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Nowadays, we are faced with many types of vacuum cleaners available on the market. Over the years many new types have emerged, although traditional vacuum cleaners are still an option that millions of consumers prefer. This type of vacuum cleaner is known as sledge vacuum cleaner. Classic models but usually stand out for their power.

If you are looking for a new vacuum cleaner and want to opt for this type of vacuum cleaner, then we have good news for you. Because we have prepared a selection with the best sledge vacuum cleaners so that you can compare which one best suits what you are looking for.

Besides being helpful for you to see what we can currently find in the market within this category of products.

Sledge vacuum cleaner comparison

First of all we leave you with a table comparison of the best rated sledge vacuum cleaners in which we show you the most important features of each of these sled vacuum cleaners. In this way you can already get an initial idea of what each of the vacuum cleaners has to offer. After the table we proceed to an in-depth analysis of all the models in this comparison.

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The best sledge vacuum cleaners

Once we know the most important specifications of each of these models, we can now move on to an in-depth analysis. We will talk about all the sled vacuum cleaners individually. In this analysis we will tell you some of their most important specifications, as well as how they work and other important aspects when buying a vacuum cleaner.

Dyson Big Ball

We open the list with this model of Dysonone of the best known brands in the sector. We are faced with a vacuum cleaner that stands out for its suction power. Thanks to this sledge vacuum cleaner we can get rid of all the dirt in our house. In addition, it finishes even the most microscopic dust. This makes it a great option to have our house always clean and shiny.

This vacuum cleaner has a tank with a capacity of 1.6 litres. This is quite a large capacity and more than enough to be able to clean the house several times without emptying it. When it is full, emptying the bucket is easy and very hygienic. In addition, it is a vacuum cleaner that works on all types of surfaces thanks to its brush. So no matter what kind of floor you have at home. This model will not cause any damage.

It is a model with cyclone technology and comes with various accessories to be able to vacuum the floor, carpets or smaller areas such as furniture. It weighs just over 7 kg, which may be a little heavy, but it allows you to move the vacuum cleaner around the house quite well. This model comes with accessories included.

Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic XL Animal

In second place we find another of the most reliable brands and better valued by consumers: Rowenta. This vacuum cleaner stands out for making use of cyclonic technology. This makes it a model that stands out for being very powerful. In addition, won't lose suction power over time. So that we will be able to use it as the first day at all times. Something that offers a lot of peace of mind.

This is a vacuum cleaner that works very well on all types of surfaces. Although it is ideal for those consumers with hard floors at home (tile, stone...). It is on these types of floors where it offers spectacular results. It has a 2.5 litre capacity tank. It is more than enough to be able to clean the whole house without any problem even if you have a pet. In addition, emptying and removing the tank is very simple. So it makes it very comfortable.

It's a model that weighs less than 7 kg, although it doesn't feel like it weighs that much. It is light and very easy to handle. Something that helps a lot when it comes to having to clean the house, as it makes the task a little lighter and more bearable for consumers. It works with cables and the cable has a length of 6.5 meters. This gives us a lot of freedom to move around the house between rooms. This vacuum cleaner comes with accessories included.

Conga EcoExtreme 3000

In third place awaits us another well-known brand in the vacuum cleaner sector. They have the support of consumers all over the world. This vacuum cleaner also makes use of cyclonic technology.The suction power of this machine is outstanding. In addition to that it does not lose suction power over time. So we will be able to enjoy the vacuum cleaner to its full potential over the years. It is also an ideal model for all surfaces, thanks to its brushes.

Therefore, no matter what type of floors you have at home, this vacuum cleaner will always work well. It is a model that stands out especially for having a large capacity tank, in this case of 3 liters. This allows you to clean large surfaces without having to empty it. In addition, when the time comes, emptying it is very simple and requires little maintenance. Features a HEPA filterWe can clean it when it is dirty and it will work again as the first day.

It has a weight of just over 4.5 kg. This makes it quite easy to handle and allows us to move around the house. The long cable also contributes to this, which allows us to vacuum between rooms without having to be connecting and disconnecting constantly. This sled vacuum cleaner comes with accessories included and is one of the most economical options..

Conga Multicyclonic

Fourthly, we once again find a vacuum cleaner that stands out for making use of cyclonic technology. Therefore, once again, it is a model that will always vacuum with great power and this power will not be lost over time. So we have the guarantee that it is always going to work great. This model works very well on all types of surfaces. Although, it must be said that is one of the best options if we have animals at home.

Since is one of the best sledge vacuum cleaner. It has a large capacity tank, 3.5 litres in this case. Something that allows us to clean around the house without having to empty it. When filled, extraction and emptying are very simple and also requires little maintenance. We can regulate the power depending on the surface or type of dirt we are vacuuming.

It is a very light model, weighing less than 7 kg. This makes it very comfortable to use and we can move around the house with great comfort while using it. It is also a good choice if we have to climb stairs, as it weighs much less than other models on the list. In addition, it is easy to store and takes up little space. Ideal if we have little room at home. It has a cable with a length of 7 meters and a radius of action of 9 meters. It is very good and allows us to vacuum between rooms. This sled vacuum cleaner comes with accessories included.

AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner

We close the list with this vacuum cleaner from another brand that is very popular among users. It is a sled vacuum cleaner that also uses cyclonic technology. Thanks to this, it is very powerful and has a great suction power. Moreover, these features are going to remain constant over time. So it is a good investment that you know is going to work well.

It is a good choice for all types of surfaces. This sled vacuum cleaner has a tank with a capacity of 2.5 litres. In addition, it is a removable tank, something that can be done very easily. Therefore, when it is full, emptying it is very easy, as it can be emptied directly into the dustbin. Also its maintenance is very simpleThe filter should be washed from time to time (just wet it under the tap).

This model has a weight of 6 kg. This makes it one of the lightest, something that undoubtedly makes cleaning the house much easier. Since it weighs very little we can move it more easily between the rooms. This is a vacuum cleaner that works well, is complete and is also quiet. This sled vacuum cleaner comes with accessories included.

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What is a sled vacuum cleaner

what is a sledge vacuum cleaner

It is known as sled vacuum cleaner to a type of traditional vacuum cleaner that was quite widespread a few years ago, but is gradually being replaced by other more advanced and practical models, such as cordless ones. However, this type of vacuum cleaner has its advantages, which is why it is still the favourite of many.

It is characterized by having a body on wheels which can be easily moved on the floor. It houses the main motor, and the tank or dirt bag, as well as the filtration system. The suction tube is attached to the body and usually has different nozzles and a telescopic metal tube for the floor.

On the other hand, it has a cable of several meters, to offer greater freedom of movement, and a cable collection system for ease of use.

Best Sifter Vacuum Cleaner Brands:

If you still fancy a sled-type vacuum cleaner, you can take a look at the following list of recommended brands:


This other firm is also among the best. Their products stand out for their results, performance and reliability. The German manufacturer has been offering its experience and innovation for decades to improve in each generation. In addition, they have achieved historic milestones throughout their history, such as being the first to develop a vacuum cleaner, or the first to create a bagless vacuum cleaner.

See Rowenta vacuum cleaners


It is another well-known German company that has been innovating and creating all kinds of household appliances since 1883. It is among the brands of high-end vacuum cleaners with better quality and results, so it can also be a great alternative.


It is a Spanish manufacturer based in Valencia. This family business has become very popular, with a very rapid expansion. They promise great value for money, so you can find good vacuum cleaners without investing too much money.

See Cecotec vacuum cleaners


This German company is among the premium brands of household appliances. Their vacuum cleaners stand out for innovative technologies, quality, durability, great performance, and under the highest European standards. So if you want to play it safe, this is another brand to look at.

See Bosch vacuum cleaners


This other European manufacturer is also one of the leaders in the technology sector. Their products stand out especially for quality, innovation, and performance. In addition to other types, it also has sled vacuum cleaners with full performance, deep cleaning, and with very good dust filtering systems (something especially good for allergy sufferers).

View Philips vacuum cleaners


Gradually they have been gaining popularity in Europe, and their users have been quite satisfied in a high percentage. The American brand, now owned by Candy, achieves good performance and robust designs that are built to last. Since its foundation in 1908 they have been constantly evolving to offer quality vacuum cleaners, as well as offering new solutions that make work easier for users.


It is one of the leading brands in the vacuum cleaner sector. This British manufacturer is synonymous with quality and the best performance. Their vacuum cleaners have managed to reach very high suction powers, as well as cyclonic technology that positions them among the best. Few brands manage to match this firm, so it can be a great choice if you are simply looking for the best without caring too much about the price.

View Dyson vacuum cleaners

Advantages of sled vacuum cleaners

advantages sledge vacuum cleaner

These sled-type vacuum cleaners have their own main advantages. Some of them are:

  • PowerThe motors are usually a little more powerful than the battery-powered ones, as they are constantly connected to the mains and can therefore use more energy. This also translates into greater suction, to suck up even the most stubborn dirt.
  • Dust trapping capabilityIn addition to the higher suction power, their filtering system is also usually very good, so they will trap more dust and other small particles. In compact vacuum cleaners, such as handheld or cordless vacuum cleaners, this has been greatly improved thanks to the new high-efficiency HEPA filters.
  • EffectivenessThe suction power and constant operation without interruptions due to battery depletion make it even more efficient. Always offering the same level of power and performance.
  • AccessoriesThey usually come with a large number of accessories for cleaning the floor, for carpets and other fabrics, narrow nozzles for the tightest corners and places, etc.
  • Priceis another of the great advantages, since being such a basic technology, they have really competitive prices compared to wireless, etc.


cheap sledge vacuum cleaner

However, the sled-type vacuum cleaners also have its disadvantagesas well as other types:

  • WeightThey are heavier than other compact or handheld vacuum cleaners, but as with the broom type, the weight is mostly supported on the floor, so it is not too much of a problem during vacuuming. It can be more of a problem when transporting it from one place to another, carrying it up stairs, lifting it to reach higher areas, etc.
  • CablesIt has a cord, and although it is long, it has its limitations. If the cable does not reach somewhere, you will have to change the plug to another outlet closer. And if there is no outlet in that place, you must resort to extension cords, etc.. So it is less portable than a cordless one.
  • SizeThey are also usually larger in size, although not as large as the industrial ones. But this type of vacuum cleaner usually has a considerable size body, so it will not be as easy to transport or store.

Is a sledge vacuum cleaner worth it?

Sledge vacuum cleaners are the most classic and conventional option on the market. These are models whose design is what we all associate with a vacuum cleaner. In addition, they stand out for being one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners that we can currently find available. Therefore, they are a good choice for those consumers who are looking for a powerful vacuum cleaner. That is undoubtedly the main feature of these models.

Thanks to its power, you know you'll be able to get rid of the dirt in your home with ease. So it is a safe investment. And it's a safe investment, its operation is always very simple and presents no problems. Making them a very comfortable and hassle free purchase.

In addition, sled vacuum cleaners have also improved a lot. Although they have the design and power of yesteryear, has been greatly improved in terms of energy consumption, energy efficiency and many models are bagless.. All of this helps consumers save money in several ways. Making them a good option to consider when looking for a new vacuum cleaner.

A sledge vacuum cleaner is therefore worthwhile. Powerful, attractively priced models and that they have improved a lot in their consumption and noise generation. So they are a safe purchase and you know that they offer good performance for a long period of time.

Why don't people want a sled vacuum cleaner anymore?

Sledge Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

The sled vacuum cleaners have been very popular in the past, and there are still some people who use them. Also, they are still an option, since they have some advantages, such as not needing a load and not having to carry the weight of the engine on top of it, but it is on wheels so you can drag it comfortably.

Despite this, other more modern and sophisticated models have burst with force to position themselves among the favorites, gradually displacing the sales of sleds. The reasons why sled vacuum cleaners are no longer the preferred choice are:

  • They are usually louder.
  • They consume more.
  • You depend on the cable, so you have less freedom of movement, you can't easily climb stairs, you have to pick up the cable every time you use them, etc.
  • You have to pull the sled wherever you go, which can be uncomfortable.
  • The posture for vacuuming the floor is usually a little more awkward than other more ergonomic ones.
  • Its weight is usually also higher.
  • They take up quite a lot of space, so they won't be as practical to store, especially in small houses or without much closet space.

For all these reasons, the broom vacuum cleaners and the robot vacuum cleaners are now the kings in terms of sales numbers. The former for their versatility, and the latter for their comfort.

Features of a sledge vacuum cleaner

There are several different types of sled vacuum cleaners available on the market today. They usually have certain aspects in common. Since the design is usually kept very similar between most brands. Also the power is always a constant aspect. They are powerful vacuum cleaners with great suction power.

But, as we have told you, there are different types within the category of sled vacuum cleaner. Each one has its own characteristics. That's why, we will tell you a little more about each of these features that you can find in these types. This way you can get a clear idea about what is available in the market. This is going to be very helpful when you are going to buy a new vacuum cleaner.

Without bag

One of the aspects that have changed the most in these models. Nowadays most sled vacuum cleaners do not have a bag. Instead we find a tank in which the dirt is stored. When it is full, we can remove this tank and empty it into the trash easily. This saves a lot of money, as we don't have to buy bags. Here you can see more bagless vacuum cleaners so you can choose the one you need.

With cyclonic technology

This is a technology that gives the sled vacuum cleaners a lot of power, here you can see the best ones. cyclonic vacuum cleaners. More than they already have. Inside they have an integrated cyclonic system, thanks to which they work perfectly on all types of surfaces. In addition, one of the great advantages of this technology is that does not lose power over time. It always stays the same. Something that offers a lot of security to consumers.

With large tanks

Most sled vacuum cleaners do not operate with a bag. Instead they have a tank in which the dirt is stored. The main difference is the capacity of the tank, which can be very large at times. So think about how you are going to use the vacuum cleaner. This way you will be able to find a model that best suits that. You don't want to buy a sled vacuum cleaner with a tank that is too small but if you need to use it for work you might want to look at a industrial vacuum cleaner.


Most models within the sled vacuum cleaner category are powerful. But, there are models that stand out above the rest. That is why it is important to always check the power of the motor and also what users say. Because in this way we can see which vacuum cleaners are the most powerful.

With bag

For those consumers who want a vacuum cleaner of a lifetime, it is possible. There are models that work with a bag. In this case, there is a bag inside the vacuum cleaner in which the dirt accumulates. When the bag is full, it must be replaced with a new one. It is very important to do this because the vacuum cleaner loses suction power when the bag is full.

You should buy a sled vacuum cleaner if...

As I said, not all people are so clear about it. That's why these types of vacuum cleaners are still sold. Some people prefer them because they are better suited to your needs than other types. For example, you should consider buying a sled vacuum cleaner if you identify with some of these situations:

  • You don't like cordless vacuum cleanersThe battery allows you to dispense with the cable, giving you freedom. On the other hand, it has its limitations. For example, some people forget to charge the battery and when they need the vacuum cleaner, they realise that it is not available. On other occasions, it has a charge, but its autonomy is not enough for everything you need to vacuum, and it will leave you half-charged. That's not the case with a sled vacuum cleaner, which will always be available.
  • If you are looking for a powerful vacuum cleaner for little moneyWhen you're looking for powerful battery-powered vacuum cleaners, it can be quite an odyssey. Only premium brands and models offer good suction power, but they tend to be quite expensive. On the other hand, if you want a powerful vacuum cleaner for the minimum investment, then a sled vacuum cleaner is the best option. Being cord-powered, they will also offer more constant power, without depending on the battery level.
  • If you want it to last longerare very simple, and they are the most mature technology, as they have been developed for the longest time. Therefore, they are more robust and tend to last longer.
  • You have motor difficultiesYou probably have a problem with your arms, or loss of strength. In these cases, battery-powered vacuum cleaners are often problematic, and the weight of the motor, tank and battery is on your hand. With sled vacuum cleaners, all that weight is not suspended, but rests on wheels. This makes things easier for you.
  • You use them for multiple tasksThey usually come with a huge number of accessories for vacuuming the floor, upholstery, sofa, less accessible corners, etc.

Where to buy a cheaper sled vacuum cleaner

If you need buy a sledge vacuum cleaner at a cheap priceyou can go to shops like for example:

  • MediamarktThe German technology retailer also offers sled-type vacuum cleaners. You will find the latest models of the most popular brands. Their prices are quite competitive, and you can choose between online and in-person shopping.
  • AmazonThe online retail giant also has one of the largest selections of brands and models of vacuum cleaners of this type. In addition, you will be able to buy prices of the same model, to choose the offer that you like the most. All with the guarantees of purchase and payment security offered by the American giant.
  • CarrefourThe French department store chain also has sled-type vacuum cleaners in its small appliances section. There is not a huge variety, but you will find some of the best brands and the latest models, with competitive prices. This store also allows you to shop from their website or go to your nearest outlet.
  • El Corte InglésThe Spanish chain offers some of the latest models and the best brands of sled vacuum cleaners, similar to the Gallic chain. Their prices are not the lowest, but they sometimes do promotions and remarkable discounts, both in stores and on their website.

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