Rowenta vacuum cleaners

It's time buy a new vacuum cleaner and you start looking for information on the net. Today we meet many types of vacuum cleaners and different brands. This means that we have many options to choose from when buying a vacuum cleaner. Although it also makes the choice somewhat more complex. What many users do is bet on brands they know and trust. A good example of this are the Rowenta vacuum cleaners which we will talk about next.

Rowenta is one of the vacuum cleaner brands best known on the market. They have great experience and are known for the quality of their models. So they have the support of consumers around the world. This is undoubtedly something of great importance when buying a new vacuum cleaner.

Therefore, below we leave you with a analysis of the best Rowenta vacuum cleaner models. Thus, you can get a clear idea about what the brand offers us. You may also find a vacuum cleaner that fits what you are looking for.

Comparative Rowenta vacuum cleaners

First we are going to show you a table comparison with five Rowenta vacuum cleaners. We present some of the specifications of these models. Thus, you already have an approximate initial idea of ​​each one. Then, we tell you in depth more about each of the models.

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Which Rowenta vacuum cleaner to buy

Once we have seen the first specifications of each of these Rowenta vacuum cleaners, it is time to tell you more about each of these models in depth. So that you know more about its operation and thus choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic XL Animal

We open the list with this model of the firm that stands out for the use of cyclonic technology. This gives it great power and suction power. So it will help us at all times to eliminate the dirt in our house. In addition, the use of this technology allows us that the filters do not absorb so much dirt, so they last longer. Another important feature is that does not lose suction power over time. So it will suck like the first day.

This model works very well on all types of surfaces, although it stands out especially on hard floors (tiles or stone). Although if you have a wooden floor it will also offer good performance and without causing damage to them.

don't use bags, but it has a tank with a capacity of 1,5 liters. It is a more than sufficient capacity, since we can vacuum our house on several occasions without having to empty it. In addition, extracting the tank to empty it is very simple.

It is a very easy to use and manageable model. In addition, together with the length of its cable of 6,2 meters, it offers us a lot of freedom of movement around the house. So we don't have to worry about not being able to reach corners, since it allows us to move between rooms with great ease. What's more, it is a vacuum cleaner that we can easily store. Since it does not require too much space. This model already comes with the carpet brush, a narrower one and also a smaller one for dust.

Rowenta Flex

The next Rowenta vacuum cleaner model on the list is a broom one. In this case, works without wires since it has a rechargeable battery. The battery life is about 45 minutes, enough time to be able to clean the house. Once exhausted, the entire charge takes 4 hours in total. It is a very light model that stands out for being easy to use, since it also weighs little. And the absence of cables offers us a lot of freedom of movement around the house.

It is a vacuum cleaner stands out for its power. It works perfectly on all types of surfaces, so it will help you clean dirt from any corner of the house. It is a model that is especially recommended if you have animals at home, because it will suck up animal hair from anywhere with great comfort. Either from the floor or from carpets. Without a doubt a good option in this sense.

It has a tank with a capacity of 0,5 liters. It allows you to vacuum the entire house without filling it up. The extraction and cleaning of the tank is very simple.

The It also has a filter that we can clean. It is enough to wet it to clean the dirt accumulated in it. We put it back on and enjoy the vacuum cleaner again as if it were the first time. It also has cyclonic technology, which guarantees us great suction power at all times. In addition, being light, its storage is very simple, and it also comes with a support to hold it on the wall.

Rowenta Dual Force 440

In third place we find this other broom vacuum cleaner Rowenta, with a very fine and current design. It is a model that stands out for using cyclonic technology, which offers us great power and suction power to eliminate all the dust and dirt that is in our house, regardless of the surface (also on wooden floors). It is also a good model if we have animals at home as it absorbs hair very easily. In addition, by using cyclonic technology, it does not lose power over time.

Being a broom vacuum cleaner, it works on battery. Thanks to the same It has an autonomy of about 45 minutes, Enough time to vacuum the entire house. Once empty, a full charge takes 10 hours to complete. It is perhaps one of the negative aspects, that it takes too long, so the ideal would be to charge it at night and thus forget about this problem.

It also has a tank with a capacity of 0,65 liters, enough to vacuum the entire house without having to empty it.

The cleaning of the tank and the filter are simple. In both cases, it is enough to wet them and we can use them again normally. So it hardly takes time to achieve this. It is a light model, easy to handle and easy to store. Since it takes up very little space in a closet or corner. What's more, the absence of cables gives us a lot of freedom when moving around the house without any problem. The only downside of this model is that it can be a bit noisy, so there could be people who are bothered by it. But, it is an unimportant point compared to the good performance it offers.

Rowenta X-Trem Power

Fourth, we return to a conventional canister vacuum cleaner. A model that stands out for its great power and good performance. It is a Rowenta vacuum cleaner with which there is no dirt or dust that can resist us. Like the previous models, it uses the cyclonic technology to work, so it offers us great power at all times.

A power that will not disappear with the passage of time. Something that makes it a good investment for the future. It works well on all types of surfaces and also very well on carpets. So if you have any at home, it will leave it free of fluff and mites.

It has a tank with a capacity of 2,5 liters. This gives us the possibility to comfortably clean the house several times until it is full. In addition, the extraction of said deposit is very simple. So it is a very simple operation to perform that hardly takes time. It also happens with the filter that counts, that changing and cleaning it is very simple. This vacuum cleaner also works very well on the sofa at home and mattresses, thanks to the fact that has an upholstery brush included.

It works with cables and the one that the vacuum cleaner has has a length of 8,8 meters. This gives us a lot of freedom when cleaning around the house. Since we can move very easily without worrying if the cable will be long enough. In addition, it is an easy to handle and very comfortable model. When it comes to storage, it does not give many complications or require too much space. This Rowenta model comes with various accessories included. These accessories are: Easy Brush 2 in 1 brush, mini turbo brush, upholstery brush and XXL flexible slot nozzle that will help us to reach corners that are difficult to access.

Rowenta XForce Flex

Lastly, we find this other broom vacuum cleaner from the brand. It has a different design in which its long handle stands out. What makes it possible for us to reach dirt or dust in many corners of the house. It is a model that works perfectly on all types of floors and also, thanks to its design we can also use it to reach elevated areas. So it helps us to carry out a more complete cleaning at home.

It is a model that is easy to handle, light and whose storage is also very comfortable. As barely takes up space in a closet or corner at home. This makes it a good option if we have a small house.

In addition, it is a powerful model that vacuums the house very well and also works with animal hair, so in that sense you will not have any problem. In addition, it uses cyclonic technology, so it will not lose suction power over time. Something that makes it very comfortable and gives us a lot of peace of mind.

It has a 0,4 liter reservoir. It is smaller than the other models on the list, but it allows us to vacuum the entire house without having to empty it. In addition, the extraction of this deposit is very simple. And to keep it clean you just have to put it under the tap. Therefore, it hardly requires any maintenance. works with a battery that gives us an autonomy of half an hour. In addition, it has a fast charge so that we can use it again. The vacuum cleaner comes with a sofa nozzle, a crevice nozzle and the Easy Brush.

Haven't found a Rowenta vacuum cleaner that you like? You will surely find the model you are looking for in the following selection of offers:


Types of Rowenta vacuum cleaners

German firm Rowenta is honored to have pioneered vacuum cleaners and bagless vacuum cleaners. In addition, throughout their decades of experience, they have developed various types to meet different needs:

  • Vacuum robots: This brand has also designed its own robot vacuum cleaners so you don't have to worry about vacuuming in your home. If you hate this task, with these devices you can forget about the floor forever, since they will do the work for you. Something especially interesting if you have pets, which usually leave hair on a daily basis.
  • All in one vacuum cleaners: they are a type of vacuum cleaner that includes a large number of accessories for better adaptability. You can use it as a broom vacuum cleaner for the floor, a handheld vacuum cleaner to vacuum the sofa, armchairs, furniture surfaces, high areas, etc., or even for the car.
  • broom vacuum cleaners: they are vacuum cleaners with a long pole and a special accessory for the floor. With them you can vacuum the floor, whatever the type, more easily, without having to bend down, always maintaining an upright posture.
  • handheld vacuum cleaners: they are compact vacuum cleaners, with a reduced weight. With them you can reach all those areas that you would not reach with a sled or broom vacuum cleaner. They can be ideal for vacuuming in high areas, taking them to narrow areas where others do not fit, or for the car.
  • Broom vacuum cleaners with mop and steam: they are a more advanced variant of the conventional broom. The novelty in them is that they have a mop head and can expel steam to also scrub the floor and remove stains while vacuuming up dirt.
  • sled vacuum cleaners: are the conventional models. They have a cable and the weight of their tank, filtering system and motor go on wheels. You can move them where you need by pulling them. They have a flexible hose with different nozzles to vacuum the floor, furniture, etc. They have the advantage of being able to vacuum for hours and hours without battery problems, in addition to having a fairly large power. But they are also more uncomfortable and the cable limits movement.

Rowenta range of vacuum cleaners

rowenta flexible vacuum cleaner

The prestigious Rowenta brand has a wide range of vacuum cleaners all types. It is interesting to know them all, since this way you can go directly to the most practical one according to your needs:

X Force Flex

Similar to the previous one, only that it adds a tube with a joint so that it can be inserted even under the table or certain furniture almost effortlessly. So you can reach every corner, and see the dirt thanks to its brush with LED lights. In addition, it is a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner, and has a large number of interchangeable accessories.


The German firm also has robot vacuum cleaners so that the cleaning is completely automatic, without you having to intervene. Some models support control via mobile app, and you will also find some capable of mopping the floor. A great quality alternative to Roomba, Conga, etc.

Quiet Strength

It is a type of classic, sled vacuum cleaner, with magnificent suction power, various accessories for the floor, fabrics, corners, etc. There are with and without a bag, all of them with an excellent filtering system, and very quiet.

Air Force Serenity

It is a model similar to the X-Force, but more advanced. A broom-type vacuum cleaner with a battery for a very long autonomy, up to 1 hour, advanced delta-shaped suction brush to reach corners, and with a very quiet system.

X Pert

It is a type of cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, with a long-lasting battery, without a bag, and with various accessories for cleaning the floor with large onion, corners, fabrics, etc. With a very high suction power, cyclone system, and capable of vacuuming and drying.

Powerline Extreme

This model resembles the Air Force Serenity, a broom-type, bagless, very quiet, energy-efficient vacuum cleaner with cable, cyclonic technology, and high suction power. In addition, it is also 2 in 1, being able to remove the central block to obtain a handheld vacuum cleaner to use with various nozzles to clean upholstery, furniture, etc.


They are classic sled type vacuums, but they are among the best on the market. If you are looking for a conventional vacuum cleaner, with great suction power, a large capacity tank, silent, with cyclonic technology, and with various accessories for pet hair, floors, corners, etc., this is the best option. In addition, it has quite cheap prices.

Dual force

It is another of the broom-type models of the German brand Rowenta. A powerful device, without cables, foldable, with a dirt container, great autonomy, LED lights on the brush to see the dirt in dark areas, light, and with 2 functions in 1, being able to work as a broom and handheld vacuum cleaner.


This series is also a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner, being able to use it as a conventional broom type vacuum cleaner, and a handheld one. Bagless, with great suction power, cyclonic technology, great autonomy, several positions, and with a steam system to clean and disinfect, eliminating up to 99% of germs and bacteria. An ideal product if you have babies and little ones at home, since you can make the floor a more hygienic place without using strong chemical products.


It is a submodel of some previous ranges or series, such as the Silence Force Allergy or the X-Force Flex Allergy. What this label indicates is that it has an advanced filtration system to purify the air and that it does not expel dust or other allergenic particles. An ideal product for those who have some type of respiratory problem, such as asthma, or allergies, whether to pollen, pets, etc.

Characteristics of some Rowenta vacuum cleaners

rowenta battery vacuum cleaner

Rowenta vacuum cleaners have a multitude of functions, technology and accessories to make work easier and improve performance. Some of these features you should know are:

  • High capacity removable battery: While many battery vacuum cleaners have a built-in battery, these models usually include a removable battery, so it will be easier to replace if necessary.
  • flex tube: it is a flexible tube for suction that will give you greater versatility, being able to access the most complicated corners with the angles that you can get. It will reach those areas inaccessible by other equipment with rigid tubes.
  • Head with Power Led: It will allow cleaning in the darkest areas by illuminating so that you can see the dirt properly. Its head will light up to see well in all those hard-to-reach areas.
  • cyclone technology: it is a system that allows more powerful suction capacities than with a conventional system. This type of technology has powerful electric motors that generate an air cyclone inside to trap all the dirt and cause the larger and heavier dirt to precipitate by centrifugal energy, while the rest of the fine dirt will pass through the filter. before going back to the room. This also prevents the filters from getting dirty as quickly as in conventional vacuum cleaners.
  • pet care: they are specific designs for those homes where you live with a furry friend. Pets are a part of the family in many homes, so these vacuum cleaners will help you fight against all lint and hair with better results.
  • Aqua Head: it has a head that can hold some cloths and moisten them so that it can also remove dry stains from the floor, as if you were scrubbing the floor.
  • Stop&Go position: its structure allows the head and the tube to stand up without having to lean them against the wall or against a piece of furniture. This is ideal when you are going to stop vacuuming for a moment and need your hands free to perform other tasks.
  • Special pet brush: Rowenta has also equipped its vacuum cleaners with a special brush for pets. An accessory that has special cells and engravings on its surface to capture the hair in a better way, achieving very good results.
  • EasyWash: easy filter extraction and washing system.

Is it easy to get spare parts for a Rowenta vacuum cleaner?

rowenta vacuum cleaner spare parts

Yes, the Rowenta brand is very popular, therefore, you will not have any problem getting spare parts or accessories. For example, you can find cloths, filters, rollers, etc. Something that does not happen with other little-known brands, that you will end up buying the product, and ending up discarding it when the filter or accessories are damaged, since you will not find spare parts.

Rowenta is one of the great European brands. A well-known company that you can find in almost all appliance stores. Therefore, it will also be easy for you to find spare parts and spare parts. Both bags, filters, and even spare accessories such as nozzles or brushes if one of them is damaged.

This is another point to consider when you buy a Rowenta. It may not be as cheap as other brands, but sometimes cheap is expensive, because when the filters wear out or you have to buy other parts, you probably won't find them...

Is Rowenta worth it?

Rowenta Vacuum Cleaner Guide

When you are looking for a new vacuum cleaner, one of the brands that you will most often come across is Rowenta. It is a firm with great experience in this sector and that also manufactures all kinds of different vacuum cleaners. So it is easy to find something within its range that fits what you are looking for. This makes it always a good option to consider.

In addition, Rowenta vacuum cleaners are known worldwide for their smooth operation and quality. It is an innovative brand with a lot of experience in the sector. So they know exactly what they are doing and their models are designed to work well every time. This offers a lot of peace of mind to users, knowing that they are buying something that is going to give them good performance.

Therefore, if you are looking for a new vacuum cleaner, Rowenta is a brand that must always be taken into account. Because they offer us a wide selection of models, with different price ranges that mean there is something for all pockets. But also, because they are always a firm that offers quality. That's why it's worth considering Rowenta when you're looking for a new vacuum cleaner.

Rowenta's story

Rowenta Logo

Rowenta is a brand that was founded in 1884 in Germany. Since its inception they have been dedicated to the manufacture of household appliances, surely most of you know some of their products. Historically, it has been a brand that has stood out for innovating a lot in the home products sector.

For example, in 1919 they were the first to introduce an electric iron to the market. Seven years later Rowenta was responsible for the first electric coffee machine to be used in a restaurant. These types of innovations have been repeated over the years. In addition, in 2001 the brand was once again the protagonist, as they introduced the first bagless vacuum cleaner to the market. Something that has meant a great change in this sector over the years.

Since 1988 it belongs to the SEB Group. It is a group of companies based in France in which we find some important brands in the sector such as Tefal, Moulinex or Krups. So they are firms that are known for manufacturing household appliances. As you can see, Rowenta is a firm with many years of experience in the home products market.

With more than 130 years of experience in the sector, they have undoubtedly shown a great capacity to adapt to the market and to what consumers need at all times.

Rowenta vacuum cleaners, my opinion

rowenta vacuum cleaner

Rowenta vacuum cleaners are among the best, standing out especially for their performance and features, such as suction power, autonomy in the case of batteries, and very efficient and quiet motors. Another of the most outstanding things of this German brand is its robustness and reliability, since they are products very durable that will accompany you for years without giving technical problems.

Do not forget that this brand was pioneer in the world of vacuum cleaners, creating the first vacuum cleaner in 1974, or being the first to develop the bagless vacuum cleaner. If there's one thing they know how to do, it's vacuum cleaners...

Where to buy a cheaper Rowenta vacuum cleaner

Whether you have thought buy a Rowenta vacuum cleaner, whatever type it is, as if you want to buy accessories, then you can find them at a good price in places like:

  • Amazon: If you want to compare all types and models of Rowenta, then this is the best place to shop, as you have a huge catalog of products and offers at your fingertips. In addition, you have the guarantee and security of this platform, so if what you expect does not arrive or does not work, you can always ask for your money to be returned quickly.
  • Media Markt: here you will find some models and types of Rowenta vacuum cleaner, with interesting prices. Although you will not find all of them on Amazon. Of course, here you can choose between buying in a physical store or from the web.
  • El Corte Ingles: if you have one of these stores close to home, you can go to buy some of the Rowenta vacuum cleaner models that are in this Spanish chain. You can also order it through their website to have it sent to your home. Although, they are not the cheapest prices, you can wait for sales or Technoprices to get discounts.
  • Carrefour: In the French chain you also have some types and models of Rowenta vacuum cleaner. As with the Spanish, it also has occasional offers and promotions, as well as the possibility of buying online, or by going to the nearest shopping center.

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