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Dyson vacuum cleaners are well known by the majority of consumers. It is a brand that has the support of the public and a good image. It is considered to be a quality firm that manufactures reliable products with eye-catching designs. This is why many people buy Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Here we leave you with a review with the best models of Dyson vacuum cleaners. So, you can see what the brand currently has available to customers. So if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner, there may be a model that fits your current needs.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Comparison

First of all we leave you with a Dyson vacuum cleaners comparison chart. Thanks to these data you can get an initial idea about each of the Dyson vacuum cleaners. After the table we explain more about each model individually.

vacuum cleaner finder

Which Dyson vacuum cleaner to buy

Once we have already seen the first specifications of each of these vacuum cleaners of the brand, we can move to a in-depth analysis of all Dyson models that we have just shown you. We will tell you more about each model. About its operation and the main aspects that you should take into account of each of these vacuum cleaners. So, if you are going to buy one, you can find the one that best suits you.

Dyson V10

We start with this model of broom vacuum cleaner of the brand. It is a model that stands out for its elongated handle, thanks to which we can reach all kinds of corners in our house. Something that makes cleaning much more comfortable. As we have said, it is a broom model, therefore, no wires. This allows us to move around the house with total freedom without worry.

Although, the absence of cables means that we have a battery. In this case it offers us a 60 minutes autonomy. This is enough time to be able to clean the whole house without any problem. In terms of power, despite being a cordless vacuum cleaner, it is a powerful model that allows us to clean the house and get rid of dust and dirt. In addition, it works very well on all types of surfaces. Also on wooden floors or carpets. In addition, we can adjust the power to fit the place where we are vacuuming.

It has a tank with 0.76 litre capacity, which is enough to vacuum the entire house. without having to empty it. So it is not something that we have to worry about at the time of cleaning. In addition, it is a lightweight and very easy to handle model, which makes cleaning much more bearable. This Dyson vacuum cleaner comes with accessories included.

Dyson V11

Thanks to cordless technology, you can move freely to go where others can't. Even outdoors, where there are no outlets, or in the car. Even outdoors, where you don't have a power socket, or in the car. Plus, many cordless vacuums have pretty poor power, but that's not the case with Dyson. It's one of the most powerful cordless smart vacuums on the market.

It has a memory-free lithium battery that will last longer. It can be easily charged on its base, and that will give you a quite good autonomy (up to 60 min in ECO mode). It also has a battery saving trigger.

Your LCD screen allows you to monitor in real time everything that is happening, such as the battery status, working modes, etc.. So you can have complete control over the cleaning. In addition, you will also like to know that it includes in the pack the vacuum cleaner with its tube and rotating brush for the floor, mini motorized brush, mini soft brush, nickel torque brush, the base to hang on the wall with charging port, the power adapter, corner nozzle, brush for the toughest dirt, and multifunction accessory...

Dyson Big Ball AnimalPro 2

The corded vacuum cleaners They also have their advantages, such as always offering the highest suction power, without relying on the autonomy of a battery. Clean as much as you want without having to charge. That's what this other Dyson model offers. A compact, quiet (80dB) vacuum cleaner, with 140w power, and a dirt tank capacity of 1.63 litres.

It's rated A for efficiency, so it's energy efficient. And all that without compromising on the power of the sophisticated Dyson motor, with Radial Root Cyclone technologyThis prevents it from losing suction power over time, as is the case with others.

In the pack The vacuum cleaner also comes with a pneumatic brush for all types of floors and a flexible corner brush that can be combined to clean inaccessible places and other surfaces.

Dyson V7

In second place we find this vacuum cleaner that is quite similar to the first in many ways. Since, as you can see, the design is identical. Therefore, the operation is similar, because we can reach every corner of the house with this vacuum cleaner. In addition, is lightweight, which makes it easy to handle. Something that also benefits from the absence of cables. And also the fact that we can turn it into a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Not having wires we find a battery. In this case it has a 30 minutes autonomyThis is a time that allows us to vacuum the house without any problems. Ideal if we have a small flat, because then we will have time to spare. In addition, it should be mentioned that it is a powerful vacuum cleaner despite being a broom. We will be able to get rid of all the dirt and dust in the house easily. On all types of surfaces.

This Dyson vacuum cleaner has a 0.4 litre tank. It's not an amount that looks too big on paper, although we can vacuum the whole house without having to empty it. So it's not an aspect that we have to worry about too much. We can consider the Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner as one of the best value for money options from the company.

Dyson V8 Absolute

The third vacuum cleaner on the list is a similar model to the previous ones. It belongs to the same family, although in this case we find a superior model that stands out in certain aspects. For example, we are faced with a model with more power. It has a much more powerful motor that allows us to vacuum the dirt and dust from our house with great ease. In fact, it's three times more powerful than a broom vacuum cleaner conventional.

This Dyson vacuum cleaner has a 0.54 litre tank that allows us to vacuum the whole house without emptying it. In addition, removing the tank to empty it is very simple. Just like maintenance and cleaning. These tasks take very little time. This model can also be converted into hand vacuum cleaner. This way we can vacuum in the car or on the sofa with great ease.

We are faced with a model that stands out for being very handy and lightweight. Something to which the absence of cables also contributes a lot. If we don't have cables it means that we have a battery. In this case, the battery offers us a duration of 40 minutes. A great autonomy within this category and that allows us to clean the whole house. It is a somewhat noisy vacuum cleaner, but it is not too big a problem. It comes with various accessories.


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Is Dyson worth it?

Dyson V6 Trigger

When it comes to buying a new vacuum cleaner, many people go for the brands they know and that they know offer them a guarantee of quality and good performance. Dyson is one of these brands. It is a firm that has been in the household products market for many years and millions of people have some of the brand's products in their homes.

Therefore, it is a well-known brand that is part of many people's lives. This is something important, as its products have proven to have the quality necessary for millions of people to choose them. Something that also applies in the case of Dyson vacuum cleaners. They are quality products that you know will work for a long time. A guarantee that gives you peace of mind.

Therefore, Dyson is certainly worth it. It is a brand that makes high quality products and that transmits a lot of security to consumers. You know what you are buying and you know the performance they are going to offer you. So you are playing it safe when you buy a vacuum cleaner from this brand.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Types

broom vacuum cleaner load

The British firm Dyson has developed a good repertoire of vacuum cleaners. to meet almost every need. These types are:

  • CordlessDyson vacuum cleaners: these are Li-Ion battery powered vacuum cleaners, which you can use without the need for cables. The Dyson brand stands out for the suction power of its vacuum cleaners, being one of the most powerful on the market, so you will get fantastic cleaning results. They also have the latest technology for their cyclonic motors and a great autonomy.
  • OmnidirectionalThe vacuum cleaners are very innovative vacuum cleaners capable of cleaning in all directions almost effortlessly. They are able to get around any obstacles you encounter, such as tables, furniture, chairs, etc., and clean all around with ease.
  • With cableDyson corded vacuums give you full power for as long as you need it. You don't have to worry about charging the battery, and they'll always perform at the same level. The problem with these vacuums is the cord, which limits where you can take it.
  • Robot vacuum cleanerRobot vacuum cleaners: this manufacturer has also created robot vacuum cleaners, which can clean completely autonomously so you don't have to worry about the floor anymore. Their robot vacuum cleaners have fantastic technology, with great autonomy, intelligent navigation system, and one of the highest suction power on the market.
  • SledYou can also find the classic sled vacuum cleaners. A more classic design and cheaper prices for those who are looking for something functional and practical without investing too much. The positive thing about these vacuum cleaners is that they tend to be more durable, and their power is very high, as they have larger motors and are always powered by the mains. In addition, as they have wheels, they can be dragged along the floor without the need to hold weight.

Features of selected Dyson vacuum cleaners

vacuum cleaner dyson with laser illumination

Dyson equips its products with technology and functions very innovative. All to improve the user experience and ensure that work is done efficiently and comfortably. Some of the most notable features are:

  • Cyclonic technologyThis technology circulates the suctioned air in the form of a cyclone, causing all the dirt present in it to remain trapped in the tank, without reaching the filter. The air will pass much cleaner into the filtration system, which will prevent it from getting so dirty and emitting too many particles.
  • Laser illuminationSome vacuum cleaners have brushes with LED or laser lighting so you can see all the dirt, even when vacuuming under furniture or in dark areas. So you won't leave anything behind.
  • Backlit displaySome advanced models have an LCD screen that displays information about the vacuum cleaner, such as charge level, speed, etc. These screens are often backlit, for effortless viewing.
  • Omnidirectional brushomnidirectional brushes allow for very comfortable cleaning in all directions. Conventional floor brushes can be a little rougher to clean in rooms where there are too many obstacles. However, these brushes will allow you to clean in any direction and get around all obstacles.
  • HEPA FilterHigh-efficiency filters allow most of the dirt particles in the air to be blown back into the room during cleaning. This has several positive effects, such as the dust will not be deposited again to dirty other surfaces. In addition to that, it is also great for health, as all allergens (pollen, mould, dust, dust mites,...) and particles will not be released.
  • Anti-tangle technologyThe hairs and lint tend to get tangled easily, which is very uncomfortable and makes you waste time removing them. Worse still, in some cases it can even make you despair. With anti-tangle technology you can prevent this type of dirt from getting stuck in the brushes and rollers.

Dyson History

Logo dyson

Dyson is a British company, something that many people don't know about. It was founded in 1987 by James Dyson. This makes it one of the youngest in this market, although from the beginning they have been dedicated to the manufacture of vacuum cleaners. Making them already have 30 years of experience in this sector.

Its founder was dissatisfied with the vacuum cleaners on the market at the time. So he decided to start manufacturing his own, which was to be a bagless vacuum cleaner. In this way, he became one of the first companies to introduce a model that did not use a bag. This helped to ensure that it did not lose suction power over time.

Between 1979 and 1984 James Dyson developed over 5,000 prototype vacuum cleaner designs. From 1984 onwards he started to manufacture some models and it was in 1986 when he started to produce on a larger scale his first model, the Cyclon or G-Force. The following year the company was established as such.

In the 90s the company expanded its product range to other categories. They began to manufacture and sell products such as dryers, air conditioners, heaters or fans, among others. This was a great boost for the company worldwide.

Dyson is currently one of the most important companies in the household products sector. The company has a presence in almost every part of the world and employs more than 7,000 people in its various production plants around the world.

Where can you buy a cheaper Dyson vacuum cleaner?

If you wish to buy a Dyson brand vacuum cleanerIf you are looking for a replacement device, then you can find a multitude of shops where you can find these devices and also spare parts.

  • AmazonThe distribution giant allows you to choose from a multitude of models and with very competitive prices. In addition, it has all the guarantees when you place an order through them, even guaranteeing a full refund if the product does not arrive in perfect condition or is not what you ordered. A safe and effective system with which to buy comfortably. In addition, if you have Amazon Prime, you can enjoy a much faster delivery service and no shipping costs.
  • El Corte InglésThe Spanish supermarket chain also has Dyson products in its electronics section. These supermarkets are not known for having the best prices, but they do have good service and guarantees, as well as the possibility of taking advantage of offers such as their famous Tecnoprecios and other fleeting promotions. Of course, in this case you have the option of buying online and also in person, in one of their nearest points of sale.
  • MediamarktDyson: the German chain dedicated to technology is another great option to buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner. This chain has good prices and a good stock of products. With online purchase mode and also in person, as it is more comfortable for you.
  • CarrefourDyson vacuum cleaners: another alternative you have is this other French chain. It has a good repertoire of Dyson vacuum cleaners. Their prices are not bad, with the possibility to buy from their stores distributed throughout the Spanish geography, or from their web platform.

When can you buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner on sale?

dyson cyclone vacuum cleaner

Dyson is one of the best brands, which is why it doesn't have the cheapest products on the market. However, the quality offered by this British firm makes it worth paying extra to get the best performance. Fortunately, you can get a model for a lot less by taking advantage of some of the best deals on the market. offers like:

  • Black Fridayon Friday 27 November will be this day when stores like Amazon will be flooded with very important offers. Some discounts go beyond 25 or 30%, which is a great bargain. An unrepeatable buying opportunity that you can take advantage of to buy your Dyson vacuum cleaner at a low price.
  • Prime DayOctober 14 of this year was the famous day when there are exclusive discounts on Amazon. An annual event with discounts for Prime members on thousands of products of all kinds, including electronics and home.
  • Cyber MondayOn Monday, November 30, 2020 will be held this other campaign of promotions that precedes Black Friday. The offers in this case are aimed at online sales of all kinds of products. Another great opportunity if you missed Prime Day or Black Friday to get a cheap Dyson vacuum cleaner.
  • VAT-Free DayOn this day you can get everything 21% cheaper, as if they had discounted the VAT tax on all items. This offer is available in many stores, such as Leroy Merli, Apple, Conforama, Worten, Media Markt, El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, etc. An ideal time to buy your Dyson a 21% cheaper ... Remember that this day proposed by the National Government through the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Tourism and the Interior, will be held on 21 November to encourage sales.

Discontinued Dyson vacuum cleaner models

Below is a selection of Dyson vacuum cleaners that are no longer on sale but can still be found on sale or second hand:

Dyson DC52 Allergy

In fourth place we find a cyclonic vacuum cleaner traditional in every way. Both in design and operation. It has cyclonic technology, which stands out for its great power and because it does not lose power over time.. Something that undoubtedly offers many guarantees to consumers. Since you know that it will work all the time in perfect condition. In addition, it works very well on all types of surfaces.

This model has a tank with 2 litre capacity. A quantity that is more than enough to be able to vacuum the whole house without emptying it. We can vacuum it on more than one occasion without emptying it. In addition, the extraction and emptying of the tank is very simple, so it hardly takes any time at all. We simply have to press a button.

This vacuum cleaner works with a cable, which has a length of 6 meters. Thanks to this length we can vacuum throughout the house without any problems. It allows us to move through the rooms of our home without any problem. In addition, it is a very handy vacuum cleaner, although it is not the lightest. It has a weight of 7.5 kg, which is not excessive, although it may seem a lot to some people, but it is not the lightest. thanks to its large wheels, it moves very easily all over the house. It is also worth noting that it is a model that makes less noise than other conventional vacuum cleaners. Finally, this Dyson vacuum cleaner comes with accessories included.

Dyson DC62

dyson dc62

We close the list with this other broom vacuum cleaner. A model that stands out again for its long handle, which allows us to reach every corner of the house. In addition, can be converted into a handheld vacuum cleaner. So we can also clean on sofas or in the car with maximum comfort. Therefore, we can get rid of all the dirt in our house.

It is a model that is powerful and helps us to vacuum all the dirt in the house. In addition, it is a model that is powerful and helps us to vacuum up all the dirt in the house, has several power modes, which allows us to adapt it to different uses, either depending on the surface on which we are using the vacuum cleaner or depending on whether it is a lot of accumulated dirt. All this dirt goes into the 0.4 litre tank it has, which allows us to vacuum the whole house without having to empty it. Removing it is very simple.

It is a broom vacuum cleaner, which means that there are no cables. This gives us a lot of freedom of movement when cleaning at home. In addition, it is a lightweight model that is very easy to use. The battery of this Dyson vacuum cleaner offers us a duration of about 20 minutess. Which for some users is a bit short. This model comes with several accessories included.

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