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Polti is one of the best brands of domestic vacuum cleaners.. In fact, at the time they were very revolutionary with their steam cleaning function. Something that they have continued in some of their new models, adapting them to new needs, but allowing to go beyond a simple dry cleaning, and sanitizing surfaces. Something vital for homes with children and pets, or for these times of pandemic.

Which Polti vacuum cleaner to buy

If you need to purchase a Polti vacuum cleaner model, you should pay special attention to these featured models:

Polti Forzaspira C110 Plus

This model of Polti vacuum cleaner is one of the most affordable, for those looking for a conventional sled type vacuum cleaner. It is a model with cyclonic technology, to separate the dirt from the air and prevent the dirt from escaping again. In addition, it has a 2-litre capacity tank for dirt, without the need for bags.

It has a power of 800W, for a great suction power capable of absorbing even the toughest dirt, and features energy label A++ due to its high efficiency. In addition, it does not exceed 80 dB of noise, and it has a 4-stage filtration system with a washable HEPA filter. As for accessories, it has a floor brush and a multipurpose nozzle.

Polti Unico MCV80

This other model is much more advanced. It is a Total Clean & Turbo vacuum cleaner very revolutionary and capable of vacuuming, sanitizing and drying3 functions in 1 appliance. With steam up to 6 Bar pressure. Ideal for carpets and other surfaces.

This type of vacuum cleaner kills and eliminates 99.99% of viruses, germs and bacteria. All chemical-free and completely safe for babies and pets. It also has a 5-stage HEPA H13 filter and is fully washable. With 3 steam pressure and suction adjustment programs, and 15 accessories.

Polti Forzaspira Lecologico Aqua Allergy Turbo Care

This vacuum cleaner with water tank is ideal for homes with allergies or respiratory problems, as the water tank will help clean and purify the air so that all dust and allergens do not come back out of the vacuum cleaner. It does not need a bag, and has a HPEA H13 filter high efficiency.

It has a very powerful 850W motor, with 1 litre capacity of your tankand turbo function for higher suction. It also has a practical ergonomic handle, 4 speeds, cable for a radius of action of up to 7.5 meters with automatic collection, and 9 accessories for all types of surfaces and floors. In addition, it can handle solid and liquid dirt.

Polti Forzaspira Slim SR100

This cordless vacuum cleaner is a revolutionary model, with two functions in one. On the one hand it can be a broom type vacuum cleaner with its long tube and floor brush, and it can also be transformed into a comfortable and compact handheld vacuum cleaner. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows it to be equipped with 50 minutes of autonomy.

In addition, it includes a cyclonic suction system, no need for bags, has a good capacity tank (up to 0.5 litres), small surface cleaning kit, and its motorized floor brush has LED lights to see all the dirt. Its HEPA filter is washable, and hardly needs any maintenance.

Polti Forzaspira Slim SR90B

This other model of cordless vacuum cleaner has a lithium battery with autonomy up to 40 minutes. With a great suction power and dual function, for use in both as a broom type vacuum cleaner as a handheld vacuum cleaner. In addition, it is based on cyclonic technology, to separate the dirt from the air.

Comes with 2 accessoriesOne for cleaning small surfaces with a bristle nozzle, and another one for the floor, larger and with an elongated metal tube so you don't have to bend your back during vacuuming. It does not need bags, and can be easily stored vertically thanks to its wall bracket.

Technologies of some Polti vacuum cleaners

polti Liquid Vacuum Cleaner

Polti vacuum cleaners stand out for their quality and performance, but also for their technology and innovation. That's why they feature features you should know aboutand that will help you to choose one of these models:

  • Sanitizing steam functionIn addition to the suction function, like any other conventional vacuum cleaner, it also allows cleaning with steam at high pressure and temperature. This allows you to remove stains, as if you were scrubbing, in addition to eliminating pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and other harmful organisms. Something important at home with pets, or with small children who put in their mouths everything they pick up from the floor...
  • Cyclonic technologyThis technology allows solid dirt to be separated from the air, which means that less dirt reaches the filter and the air comes out purer, without so many allergens and dust.
  • Suction system with water filterWater filter vacuum cleaners have a layer of water in their dirt tank to force the air sucked in with the dirt through it. This captures all the solid dirt in the water and allows a high air purity. This is ideal for people with allergies or respiratory problems.
  • Designed for allergy sufferersThe cyclonic and water filter technology, as well as the high efficiency HEPA filters, are specially designed to avoid the presence of dust, dust mites and other allergens that vacuum cleaners without these systems usually expel during cleaning. A much purer air that not only contributes to having a cleaner house, but also to avoid problems in people with any type of respiratory problem.
  • Suction of liquids and solidsSome Polti vacuum cleaner models allow you to suck up both dry and wet dirt. This means you can also vacuum up spilled liquids, especially in the kitchen or bathroom, which is very practical.
  • Compatible with parquet floorsSome vacuum cleaner models include special brushes or nozzles for delicate floors, such as parquet. Thanks to these accessories, you can clean the wooden floor without damaging its surface.

Types of Polti vacuum cleaners

Within the Polti brand, you can find various types of vacuum cleaners, each one specially designed for to meet specific needs:


Polti offers conventional sifter vacuum cleaners, with cyclonic technology, or also models with water filter, and the most advanced ones with steam sanitising function.

Conventional ones are cheaper and simpler, while steam ones can be more expensive, but much safer for the home.

With water filter

It also includes some sled vacuum cleaners with water filter, able to retain more dirt and purify the air for homes with allergic or sick people.


Polti has convertible vacuum cleaner models for use as cordless handheld vacuum cleaners or broom-type vacuum cleaners for the floor. There are also broom models with a steam function for cleaning and sanitising. There are even convertible vacuum cleaner + portable steam cleaner models.

Window cleaner

Polti also has models for cordless window cleaning, and even sled-type models that also have accessories for cleaning glass. With them you can clean all types of surfaces, including vertical surfaces such as windows, doors and glass.

Vacuum cleaners with steam function

Polti's high-pressure, high-temperature steam function allows you to disinfect surfaces, not just vacuum. When you vacuum a surface, you simply pick up the debris, but it doesn't remove what you can't see, which can be even more dangerous than what you can see.

All viruses, bacteria and other living organisms will be killed by the action of the steam, so surfaces will also be sanitized. Great for homes with pets or small children.

Where is the Polti brand from

vacuum cleaner polti

The firm Polti was founded in 1978 by Franco Polti, an Italian who acted as a representative of professional ironing centres. The small company expanded and initially focused on the steam ironing business. In fact, they were the first to develop this type of system, although they did not patent the idea and other manufacturers took advantage of it.

Little by little the company would move into other household cleaning appliances, such as the Vaporetto for steam cleaning at 120ºC, or vacuum cleaners. In 1999 they launched the first vacuum cleaner with water filter, called Lecologico, and with HEPA filters, all a reference at the time.

My opinion of Polti vacuum cleaners

vacuum cleaner polti

The Polti vacuum cleaners are really goodThe quality of the product as well as the results. Some very innovative products and always thinking about facilitating household chores, while offering something more than its competitors, such as steam cleaning.

Polti customers also highlight its lightness, easy to handle these devices, its versatility, and that it can be adapted to all types of floors and surfaces. Therefore, if you are looking for a good working tool, and with maximum guarantees in terms of sanitization, Polti is a great brand.

Where to buy a cheaper Polti vacuum cleaner

If you are determined to buy a cheap Polti vacuum cleanerYou can consult in these points of sale:

  • AmazonPolti: the American platform has the largest number of Polti models. You will find all kinds and for all budgets, which is why it is the favourite choice of many buyers. In addition, you will have the security and guarantees that this platform provides, as well as advantages if you are a Prime customer.
  • El Corte InglésThe supermarket chain also has a section where you can find small cleaning appliances, such as Polti vacuum cleaners. Their prices are not the cheapest, although sometimes you can find some offers both in their physical stores and on their website.
  • MediamarktYou can choose to buy either on their website, so that they can send it to your home, or go to the nearest centre. There you will find some of the latest Polti models, with some pretty good prices.
  • FnacPolti: also allows you to buy through their website or in physical stores. This Gallic chain also has Polti vacuum cleaners, although their prices are not the most affordable.

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