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The selection of vacuum cleaners on the market is very wide. There are vacuum cleaners of all kinds, brands and price ranges. So consumers always have something to choose from. One of the kinds of vacuum cleaners that have gained the most popularity in recent years are the robot vacuum cleaners.

They are possibly the most modern type of vacuum cleaner available and one of the most convenient options on the market. Since users simply have to program the robot and let it do its job. Without a doubt a very comfortable option and that has helped the huge rise in popularity that robot vacuum cleaners have experienced.

Here we leave you with an analysis of the best robot vacuum cleaner models. This way, you can get to know what is currently on the market. Something useful if you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner or considering buying one in the future.

Robot vacuum cleaner comparison

First we start with a table comparison of the most recommended robot vacuum cleaner models. So you can get an initial idea of them. After the table we will make an in-depth analysis of all the models in this list. So that you can know more details about them.

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Best robot vacuum cleaner

One of the best robot vacuum cleaners and with mop function is the ROIDMI EP. It has the capabilities of a premium vacuum cleaner, but its price is extremely good compared to other expensive brands.

Includes function of automatic vacuum cleaner with dust bag, advanced laser navigation with mapping and intelligent machine learning algorithms, powerful suction, mobile device app for control, voice command control capability, remote control, and automatic emptying of the dust box at its base for when you go on vacation.

It has a powerful digital engine with an output of 27000 Pa suctionThe new, one of the highest on the market, capable of absorbing even the most stubborn dirt from the cracks in the floor.

Best value for money robot vacuum cleaner

There are robot vacuum cleaners to suit all tastes and budgets. However, if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that has a good quality-price ratio, and that offers an acceptable performance, the best choice may be a Cecotec Conga 1090. A model of this Spanish firm that is under 150 € and can mop, sweep, mop, and vacuum.

It also allows WiFi connection for control from the free app for Android and iOS/iPadOS mobile devices, as well as control by voice commands through the virtual assistants. Alexa and Google Assistant.

Its Li-Ion battery provides a good autonomy of up to 160 minuteswhich surpasses some models of equivalent price. With a motor capable of generating a suction power of 1400 Pa. Programmable 24/7, so you can forget about cleaning the floor. And with 6 cleaning modes: auto, edge, manual, room, spiral, and whole house.

Your iTech Smart 2.0 technology for intelligent navigation allows it to navigate around the home, getting around furniture, detecting obstacles and avoiding falling down the stairs. On the other hand, its system has a very low noise level of less than 64 dB, and the BestFriend Care system provides a special brush for pet hair.

Which robot vacuum cleaner to buy

Once we have seen the table with the most important specifications of each of these robot vacuum cleaners, we can move on to a deeper analysis of all of them. We will talk about each model and the most important aspects of each one. Whether they are specifications or how they work. So, you have the information you need to make a decision when it comes to buying one.

iRobot Roomba 692

We start with a model of one of the best known brands in this sector. We are in front of a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner that stands out for carrying out a very effective cleaning of our house.

It should be noted that this is a model that works very well on all types of surfaces, also on wooden floors, thanks to its multi-surface brushes. In addition, it is a good option if we have animals at home, as it vacuums the hair they release perfectly. So we ensure that we get a complete cleaning.

As usual in these models, it works with a battery. In this case, it has a battery that offers us a 60 minutes autonomy. More than enough time to be able to clean the whole house without any problems. Once the battery is almost empty it returns to the base to charge.

The battery charge lasts about three hours in total. So it is not an excessive time and allows us to use it in case of emergency.

This is a model that works very well and stands out for being very easy to program. Just press the button on the top and it will start cleaning. It has sensors that will prevent it from bumping into furniture or corners or falling down the stairs. If after a while you see that it gets dirty, it is advisable to clean the sensors with a cloth and it will start working again. It should also be said that it is a very quiet robot vacuum cleaner.


This robot vacuum cleaner is a good option to consider for all those with pets at home. It vacuums up the hairs they release perfectly. So you get a much more precise cleaning and you don't have to be constantly mopping to get rid of the hairs. Plus, it is a powerful model that also kills all kinds of dirt..

It is a vacuum cleaner that has a huge autonomy. Since it allows us to use it for up to 100 minutes. Therefore, it offers us more than enough time to clean all the rooms in the house with peace of mind. In addition, when the battery is close to running out, the robot returns to its base to recharge completely.

The charging time is about 4-5 hours in total. It has a tank of 0.3 litres, which in principle should be enough to clean the house, although it is not the largest in this comparison.

This vacuum cleaner comes with a remote control included which allows us to program it and control it in a simple way. No doubt very comfortable because we do not have to do anything this way. It has sensors that make it move with great ease around the house and does not collide with furniture or corners. In addition, it adjusts perfectly to all types of floors. Finally, it is a little noisy robot that will not bother you at all while it works and it also is one of the cheapest options on the market.

Taurus Homeland Gyro Elegance

In fourth place we find this model that stands out for its red color, something unusual in this type of vacuum cleaners, but that certainly makes it different. In addition to that it is very easy to see it at all times when moving around the house. Ideal if there are children or pets in the house. Although the vacuum cleaner thanks to its sensors will not bump into anything or anyone while it works. It is a small, lightweight model that reaches all corners of the world. from home while you work.

Even though it is small, it offers a lot of power and removes all the dirt. In addition, you can also use it as a mopThe brushes are very easy to clean, so you get a much more thorough cleaning of the house. It has two side brushes that help us a lot when cleaning in the corners or next to the wall. So it prevents dirt from accumulating in any area of the house. In terms of autonomy, this robot vacuum cleaner offers an autonomy of 120 minutes.

This is more than enough time to be able to clean the entire house. Once it is about to be finished, the robot returns to its base where it will be reloaded. completely. It is a good choice if you are looking for a robot that is small, as it takes up little space, is lightweight and is very easy to control. In addition to helping us to obtain a very efficient cleaning.

Cecotec Conga Excellence 1090

One of the best known brands in this product category is the next on our list. This is one of the most popular robot vacuum cleaners among consumers. This is a model that stands out for working very well on all types of surfaces, including wooden floors or carpets. In this way we get a very complete cleaning. In addition, it has five cleaning modes, it also cleans wet if we want it to. So it is very versatile.

It has a battery that offers us an autonomy of 160 minutes in total. More than enough time to be able to clean the whole house without any problem. In addition, when it is about to finish, it only returns to its base to recharge itself completely.

It has an intelligent navigation system that allows you to move around the house without bumping into each other or falling down the stairs.

One of its most important features is that helps us to purify the air at home. So it is ideal if we have someone with allergies or animals at home. In addition, we can control it using the remote control that comes included. So we do not have to do anything or even move from the couch to control it or schedule the cleaning of the house. A quality robot vacuum cleaner, very efficient and that makes little noise.

iRobot Roomba 671

We find ourselves again with a model of the brand. One of the best and most recognized within the sector of robot vacuum cleaners. We are faced with one of the most powerful models that we can find in this category. So with this vacuum cleaner we can get rid of all the dirt and dust that has accumulated at home. It works especially well on carpets and hard floors (stone or tile). Although it is a model that adapts to any surface thanks to its brushes.

With this vacuum cleaner we can vacuum around the house for 60 minutes. When your battery is about to run out it returns only to its charging base where it will be fully charged again.

This model has several sensors that help prevent it from falling down stairs or bumping into furniture or corners. It may be advisable to wipe the sensors with a cloth after a while, in case they lose some of their effectiveness.

It is very easy to make it work, since it is enough to press the button on the top. This way the robot will start cleaning around the house. We can not program in advance, although it is not a problem. Since the operation is very simple as you can. It has three cleaning modes that help us to keep everything free of dirt. It is a very quiet vacuum cleaner.


One of the best known brands in the home appliance market, LG, also has its own robot vacuum cleaner. We are faced with a model that stands out for its striking red color, which makes it different from many other models. It is an ideal robot if we have many carpets at home or animals. Since it offers us a great treatment of this type of materials and ends with all kinds of dust or dirt accumulated in them.

It is a robot vacuum cleaner that works very well in cornersIt does not crash but ends up with the dirt accumulated on them. In addition, thanks to its sensors it moves with ease and agility around the house. Since it will detect all the obstacles that come its way. It has a large battery, which offers an autonomy 30% higher than most robots on the market. Therefore, it allows us to clean the whole house without problems.

It has a tank capacity of 0.6 liters. It is one of the largest in this category. Something that gives us the peace of mind that we can vacuum the whole house without emptying. As for the noise, is a model that makes little noiseof the least on the list. So we can do other tasks while the vacuum cleaner cleans, which is not annoying.

iRobot Roomba 981

We finish with this model of the well-known brand. A firm that has enormous experience and success in the robot vacuum cleaner market. Something that is demonstrated in this model that stands out for its suction power and good performance on all types of surfaces. Thanks to the brushes it has, it will clean just as effectively on a carpet, wooden floor or tiled floor. So any user can make use of it.

Programming the vacuum cleaner is simple. In addition, we have an application available for smartphones that allows us to control it. at all times. Or even schedule it if we are not at home. So it is a good option to consider in this case. This model has an intelligent navigation system that prevents it from bumping into objects or people in its path. It also prevents it from falling down the stairs. So we don't have to worry about anything.

It has a tank of 0.7 liters, which is one of the largest we found on the list. This allows us to clean the whole house without worry. In addition, in case it is full the robot itself will inform us about it. It is a very efficient robot vacuum cleaner that works great. The only downside is that it is one of the noisiest ones out there. Although it makes less noise than a conventional vacuum cleaner.

Neato Robotics D650

In second place we find this model that presents a different design to what many expect. But it is a very effective vacuum cleaner that works perfectly when cleaning the floors of the house. It is a ideal vacuum cleaner to get rid of animal hair. Therefore, if there are allergy sufferers at home, it is one of the best options we can find in the market in this category.

Its operation and programming is very convenient. In addition, we can download an application on the phone with which we can control the vacuum cleaner and program when we want it to clean the house. It also has WiFiThe new design makes communication and connection very easy. Thanks to its design it can move more easily through corners, which leaves them always clean and ends with all the dirt accumulated at home.

This robot vacuum cleaner stands out for a large battery that offers us a autonomy of up to 180 minutes. No doubt more than enough time to clean the whole house without any problem. In addition, it is a powerful model and ends with all kinds of dirt that is found. When the battery runs out, it returns to the base and starts charging again. It also has one of the best navigation systems on the market to detect obstacles or stairs.

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Best robot vacuum cleaner brands

Among the top brands of robot vacuum cleaners you will find the following:


This American company specialized in robotics, taking the step to domestic cleaning with one of the best models of robot vacuum cleaner on the market, as is the well-known Roomba. It offers great quality and one of the best suction systems. If you are looking for maximum technology, innovation, and guaranteed results, this brand offers what you are looking for.


This brand, behind which is Xiaomi, is giving a lot to talk about in the world of vacuum cleaners, with its own vacuum cleaner robots. They are usually very complete and with premium features, but the prices are really competitive. That leaves these robots among the best in terms of value for money.


The Spanish company based in Valencia has also revolutionized the Spanish market with its affordable, Chinese-made robots. The Conga has a good performance, and the ratings from users who have already tried them are quite positive. This makes them one of the best value for money brands.


The Chinese tech giant also has some robot models with good performance, fantastic design, and competitive prices. Their products always stand out for their quality and innovation, with advanced functions and good features.


The German manufacturer has also taken the step into robot vacuum cleaners, taking its huge legacy and history in the world of domestic vacuum cleaners, where they were pioneers, to create some fantastic products that can take care of all-round floor cleaning with superb results and great reliability.


It is a Chinese company based in Shenzhen. It is dedicated to technology, coming to the market in 2011 and with the desire to create advanced products, especially drones and robot vacuum cleaners. The philosophy of this manufacturer specializes in creating functional and practical products, with reliability, and that has left quite satisfied all customers.


The German cleaning products company has always been dedicated to the home, providing practical and simple solutions. Now they have also presented their own robot vacuum cleaner, with a huge autonomy, and valid for hard and soft surfaces. In addition, they also have robots for vertical cleaning, such as glass or crystals.


With discount IKOHS Robot...

This brand has a lot in common with Cecotec, not only because it also has Valencian origin, but also because it has managed to reach the robot vacuum cleaner market with very low prices and outstanding quality. If you are looking for something very cheap, with support and assistance in Spain, they can be a great option, although they are not the most advanced, nor the most powerful on the market.

Is a robot vacuum cleaner worth it?

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

Many consumers have had enough of having to vacuum their homes. so often because of the work involved. It is time consuming and can be exhausting. That is why a robot vacuum cleaner puts an end to this kind of problem, as it is an option where the user has to do very little. So cleaning the house becomes much less arduous.

What users need to do is programming the robot vacuum cleaner. Enter when you want it to clean and the type of cleaning. Once this is done, the robot itself will start cleaning at the agreed time. So the user does not have to do much more. The only thing he will have to do is to empty the tank when it is full. This is one of the points of improvement of the robot vacuum cleaners.

Robot vacuum cleaners are small products, therefore, the tank they have is also small and has little capacity. It is usually around 0.5 litres. In principle it is enough to clean the whole house without emptying it. But, it gives us more limitations. Although emptying the tank is a much simpler and less cumbersome task than having to clean the house.

Therefore, the truth is that it is worth buying a robot vacuum cleaner. They carry out a very effective cleaning of the house. They are also a very convenient option and require very little work. In fact, we don't even have to charge them, as most robots return to their base when the battery is low. So, if you're looking for a way to make house cleaning simpler, a robot is a good option.

Robot vacuum cleaner floor cleaner, is it worth it?

The robot vacuum cleaners floor cleaners are the last to arrive. While dry vacuum cleaning systems are already very advanced, the scrubbing system of some can be a little coarser. They can be less effective on tougher stains or stains that are too dry, so they won't offer the same level of cleaning as a hand mop.

However, as they can have a vacuuming and wet mopping function, they can be very convenient for keeping the floor very clean in areas where there is a lot of dust and dirt on the floor. where it doesn't get too dirty. This may help you to mop only eventually, and once clean, let the robot keep the floor clean.

For example, it can be a good solution for student flats to maintain decent hygiene, or in houses where the floor doesn't get too dirty, or you don't spend too much time at home.

How a robot vacuum cleaner works

It is one of the doubts that many consumers have before buying a robot vacuum cleaner. Since there are people who believe that the configuration or the use of the same is very complicated. Although in reality it is a simple task and does not take much time. But, there are also other aspects to take into account.

Configuration and programming

It is different depending on the model, although it is usually very similar. At the top of the robot there is usually a series of buttons with which we can configure the cleaning of the house. In that sense there are not many problems. There are also some robots that come with a remote control with which we can carry out its programming at all times. Or there are those that have an application with which we can control and program when we want it to start cleaning.

How to load

Robot vacuum cleaners are battery operated. There is no model that has cables, otherwise the cleaning of the house would not be so efficient. The battery has an autonomy, which varies depending on the model and the cleaning power we are using. When the battery is already low, the vast majority of robots return to their charging base.

When you buy a robot, it always comes with a charger or charging base. This charging base is used so that the robot can be charged easily. Simply plug the base into a socket, always on the floor, and have it always ready for when the robot needs to be charged. When the robot's battery is about to run out, it will be the robot itself who returns to its base where it will be recharged. Once it is ready, we can use it normally again.


ikohs laser navigation vacuum cleaner

Many people have in their heads the image of a robot that takes care of all the corners and furniture in the house while cleaning. This is something that happened in the beginning when the first robot vacuums were launched. Fortunately, this does not happen nowadays thanks to the sensors that these robots include. Thanks to them, these shocks are avoided.

Robot vacuum cleaners include all kinds of sensors. They can be optical, tactile or acoustic. But, all of them are designed to detect if there is a piece of furniture or a corner or if there are stairs. In this way, if the robot, thanks to its sensor, detects the unevenness of a staircase, it will stop and move in the opposite direction. Therefore, it will not fall down the stairs.

These sensors are a key part of all robot vacuum cleaners on the market. Since they are the ones that ensure the proper functioning of the vacuum cleaners. Depending on the brand and model, the sensors included are different. But, all of them are designed so that the robot works smoothly in the house.


robot vacuum cleaner with large tank

All robot vacuum cleaners are bagless vacuum cleaners and include a tank in which dirt and dust that have vacuum cleaner in the house is stored. When this tank is full or about to fill up, many models inform the user. In fact, many robots stop vacuuming and wait for the owner to empty them before they start working again. So we are always informed in that sense.

When it comes to emptying the tank there are not many problems. It is usually located on the side of the robot, so we simply have to open it and empty it into the bin. It is not usually a removable tank as in a normal vacuum cleaner. In these cases we simply have to open it and empty it, holding the robot at all times. But, it is a really simple process and it only takes a minute.


robotic navigation

The first robot vacuum cleaners that came on the market, and even today some cheap ones, had very rudimentary navigation systems. They basically relied on the response of proximity sensors to turn in a different direction when they encountered an obstacle, and they couldn't even avoid falling down stairs. This meant that a robot would follow an itinerary that could pass through the same place several times and leave other areas uncleaned.

Nowadays, all that has changed, as advanced systems with AI and multisensor systems, LiDAR laser systems, mapping systems, etc. have been incorporated. With them you can not only get around obstacles, but it will learn from the layout of the house and know which places it has passed through and which it has not, improving cleaning efficiency and even ordering it to only pass through specific areas.

Of course, they will also be able to return to the base by themselves when the dirt tank is full or when their battery is close to empty.


The scrubbing systems of these robots is usually by a simple system that has a water tank and a kind of brush or profile under the robot that is rubbing the floor while moistening it. This allows to make the effect of a mop, also removing stains. Other robots also have spray systems to improve efficiency and soften stubborn stains.


Robot vacuum cleaners have technology to connect to home WiFi or other smart devices. For example, they can be controlled through apps for mobile devices, from where you can program it, change the cleaning modes, or see the areas where it has already passed.

Other more advanced models also allow voice command control through virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. There are even models with a built-in camera that can serve as a "spy" at home, transmitting video of what's going on in your home when you're away or keeping an eye on your pet.

Is a robot vacuum cleaner suitable for pets?

Not all robot vacuums are suitable for homes with pets. They can suck up loose pet hair, but if you have carpets or mops and they get dirty with hair, not just any robot will do the job. There are some with pet-specific rollers.

These robots do bring a great result in such cases. In addition, they often have specific functions or technologies to avoid tangles and improve cleaning efficiency.

Where to buy a cheaper robot vacuum cleaner

If you want to buy a good robot vacuum cleaner at a more affordable priceyou can check prices on these sales platforms:

  • El Corte InglésIn this chain of stores throughout Spain you will find robot vacuum cleaners from some of the best brands, with the latest models. Their prices are not the most competitive, but they have some occasional sales that can help you buy them cheaper. Of course, you have the option to buy online as well as in person.
  • AmazonThe online sales platform always offers fantastic support and money back guarantees if something goes wrong, as well as payment security. The most positive thing is that you have the largest number of brands, models and offers available on the net, so you can buy the product that best fits your needs. And if you are a Prime customer you will avoid paying shipping costs and you will get home much sooner.
  • CarrefourThe Gallic chain also has several points of sale in almost all major cities, or you can order through their website to have it delivered to your home. Either way, they usually have decent prices, and with occasional promotions on robot vacuum cleaners of the best known brands.
  • MediamarktRobot vacuum cleaners: another alternative to find some of the most popular brands and models in terms of robot vacuum cleaners. This chain of German technology stores also allows you to buy both in their stores and on their website with reasonable prices.

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