and with its section for gaming, smart devices, among which we have mobile phones, tablets and home automation devices, and others for the home, such as floor scrubbers that treasure all the quality that a German company like this can offer.
  • Braava: Braava is the floor mopping robot iRobot brand, designed to work on all hard surface floors. Braava uses microfiber or disposable cleaning cloths for wet and/or dry cleaning. The design was known as the Mint until 2013. It was developed by Evolution Robotics, which was acquired by iRobot in 2012.

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