Taurus vacuum cleaner

La Catalan brand Taurus is one of the benchmarks in small home appliances in Spain. This firm has managed to create quality products, with competitive prices, good results, and the latest in smart home technology. It can be a great option for your home, with solutions that can stand out from the competition...

Which Taurus vacuum to buy

If you are thinking of purchasing a Taurus vacuum cleaner, or have doubts as to whether there is a model that can be adapted to your needs, here are some of the most recommended models:

Taurus Ultimate Lithium

As its name suggests, this Taurus vacuum cleaner has a lithium battery, without cable. It has a fairly affordable price, with an autonomy of up to 40 minutes of work with a single charge, and allowing to be ready again in just 4 hours. On the other hand, it is quite ergonomic, light, compact, and easy to use.

Has cyclonic technology combined with a HEPA filter to improve air purity. That guarantees that 99% of the dust will be trapped, including mites and other allergens. And, to make cleaning easier, it has a turbo brush roller brush with 180º articulation to avoid obstacles, great suction power, and it can be transformed into a handheld vacuum cleaner in a matter of seconds.

Taurus Ultimate Digital

It is another of the most advanced models of Taurus. It has a powerful brushless motor capable of generating a power of suction up to 20.000 Pa, placing it among the best in the market. With a lithium battery that provides autonomy of up to 40 minutes. All packed in a compact and lightweight device, with a 650ml dirt container.

Its 450W power, the 100.000 RPM it reaches, its digital controller, its fast charging system, its triple filter action (cyclonic, metal mesh and HEPA) washable, or its accessory kit to be able to clean the floor and all kinds of surfaces in your home or car, are some other attractions.

Taurus Ultimate Go

The Go vacuum cleaner is another of the cheap options under this Spanish brand. It is a cordless broom-type vacuum cleaner, with a 22.2V lithium battery, with two suction speeds, a long-lasting brushless motor, lighting on the brush, and capable of covering surfaces up to 200 square meters.

Its battery allows to work up to 35 minutes. It is very light, for easy handling, and includes a roller brush for all types of floors, from tiles, parquet, carpet, rugs, etc. And its LED lights will allow you to see all the dirt, even in dark areas. Of course, it also has a 3-stage filtering system: metal mesh filter, cyclone filter and high efficiency filter. All of them removable and washable.

Taurus Homeland Parking

It is a vacuum cleaner that can be used as a broom thanks to its long lance and brush for the floor, or as a handheld vacuum cleaner for other surfaces. You do not need a bag, nor cables, since it includes a reservoir of 650 ml dirt capacity and a lithium battery capable of giving a range of 55 minutes.

It has a powerful efficient motor with cyclone technology, controllable by 2 speeds to choose the cleaning mode, and with a high-efficiency HEPA filter for dust and other allergens. This filter is also washable, for greater durability without the need for replacements.

Technologies of some Taurus vacuum cleaners

taurus handheld vacuum

The Taurus brand stands out for some features or technologies that can stand out. some of which you should have present are:

  • Brushless motor: brushless motors do not suffer from deterioration like the old electric motors, which allows a longer duration, in addition to having superior performance. They have also improved efficiency, so they will help to achieve good performance without having a very negative influence on autonomy.
  • Quick charge: Taurus cordless vacuum cleaners that have fast charging allow you to use a higher power adapter to minimize charging time, and thus avoid long waits to be able to use the vacuum again.
  • triple filtration: Taurus triple filtration systems include three stages to fully purify the air, preventing dust and other allergens from escaping. The first filter is a metal mesh for larger dirt. It then has a cyclone system to clean the air of solid dirt. Finally, the air passes through a high-efficiency HEPA filter capable of stopping even the smallest particles.
  • Cyclonic technology (Cyclon System): cyclonic technology allows solid dirt to be separated from the air, allowing cleaner air to reach the final filtering system, and it does not get too dirty and does not let too many particles escape.
  • AAA energy rating: the AAA or A++ energy classification guarantees that its motors are highly efficient, to consume the minimum in the electricity bill or pamper the battery to extend autonomy. These could have a consumption below 30% compared to other less efficient devices.
  • Turbo Brush All Road: This is a roller that is integrated into the brush and is capable of rotating and adapting to different types of floors, whether hard, wooden or carpeted.
  • Small Turbo Brush: This is a special brush for catching hair from upholstery and floors, ideal for homes where there are pets.
  • Triple Advance Filtration: Some modern models also include a triple filter capable of capturing more particles from the air. It consists of a Metal Mesh filter, Cyclone, and High Higenic Filter for the smallest particles. In addition, they are removable and washable.

Types of Taurus vacuum cleaners

Taurus has a wide range of vacuum models for meet all needs, As:


Taurus has created some robot vacuums, like the Homeland series. These robots have 1800 Pa suction, high-efficiency HEPA filtering, easy programming, ElegantMove smart navigation technology, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping functions, remote control, suitable for all types of floors, with good autonomy, and an affordable price.


This manufacturer offers convertible broom type vacuum cleaners, to be able to have the best of a handheld robot vacuum cleaner or a robot vacuum cleaner for the floor. They are cordless, and allow great freedom to clean all types of surfaces. In addition, its value for money is quite good.

Without bag

The vacuum cleaners of this Catalan manufacturer do not have a bag in many cases, which will allow you to use your Taurus without the need for spare parts. All the dirt will end up in a tank that can be emptied and you can continue your work without further ado.

with bag

Bag vacuum cleaners have the disadvantage of needing bag replacements, and of generating more garbage because the bag is disposable. However, they can be cleaner at the time of emptying than those of deposit. Some sled-type Taurus include large-capacity bags for those who prefer this type of system.


The Taurus manufacturer also has Ultimate, Ideal Avant, etc. series vacuum cleaners, which have a long-lasting battery, an efficient motor with great suction power, and a compact size and light weight. In addition, they also have accessories to clean the floor, in addition to other surfaces, or your vehicle.

Is it easy to find spare parts for a Taurus vacuum cleaner?

taurus vacuum cleaner spare parts

Yes, the Taurus brand is quite popular, so it is not difficult to find spare parts and spare parts for these vacuum cleaners, such as filters, rollers, accessories, etc. You can find them in many specialized stores or on Amazon to order them and have what you need sent home.

In addition, being a Spanish brand, you will also have good technical service and after-sales service if something happens. Without the difficulties of other Chinese brands or unknown brands that lack this type of service or that do not provide them in Spanish.

Where is the Taurus brand from?

taurus broom vacuum cleaner

El Taurus group is a Spanish manufacturer dedicated to small electrical appliances. It is based in Oliana, and was founded by Farancisco Betriu and Jorge Escaler in 1962. At that time it was just a small family business created in a garage and with a few workers. They specialized in making coffee grinders and dryers, little by little expanding the business to other devices until they had thousands of workers and exported their products to dozens of countries.

However, at present they no longer manufacture in Spanish territory, but have production centers in China, India, South Africa, Mexico or Brazil. Selling under brands such as Turmix, Solac, Taurus, Monix, Casals, etc.

My opinion of the Taurus vacuum cleaners

taurus vacuum cleaner

Taurus vacuum cleaners they are not a bad choice. If you are looking for something that is not found at crazy prices and that offers good results and quality, it can be a great alternative to other Chinese brands that are less reliable or lack proper service.

In addition, these vacuum cleaners have a great suction power, offer series of various types to meet almost any need, and clean almost any type of surface under all conditions and in just a few passes.

Where to buy a cheaper Taurus vacuum cleaner

To acquire a Taurus vacuum cleaner at a good price, you can ask in the following stores:

  • Amazon: the American giant has a huge variety of models of the Taurus brand, to choose the one that suits you best. In addition, you will find several offers of the same product, allowing you to choose the most affordable. All with the guarantee and security provided by this platform.
  • El Corte Ingles: In this chain of stores you can find Taurus vacuum cleaners that, sometimes, have some discounts. There is not as much variety as on Amazon, but you can also choose to buy in the physical store, and not only on the web.
  • Media Markt: The German chain of technology stores stands out for having good prices, with some of the most current Taurus models. It also allows you to choose between the modality of purchase in person or to have it sent to your home.
  • Fnac: This French group has vacuum cleaners from this Catalan firm, although it does not stand out precisely for having the best prices, although there are some specific offers. You can also choose to go to your nearest store or buy from their website.
  • To field: The Auchan Group supermarket chain has included a multitude of electrical appliances, including Taurus vacuum cleaners. Its prices are competitive, and it has occasional discounts that you can take advantage of. In addition, it also has an online purchase system if you prefer.

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