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The field of vacuum cleaners has grown significantly. in recent years. The models that are on the market are of the most varied, so we can choose from everything different types of vacuum cleaners. There are brands that have been gaining popularity, as is the case of Conga.

Conga vacuum cleaners are a very popular option in the market, which sells very well. Below we tell you all about them, so that you can find out if this is something that interests you. We talk about several models, as well as giving you information about this brand.

Comparison robot vacuum cleaner Conga

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What is the best Conga robot vacuum cleaner?

If you haven't chosen your Conga vacuum cleaner yet, here are the features of the best Conga vacuum cleaner models so you can choose the one that's right for you. Which one do you choose?

Cecotec Robot Vacuum Cleaner Conga 1090 Connected Series

This first model is a classic in the brand's catalogue. It is presented as a a robot vacuum cleaner very completeWe can use it for vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, mopping and also has a special brush for pets. This allows us to use it against all types of dirt and on all types of surfaces easily.

It is also a very easy to configure option, which stands out for being compatible with Alexa and Google Home, for an even better use at all times. On the other hand, we have functions such as the creation of a magnetic wall, to decide which rooms in the house are cleaned with it. In this vacuum cleaner, the suction power is up to 1400 paideal for use in all types of cases.

Your battery gives us an autonomy of up to 160 minutes. Therefore, we can see that it is a good vacuum cleaner within the Conga range. Very versatile in terms of functions and that allows us to use it for a long time without problems.

Cecotec Robot Vacuum Cleaner Conga Series 3290 Titanium

A model in a different Conga range. This robot comes with 4-in-1 technology with a mixed tank; the robot is able to sweep, vacuum and mop or scrub at the same time. So it's a very versatile option. In addition, it has very interesting functions, such as room management and editing or creating maps. You get more efficient cleaning with it.

The suction power in this case is up to 2,300 pa.a powerful option to get rid of all kinds of dirt in the house. The robot is compatible with voice assistants, such as Alexa or Google Home, which allows us to use it by voice commands. Very convenient in this sense. It also has several power levels and cleaning programs available.

It's a great robot vacuum cleaner. It works well, is easy to configure, gives us the functions we are looking for and has a good autonomy. Although its price is quite high for many.

Cecotec Robot Vacuum Cleaner Conga 1099 Series

This third robot vacuum cleaner on the list is one of the brand's most classic options. It is again a model of 4 in 1 professional vacuum cleanerIt sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs the floor. In addition, in this case it comes with a power of 1,400 pa, which fulfills well when we have to clean all kinds of corners at home. The battery has an autonomy of 160 minutes, as the brand itself says.

This robot has 3 cleaning powers and 7 cleaning modesIt has several technologies such as: gyro, deepcleaning, edge, auto, area, manual and return home; magnetic wall to set restricted areas. In addition, it has several technologies, such as itech gyro technology, intelligent navigation, mapping and memory thanks to its gyroscopic, proximity, anti-shock and anti-fall sensors; it adapts to your home by cleaning the entire surface traveled; it memorizes the route to find the fastest and most efficient route; it purifies the air with its EPA filter to retain dust and allergens.

A good robot vacuum cleaner in the Conga range. Good performance, easy setup and a great range of functions, which makes cleaning at home complete and much easier for us. In addition, it has a great value for money, which makes it more interesting for everyone.

Cecotec 2690 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Conga

The fourth model on the list is a very comfortable and versatile option, which also comes with a good price. Sweep, vacuum, mop and scrub the floor at all times, so it complies well in cleaning issues at home. In this case we find a total of 5 cleaning modes: Auto, Edges, Room, spiral and back home, Silent mode. Very easy to configure all of them.

This model is thin, which allows it to go to be able to use under cabinets at any time, so we are going to be able to use it without any problem. It also works very well on all types of surfaces, which allows for easier use in any home. It will not damage carpets or parquet.

Another good robot vacuum cleaner of the brand, which gives us a good performance. Easy to set up, with good performance and gives us the functions we need at all times. Its autonomy is 90 minutesThe cleaning system, which will allow a good cleaning of the house when we have to use it.

Cecotec Robot Vacuum Cleaner Conga 3890 Pro Series

In last place awaits us this other robot vacuum cleaner of the brand. This robot, like others of the brand, has 4 in 1 Technology with mixed tankThe robot is capable of sweeping, vacuuming and mopping at the same time. In addition to this, it comes with three electronically controlled scrubbing modes; designed with 10 intelligent cleaning modes. So we can easily adapt its use to any situation and surface.

Just like other vacuum cleaners of the brand, works with Alexa and Google Homeso that we can control it using voice commands at all times. A function that is certainly of great interest to all users. Cleaning with it is efficient at all times, thanks to functions such as Memorycontrol, thanks to which the robot memorizes the route to find the fastest route.

As you can see, is presented as another interesting option in the Conga catalogue. A good robot, which fulfills in terms of functions and is easy to use and configure. For this reason, it is a good option to consider in its robot vacuum cleaner catalogue.

Conga vacuum cleaner range

Cecotec has created a great variety of Conga brand vacuum cleaners to satisfy different needs, such as:

Conga PopStar

It is a series of broom type vacuum cleaners, with cyclonic technology, good suction power, without bags, and with comfort to be able to clean without bending down.

Conga Web&Dry

It is a range of industrial vacuum cleaners that are capable of vacuuming both liquids and solids, and with great power. Ideal for workshops, garages, gardens, industrial buildings, or other large surfaces.

Conga PowerAsh

It is a kind of ash vacuum cleaner for cleaning chimneys. With a robust metal tank and reinforced tube, with 3 stages of filtration, and with great suction power.

Conga Rockstar

It is the model of Cecotec cordless and handheld. A very versatile vacuum cleaner that can serve as a handheld battery model to clean all types of surfaces, or use its broom-like upright tube for the floor. A great cheap alternative to models like the Dyson V-Series.

Conga ThunderBrush

Similar to the previous one, a 2-in-1 corded broom vacuum cleaner, for vacuuming the floor and also for use as a handheld vacuum cleaner. With cyclonic technology, HEPA filter, and a powerful and energy efficient motor.

Conga Steam&Clean

Basically it's a battery operated broom type vacuum cleaner, similar to the PopStar, but with 4 functions in one device. Thanks to this silent vacuum cleaner you can vacuum, sweep, mop and steam mop. All with a bagless tank and great suction power.

Conga Immortal

It is a compact handheld vacuum cleaner, with battery and very little weight. It is not as powerful as the previous ones, but it is very practical for cleaning higher surfaces, the car, etc. manually.

Conga WinDroid

This is a very special cleaning robot, as it can also clean glass vertically. With security systems, several cleaning modes, and intelligent navigation system to detect the limits of the window, door or window.

Types of Conga vacuum cleaners

Cecotec sells, under its brand Conga, a wide range of range of vacuum cleanersto satisfy everyone:


Robot vacuum cleaners or floor scrubber are among the most popular. Thanks to them you can forget about cleaning the floors. They will do it for you, being able to schedule them at certain times, or manage them from a mobile app from wherever you are.

Window cleaning robots

It has also developed robots for cleaning vertical surfaces such as glass. If you have large windows, you can count on these robots to keep them shining effortlessly.

Broom vacuum cleaners

These appliances are often great allies for cleaning apartments or small houses. With them you can remove all the dirt from the floor with little effort. As they are vertical, they can also be stored without taking up too much space, together with brushes, mops or mops.

Upright vacuum cleaners with steam

With discount Cecotec Mop...

Similar to the broom type, but usually include several cleaning functions. While the broom types only suck up dirt, those with steam usually also offer a mopping function to remove fluff and soft dirt, mopping the floor with a steam system to remove stains, or the classic vacuuming function.


Unlike the handheld or broom type, these other vacuum cleaners were the queens in the past. Nowadays they are gradually being displaced by other models, but there are still many people who still prefer the sled vacuum cleaners for its advantages. For example, when moving on wheels, you will not have to hold the weight of the motor and / or battery. The other advantage is that by having cable you will not have to worry about charging the battery.


They are very compact vacuum cleaners and lighter in weight. There are cordless, so you can take them with you wherever you need to go. Thanks to them, you can vacuum high surfaces, the car, etc.

Conga or Roomba?

In Spain there are two big brands of robot vacuum cleaners. That's why there is a big division over whether choosing an iRobot (Roomba) model, or one of Cecotec (Conga). The first is more expensive, and is usually chosen by the most demanding, since it has more advanced technology. The second has a good value for money, so it is usually the favorite of those who prefer something more affordable.

To choose the best one, you have to analyse various factors and ranges:

  • If it's the lower end of the robot vacuum cleaner range, like the Conga 1090 or Roomba 600 Series, Cecotec is likely to come out on top, with a slightly lower price, and with extra features that iRobot's lack, like HEPA filters, virtual assistant compatibility, etc.
  • If we go to the range , with models like the Conga 4090 or the Roomba E Series, you can also prefer the Conga, since it also has intelligent navigation mapping. For practically the same price, Cecotec offers you a very premium solution.
  • At the higher end, iRobot does come out on top. If you compare models from the Conga 7090 and Roomba i7 series, you can see advantages in the Roomba, such as its greater autonomy, its enormous suction power, very advanced navigation system, etc. For something they are leaders in the sector of robotics for the home...

In favour of Cecotec It should also be said that it offers several types of Conga vacuum cleaners, not just robots, as is the case with iRobot, which is more focused on that segment.

Are Conga robots reliable?

robot vacuum cleaner conga

A brand like Conga does not become one of the most popular in the market if its products are of poor quality. If you have doubts about the reliability of these robot vacuums, you don't have to have it. The brand has managed to carve a niche for itself in the market. for the quality of its products.

Conga robot vacuums are easy to operate and set up, and they work at all times correctly. So you're not going to have any problems, nor are there any problems in terms of reliability in this regard. A good setup is always important, but if you have done this, everything will work fine with them.

Conga vacuum cleaners features

Vacuum cleaners Conga have a number of features or functionsThese are the ones that make them different from other models that we find in stores today. So it is good to know a little more about these functions, so that we know what these brand vacuum cleaners have to offer when we are interested in one.

When you go to choose one of the Conga vacuum cleaner models, you will see that the descriptions give a series of details you should know to find out exactly what they are selling you:

  • App Control: The brand gives the possibility to control the robot from the mobile. Thanks to the app we can program the cleaning, choose the cleaning mode or see how many times we have used the robot to clean.
  • Compatible with Voice Assistants: An interesting feature is being able to control the robot with voice commands, thanks to the fact that there are Conga models that are compatible with assistants, making it even more convenient to use.
  • iWater: These are the scrubbing levels on the robot vacuum cleaner, so that we can scrub any type of surface as efficiently as possible. There are three modes in total, to adapt its use.
  • Ideal brush for pets: If you have pets at home, you know that they leave a lot of hair, which is not always easy to remove. Conga introduces an ideal brush, which helps us to remove these remains without any problem at home.
  • Turbo Clean Carpet Folder: Turbo Clean is a function with which we can get a better cleaning in carpets, because when it detects the surface, a powerful cleaning is carried out, but that does not generate damage to it.
  • Deeper suction with ForceClean: This function increases the suction power of the vacuum cleaner to the maximum when there is a lot of accumulated dirt or when it is difficult to reach places where it is difficult to get to.
  • Various power levels: Conga models typically have several power levels, to achieve a deeper clean in some cases, especially if dirt has accumulated, or to adapt to the surface better this way.
  • Various cleaning programs: The brand introduces various programs, which help us to get the desired cleanliness depending on the occasion. These are programs such as Auto, Spiral, Area, Random, Gyro, Manual, Twice, Scrubbing, Edges and Home. Depending on what we need in each case, the program is chosen.
  • iTech SmartGyro Eye navigation system:
  • Magnetic Strip: This function allows us to create a magnetic wall, to delimit the areas where the robot vacuum cleaner is going to clean. So if there are places at home that we do not want or need to clean, we delimit it with this mode.
  • Artificial IntelligenceRobot vacuum cleaners have artificial intelligence to move more efficiently around your home. Thanks to it, this type of vacuum cleaner can clean autonomously, without you having to do anything, avoiding obstacles, without falling down the stairs, and knowing which areas are clean and which are not, by mapping your home.
  • Best Friend Care Systemis a specific system for pets. Households with a dog or cat can count on a special brush in these robots that is specially designed to remove the hair of our furry friends.
  • Brush jaliscoThe Conga Robot brush : is a special brush for the Conga robot that allows you to vacuum even the smallest dirt that is not visible to the naked eye, which will give a much better result than with other types of brushes.
  • Cyclonic technologySome models of handheld vacuum cleaners, or broom type, usually have this type of technology. Not only are they powerful, but they generate a cyclone of air inside to separate the larger dirt by centrifugal force and the filters last longer, and the air expelled is purer.
  • MultiMap SystemThe robot vacuum cleaner can store several maps (up to 5) in its memory, so that the robot vacuum cleaner can clean the entire surface more efficiently, without leaving areas without passing through and others that it passes through more than once, as happens to robots without AI and mapping.  With the multimap you can map houses with several floors, or when you have a second home, so that the robot knows how to move through all of them without having to learn from scratch as if it were the first day.
  • TotalSurface Technology:  is a technology that guarantees that the entire home will be cleaned, even if the robot's battery runs out halfway through cleaning, as it will only return to the charging base, and once it is charged it will pick up where it left off.
  • OnlySilence TechnologyThe Conga robot vacuum cleaner is a technology that allows you to enjoy a pleasant environment while it does its job, with maximum silence and comfort.

How does the Conga vacuum cleaner service work?

robot conga

Cecotec, the company behind the Conga brand, is Spanishbased in Valencia. Therefore, you will not have to deal with a foreign technical service, and they usually work quite well. Both to solve doubts and problems of their customers.

To be able to contact free customer serviceyou have several options:

  • PhoneYou can call 963 210 728, Monday to Friday from 7:30 in the morning until 15:30 in the afternoon.
  • E-mail addressAnother way to contact us is by sending an email to the following address In this case without timetables, although in this case it is an address more for product information than for technical problems.
  • Web supporthave a customer service section with a web contact form at two possible addresses Form for general inquiries y Repair support form.
  • Social NetworkingAnother way to contact Cecotec quickly and get answers to simple questions or problems is via Twitter, on their official account @CECOTECoficial.
  • In personIf you want to attend the SAT in person, you can also go to the Aqua Multiespacio centre, at Carrer de Menorca nº19, in Valencia.

How much does a Conga robot vacuum cleaner cost?

laser mapping conga

Conga has a fairly wide range of vacuum cleaners, which translates into a fairly wide price rangemaking there are vacuum cleaners for every type of budget. So if you were thinking of buying one, surely you can find one easily without too much trouble.

The cheapest models are located around 130 euros in price. It depends on the specific model and the point of sale, but we can find quite a few between 120 and 130 euros in price. So they are quite accessible robots, although they do not usually have all the functions for which the brand is known.

While the more expensive ones have prices that can reach up to 400 euros. There are premium models, where we have a huge amount of features, which will certainly give the best possible performance, but which are supposed to be less accessible to most pockets. Although if there are offers on their prices, they are always an option of interest to many.

Conga vacuum cleaners, my opinion

vacuum cleaner conga

The Cecotec Conga vacuum cleaners have a fantastic value for moneyThey have put their hands up in terms of innovation so as not to fall too far behind. So, if you need a good vacuum cleaner without investing too much, it can be a great choice.

They may not have the strongest suction power on the market, or the longest battery life, or the most advanced technology, but they are pretty much the same. complete and balanced in terms of performance, and they tend to be durable.

On the other hand, being a Spanish brandIf something happens with your device, you will always have assistance and technical support in English, which is always a great guarantee. If something happens with your device, you can count on this support, which is always a great guarantee...

Where to buy a cheap Conga vacuum cleaner

To be able to buy any type of Conga model for a good priceyou can go to any of these stores:

  • AmazonConga vacuum cleaner: is the place where you will find the largest number of Conga vacuum cleaner models, of all types. In addition, you will find multiple offers to choose from. This online platform also provides security in shopping, and if you have a Prime subscription, shipping is free and you can receive your order faster.
  • El Corte InglésAnother place where you will find some Conga models, although not as much variety as in the previous case. This Spanish chain store also has some interesting promotions and discounts, such as their Tecnoprecios. And you can always choose between buying in their physical stores or on their website.
  • CarrefourYou also have the possibility to buy in the shopping centers spread throughout the Spanish geography, or from the official website of this French chain. Their prices are not bad, and you can find some of the most outstanding models of Conga.
  • MediamarktThis German chain tends to have quite attractive prices, although they don't have a huge variety to choose from. Again, you have the option of going to buy the vacuum cleaner at the nearest physical store, or have it delivered to your home if you order it from their online platform.

How much do you want to spend on the vacuum cleaner?

We show you the best options for your budget


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