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Vacuum cleaner offers for Black Friday

The German supermarket chain, Lidl, has managed to attract legions of customers thanks to its great prices and offers on products that go beyond food, household, and cosmetics. Among those featured products are also Lidl vacuum cleanersboth the white and cheap brands as well as the well known brands...

Vacuum cleaners sold by LIDL

If you are wondering what types and models of vacuum cleaners Lidl sellsHere you can find the most outstanding ones that you will find in your nearest supermarket or through the web, as some offers are exclusive online:

Vileda VR303

Lidl also has a robot vacuum cleaner from the German company Vileda. A brand dedicated to household cleaning and that stands out for its results and quality. Now they have also wanted to enter the new era of robotic cleaning with this model capable of cleaning over obstacles, stairs, with 3 sequences of movement (zigzag, spiral, car), 90 minutes of autonomy, 500 ml of capacity in its dirt tank, and double high efficiency filter.

It is suitable for all types of floors, both hard and soft, such as carpets. It allows you to program itself to clean your home without you worrying about anything, and can efficiently clean the pet hair. Includes maintenance brush, and 2 side brushes for cleaning corners.

Kärcher AD2

This Kärcher 600W vacuum cleaner is a very powerful machineto use both for dry dirt as well as for ashes. Ideal if you have a fireplace, barbecue, boiler, etc. at home. You can use it to absorb a large amount of dirt due to its large tank capacity.

Includes efficient filter system that releases at the push of a button so you can clean and reuse it. It is also a very robust and easy to use tool.

Silvercrest handheld

Lidl's private label brand, Silvercrest, also has a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner really cheap. It is very compact, and barely weighs, with a vertical stand for storage. It has a 2000 mAh rechargeable 7.4V lithium battery, with 15 min of autonomy, with integrated EPA filter, good suction power, elegant design in two colors to choose from (black and white), 2 in 1 accessory for slots and head with small brush, and 100 ml dirt tank.

Silvercrest handheld wet/dry

For a very low price you can also opt for this cordless handheld vacuum cleaner that you can use both for absorb dry dirt as well as liquids that have been spilled. It has an efficient and washable filtering system, with a 2000 mAh lithium 7.4V battery, for a 22 min autonomy. It can be charged in 5 hours in its included wall-mounted charging station. Its suction tank has a capacity of up to 400 ml for solids, and 150 ml for liquids. In addition, you can choose it in beige and red.

Silvercrest Wet/Dry

Another of the white label vacuum cleaners that you can buy at Lidl is this model that also accepts vacuum both wet and dryThe 400 ml capacity for solids and 150 ml for liquids thanks to its bagless tank. Its lithium-ion battery provides 7.4V and 2200 mAh to provide autonomy of 20 minutes with constant power. With charging station that can be mounted on the wall, and in white.

Parkside PNTS 1300 C3

It is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner of the Parkside brandAnother white brand that, like Silvercrest, belongs to the German group Kompermass that supplies products for Lidl and with a great value for money. This vacuum cleaner is suitable for all types of surfaces, both hard floors and carpets, with 20 litres of capacity in its tank and 1300W of power for great suction.

Parkside PWS 20 A1

This other model is also a good alternative to the previous one, with the ability to clean both wet and dry. It includes an integrated hose for the spraying and a power of 1600W. A magnificent vacuum cleaner for upholstery and hard floors, wheels to move it easily, 3 litre tank for water with detergent, and 20 litres for its dirt tank, and a multitude of accessories included: wide and narrow nozzles, suction tube, etc.

Is Silvercrest a good brand of vacuum cleaner?

lidl ash vacuum cleaner

Silvercrest is a German brand with an excellent relationship value for money. In fact, it has been one of the contributors to Lidl's success, as the low prices of its products have attracted many customers. This brand is in the mid-range of the sector.

It is manufactured in China, and it is a German brand that belongs to Kompernassas well as other private label brands that supply tools and other appliances for Lidl.

Are the vacuum cleaners sold by LIDL worth it?

lidl hand vacuum cleaner

Most of Lidl's vacuum cleaners are equipped with very affordable prices and they are worth it when you are looking for something cheap and practical, as well as quality. This is true for their own brands, such as Silvercrest or Parkside, but on the other hand you also have the well-known brands, such as Vileda, Kärcher, etc., which in themselves are a guarantee of quality.

When does the LIDL vacuum cleaner go on sale?

Lidl vacuum cleaners, like many other products of this supermarket chain, follow a dynamic that is constantly changing, putting new products on sale and withdrawing others. In addition, the best way to stay informed of release dates is to follow your web catalogue or your physical stores brochure to know all the news.

My opinion of LIDL vacuum cleaners

lidl vacuum cleaners

If you are looking for something very cheap and functional, the vacuum cleaners from private label Lidl can be a fantastic option. For very little you will have a device that works and with a more than decent quality. On the other hand, these private labels, such as Silvercrest, are not usually sold in other stores, so it will be difficult to find spare parts or replacements in case you need them. This could mean that, should something go wrong, it could mean the end of the vacuum cleaner's useful life...

Therefore, it might be advisable to opt for the well-known brands from Lidl, such as Vileda or Kärcher. These companies, being very popular, do have a multitude of accessories and spare parts available, as well as a fantastic technical service.

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