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If you are thinking of acquiring a Electrolux vacuum cleaneris a fantastic option, as it is a very solid group dedicated to innovation and the development of quality products for domestic and professional use at very interesting prices. A high percentage of users are very satisfied with their vacuum cleaners, which shows that it is a brand that can be trusted.

Which Electrolux vacuum cleaner to buy

You will find a huge variety of solutions under the Electrolux brand, to satisfy all needs. Some of the top products of this firm are:

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Electrolux EENL52IW

If you prefer a broom-type vacuum cleaner to clean the floor without bending down, you can use this one. wireless by Electrolux. It has a rechargeable battery and a very efficient motor to give greater autonomy. Its suction power is very good, to clean all types of surfaces, even carpets.

Its centre of gravity has been lowered, so that it can be kept in balance without any problem, so that you can release it at any given moment. On the other hand, it has a 3-level filtration system, to return very clean air to the room. As for the accessories, it has a Dust Pro Combi brush for carpets and hard floors, and a special one for wooden or delicate floors..

Electrolux UltraSilencer

This Electrolux model is a bagged vacuum cleaner with a exceptional power for carpet, rug or hard floors. Its motor is very powerful, but manages to operate with a low noise level (up to 68 dB when running at maximum power), as well as being very energy efficient. It also has a control system to adapt the power according to your needs.

This sled vacuum cleaner allows you to carry it comfortably from one place to another with greater flexibility, as it works both horizontally and vertically. It also has a system to improve its stability. Its S-Bag has up to 3.5 liters of capacity, which is a considerable size so that you can forget to change it for a long time. The filter is washable and its cable reaches up to 12 meters.

Electrolux EC41-2SW

This other model of vacuum cleaner has a high powerIt has an innovative cyclonic system to suck up even the most stubborn dirt and an innovative cyclonic system. It does not need a bag for its operation, as it has a tank with a capacity of up to 1.8 litres.

The motor supports power variation. It has an attractive, compact design, with a light weight. Its filtering system is very efficientwhich can be removed for easy cleaning. The length of the cable is about 5 and a half meters. Various accessories for the floor, corners, fabrics, etc. are included in the pack.

Electrolux Easygo

This Easygo bag and sled type vacuum cleaner is another of the best models of the Swedish firm. It is compact and easy to carry from one place to another. In spite of its appearance, it hides a powerful 600W motor of energy efficiency A capable of sucking up everything that is put in front of it without raising the electricity bill too much.

It has a capacity of up to 3.5 litres for dirt in its S-Bag, allowing you to vacuum for a long time without having to change the bag. In addition, it has a washable Hygiene Filter with a very high filtration capacity, to prevent dust and allergens from escaping. As for the accessories included, it comes with a floor brush and two extra nozzles, the DustPro for carpets and hard floors, and the narrow one for crevices or corners.

Electrolux PureQ9

This other ergonomic model has many similarities with the previous one, but has a greater versatility, as it can be both a broom type vacuum cleaner as well as a handheld, since it is a 2 in 1. An efficient and powerful all-rounder for the whole house, both floors and high areas, or for your car. With a low noise level and a high power motor.

Its Li-Ion battery maintains an optimal level throughout the time of use (up to 55 min of autonomy), even if the dust tray is full. All thanks to cyclonic technology. In addition, it is also equipped with Brush Roll Clean technologyto avoid tangles in the brush and to ensure that there is always an optimal airflow.

Electrolux UltraEnergica

It is a vacuum cleaner with a pretty good price, and broom type, with balancing system to keep it steady. With it you can vacuum with high power all types of surfacesfrom carpets and rugs, to hard floors, etc.. Its power ranges from 600W to 750W, as it is adjustable according to your needs at all times.

This Electrolux vacuum cleaner also features a Hygiene Filter 11 for high filtering efficiency, and with three levels of filtration in its output, so that the air comes out as clean as possible. It has 4 different brushes that come included as accessories, such as the turbo to remove hair and dust from carpets, the DustPro for carpets, hard floors and wood, and the MiniTurbo to remove animal hair or fabrics.

Electrolux EER7Animal Ergorapido

It is a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner, a bagless broom-type vacuum cleaner that can also be transformed into a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean higher surfaces. In addition, it has a motorized brush called Animal Care special for pets. On the other hand, this vacuum cleaner makes cleaning easier, as it has an EasySteer head with 180º mobility to reach all places and do it with fluid movements.

Its tank has a capacity of up to 0.5 liters, with autonomy of up to 45 min thanks to its lithium battery, with adjustable power, silent mode, double filter system with washable filter, LED indicator, and with a nice design.

Features of some Electrolux vacuum cleaners

broom vacuum cleaner electrolux

If you are looking for a good Electrolux vacuum cleaner and you are hesitating to buy, you should know some of the most outstanding features of these vacuums, that will help you:

  • AeroPro 2 Suction Systemis a special type of brush for all types of surfaces and does not damage the most delicate floors, without scratches. It is also quieter than other brushes that can generate noise when the air passes through the grooves.
  • Self-cleaning brush with Brush Roll Clean TechnologyThis technology prevents the hairs or lint from wrapping around the brush. A rather annoying thing that wastes time removing tangles and can clog the brush and cause the air to not flow optically. With Brush Roll Clean you avoid all these problems.
  • Suitable for petsSome models of Electrolux vacuum cleaners have special brushes to remove pet hair from carpets and rugs, as well as from other surfaces and fabrics. An ideal complement for cleaning in homes where furry friends are present....
  • Cyclonic technologyCyclonic technology allows powerful suction and ensures that solid debris and dust is removed from the air, making the filtering more efficient and not expelling dust and other allergens that can affect people with any type of respiratory problem.
  • SilentMany vacuum cleaners from this Swedish brand have a lower noise level, which is less annoying during cleaning sessions. In addition, they support power control, so you can lower the suction and noise level when you don't need it to work at its maximum capacity.

Where to Get Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Parts

spare parts vacuum cleaner electrolux

Electrolux is a large group of appliances of all kinds, a very well known brand. This makes finding spare or replacement parts for your products is quite easy.both bags, filters, etc. You can get it in many specialized stores or also on pages like Amazon. There you can find:

  • S-Bag dirt bag refills.
  • HEPA and washable filters for all models.
  • Original and compatible brushes.
  • Vacuum tube in case yours breaks.
  • Even accessory kits with different nozzles.

So, if you run out of dirt bags, or if you lose or damage an element, it won't mean the end of the vacuum cleaner, as you can easily find replacements...

Are Electrolux vacuum cleaners good value for money?

Electrolux vacuum cleaners have a great value for money. It is true that some premium models may be priced a little higher, but there are many others that are affordable and offer superb reliability and performance.

Around 80% of the users who have decided to buy an Electrolux vacuum cleaner have shown themselves to be very satisfied with the purchase. Guaranteed quality and with a design designed to make cleaning less tedious...

Is an Electrolux vacuum cleaner worth it? My opinion

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You can look at and compare a multitude of vacuum cleaners on the market and, without a doubt, for its performance, the Electrolux will be the one to choose. among the best. Its design brings comfort, which is something important, because cleaning is always a boring task and having a bad tool can make it even worse.

In addition, it is a product with great power, very handyIt barely weighs, and the results are more than remarkable. Sometimes, cheap can be expensive, and opting for a low-cost or unknown brand will end up disappointing you and with the vacuum cleaner stored in a closet unused because it is useless, and that will not happen with this Swedish.

Where to buy an Electrolux vacuum cleaner

If you have decided to buy an Electrolux vacuum cleaner at a good priceyou can opt for one of these purchase options:

  • CarrefourThe French chain has points of sale all over Spain, where you can find all kinds of vacuum cleaners from this company. In addition, you have the option of ordering it through their website to have it delivered to your home. In any case, you can find some promotions and special offers.
  • MediamarktElectrolux: German stores have managed to become popular for their good prices on technology, and that also includes Electrolux vacuum cleaners. You can find some of the latest models there, both in their physical store and on their website if you don't have a centre near you.
  • The English CourtElectrolux: Spanish hypermarkets also have a large section of household appliances where Electrolux is present. Their prices are not the lowest, but they have sales and promotions that you could take advantage of, such as Tecnoprecios. Again, you can also choose to buy online or in person.
  • AmazonElectrolux vacuum cleaners: the online retail giant is the favorite choice of many, because it has the largest number of models and offers Electrolux vacuum cleaners. You can choose the one that best suits your needs, among so many offers. And all with the security and guarantees that this platform provides. And, remember, if you are a Prime customer, you save on shipping costs.

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