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The Roidmi vacuum cleaners are becoming increasingly popular in Europe. This Chinese brand has behind it the technology giant Xiaomi, which is a great guarantee. In addition, they stand out for their fantastic value for money, innovation, elegant design, and simplicity. That's why they have won some important awards such as the German iF Award or the Red Dot Award.

If you did not know this brand, you will love to know everything that these products have to offer, without investing large amounts of money for get the results you expect. Likewise, you will find some very innovative and practical solutions that will make your work easier, and that you will not find in other brands...

Roidmi vacuum cleaners comparison

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The best Roidmi vacuum cleaners

Among the models of Roidmi vacuum cleaners you will find some that stand out especially and recommended you. These products are:

Roidmi X20 Storm

It is a revolutionary handheld vacuum cleaner with a powerful 435W motor that develops 120.000 RPM for an extreme power capable of generating a 25,000 Pa suction. In other words, it will take even the most ingrained dirt, the kind that gets embedded in fabrics or crevices that other vacuum cleaners won't remove.

Your high-performance battery will save you from having to rely on cables, allowing you to take the vacuum cleaner wherever you need to go. In standard mode it can last up to 65 minutes, while in medium power it will last up to 40 minutes and in turbo mode 10 minutes. That's a much longer run time than other vacuum cleaners on the market, allowing you to cover up to 400 m² of floor space.

If you remove the telescopic attachment for the floor, transforms into a compact handheld vacuum cleaner so you can vacuum your car, upholstery, sofa, and other furniture surfaces, etc. And, of course, it doesn't have a bag, so you save on refills. It will simply take all the dirt into its tank, which you can empty when it fills up...

Roidmi Zero

It is the first vacuum cleaner with sterilization systemIt includes an antibacterial system with sterilization technology to prevent bacteria from reproducing inside. This includes ZIWEI technology, with a special ionic filtration system, to generate a much healthier cleaning experience.

With discount ROIDMI Zero...

Of course, it also has plenty of power for vacuuming up all kinds of dirt, with up to 100,000 RPM that generates great suction. It also includes a high-performance lithium-ion battery that will be able to withstand up to 60 minutes if used in normal mode. For medium and turbo modes it would drop to 30 and 10 min respectively.

Roidmi X30 Storm

This model is one of the most revolutionary of the Roidmi firm. It also reaches 120.000 RPM with its 435W motor, reaching up to 120.000 RPM. 26500 Pa suction power. That's up to 10 times more than some of the most powerful robot vacuums. So it will remove the toughest dirt without any problems, and won't let it out thanks to its HEPA filter and back filter with antibacterial coating.

Of course, it is a wireless modelso you won't be tied down and can go wherever you need to go. Its powerful battery has increased the autonomy of other models to reach 70 minutes in normal mode, 30 min for medium mode and 15 min for turbo bike. It also includes LED display to show real-time information on suction, filter status, battery level and calories burned.

Roidmi X30 Plus

This vacuum cleaner is more than just that, as it will also allow you to scrub. This other variant derived from the X30 also comes equipped with the powerful 435W motor that reaches 120,000 PRM and a suction power of 26500 Pa. On the other hand, its battery has been upgraded, being slightly larger to reach up to 80, 30 and 15 minutes for normal, medium and turbo mode respectively.

In addition, it has 6 levels of filtration and double antibacterial filter (HEPA filter +  rear filter with antibacterial coating). However, its biggest novelty is its electric mop. A special, independent mop head with a rotating mop that scrubs after vacuuming.

Roidmi Nano Black

It is a handheld vacuum cleaner very compact and lightweight, for those who need something for the car or that does not weigh too much, being able to vacuum on high surfaces without effort. It only weighs 500 grams, but inside it hides a great performance and autonomy thanks to its battery that reaches up to 25 minutes while maintaining a great suction power.

Lightweight, ergonomic and minimalist, so you can carry it in your bag or suitcase, or in the glove compartment of your car. In addition, it is fully charged in 3 hours with a USB chargerSo you can charge it very easily anywhere, even in the car if it has a USB socket or 12V USB adapter.

Roidmi F8 Storm Pro

This other model guarantees a good suction and resistance, for those who are looking for an outstanding performance at a low cost. good price. Thanks to its powerful engine reaches 110,000 revolutions per minute, generating a suction power of 23500 Pa. As for its autonomy, the figures left by its battery are 60, 40 and 10 minutes for standard modes, medium power and turbo mode.

Includes a built-in app to communicate with the vacuum cleaner via Bluetooth for more efficient cleaning. And if you want it for multiple uses, such as for the car, the sofa, etc., and not just for the floor, it also transforms into a handheld vacuum cleaner...

Who is behind the Roidmi brand and is it reliable?

roidmi vacuum cleaner

Roidmi is being distributed by the company Ziclotech in Europe. Behind the brand Roidmi is the giant of the technology XiaomiThe product is a very good product, with quality and reliability that you can rely on. Although many did not know this brand, it is a good product, with quality and reliability that you can trust.

In fact, it has a 2-year warranty on all components, but that warranty is extended for up to two years.up to 5 years warranty for the enginewhich is very enlightening as to how long these products can last.

Features of some Roidmi vacuum cleaners

When you analyze the technical features Roidmi vacuum cleaners you can see that they have some functions and technologies that you should know to evaluate what these products offer you:

  • 70 minutes of autonomySome models can reach 70 minutes of autonomy in standard mode, and even more. This means that your battery will provide constant power to the motor to maintain its performance for more than an hour. That's more than enough time to clean most homes and cars.
  • ZIWEI Sterilization TechnologyThe new technology is able to prevent bacteria from proliferating inside these vacuum cleaners, which will result in a healthier system. To do this, it offers a special filtering system with antibacterial ionic coating.
  • LED DisplaySome advanced models have a display built into the body of the vacuum cleaner. On that battery you can see real-time information on the battery status, if maintenance is needed on the filters, the suction power, and even the calories consumed during vacuuming.
  • Cyclonic technologyCyclonic technology generates a cyclone of air inside to offer better results and suction power than with conventional technology. In the case of the Roidmi, more than one hundred thousand turns per minute are reached thanks to its powerful motor. This generates a very high suction capable of removing even the most stubborn dirt.
  • BluetoothSome vacuum cleaners also have Bluetooth connectivity technology for communication with a mobile app and offer some functions for a more comfortable and efficient vacuuming.
  • HEPA and antibacterial filterHEPA filters: the models of this brand include HEPA filters to trap most of the dust that comes out during vacuuming, as well as allergens (pollen, dust, dust mites,...). In addition to that, it also has a post-filter that will eliminate bacteria thanks to a special antibacterial coating.
  • Brush with LED lightLED lighting system to help you during the vacuuming process. This is especially handy when vacuuming in areas that are dark, so you can see the dirt well.
  • Removable mopSome models have a separate head with a mop that can rotate and dampen the floor. In other words, they transform your vacuum cleaner into something more than that, allowing you to mop the floor at the same time as you are vacuuming.
  • 5 years warranty on the engineThe motors of these Roidmi vacuum cleaners are so reliable that they give up to five years warranty. An extension that lets you intuit how robust these systems are.

Are Roidmi vacuum cleaners better than Dyson?

roidmi vacuum cleaner

Both Roidmi and Dyson surprise by some very innovative technological solutions that help a lot during the cleaning job and that are not easy to find in other vacuum cleaner brands, which do not take care of those little details that are so appreciated. In addition, both brands are quite good in terms of performance and quality.

The truth is that in many services compete very hard with the Dyson, which are probably the best in terms of battery-powered vacuum cleaners. On the other hand, the price of a Roidmi is much lower than the Dyson, which makes them very attractive.

The objective of the Chinese brand is to position itself as a cheaper alternative and with similar quality, and they have certainly succeeded. In terms of suction power they have achieved very similar figures to the Dyson, and have even surpassed the British firm in autonomy in some models.

My opinion about Roidmi

If you're looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner that does the job well and feels comfortable, without investing the amounts that a Dyson coststhen Roidmi can be one of the best alternatives out there. Even cheaper than other competing brands, and surpassing well-known brands in terms of results.

In addition, they include a host of technologies and functions that will make your job much easier. For example, some models have antibacterial technology to make vacuuming healthier, LED light to better see what you're cleaning, information display during vacuuming, damp mop for scrubbing, and even BT connectivity.

But all that may seem secondary for a vacuum cleaner. Because the important thing is that they are practical and offer you a good autonomy and a great suction power.. Undoubtedly the two most important things that will really make the difference. With a Roidmi vacuum cleaner you are going to get one of the best figures on the market, with dizzying suction and batteries that last for a long time so that nothing interrupts you...

Do Roidmi vacuum cleaners cause problems?

roidmi robot vacuum cleaner

Roidmi is a chinese brand managed by Xiaomi. It has an official distributor in Europe from where it also offers support for its products. All its vacuum cleaners have 2 years warranty on its components, like any other brand to comply with European regulations. However, it offers up to 5 years warranty on its engine, which shows the quality of it.

In principle, they are low-cost productswith good power and efficiency, as well as reliability and robustness. They do not give more problems than other well-known brands, and may even be better than cheap, little-known brands.

Where to buy a cheaper Roidmi vacuum cleaner

If you are looking for buy a cheaper Roidmi vacuum cleanerYou can check prices in these shops that we recommend you:

  • AmazonRoidmi: the online sales giant has the largest number of Roidmi vacuum cleaner models to choose the one that best suits your needs. It also has several offers on the same item, so you can always choose the most favorable offer. Purchases through the platform are safe, and it offers a guarantee in case of return. If you are a Prime customer you save on shipping costs and the package will arrive home quickly.
  • El Corte InglésThis chain also has some models of vacuum cleaner of this Chinese firm, with reasonable prices. In addition, they sometimes have sales applied to their products, both in the web store and in physical stores.
  • AliexpressRoidmi: the Chinese online retail giant, Amazon's competitor, also carries a huge number of Chinese branded products, including Roidmi. It is another place to buy these products, but in case something happens, you will not have the guarantees offered by other options.
  • PC ComponentsThe technology distributor based in Murcia is also one of the websites that offer the most competitive prices on all kinds of products. There you will also find vacuum cleaners, both robot and otherwise. They have a huge variety, with a good stock, and shipments are usually fast. The service is also quite good.

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