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When it comes time to buy a new vacuum cleaner there are many things to consider. The brand is also one of them. Many consumers choose to turn to brands you already knowbecause this gives them confidence. Therefore, it is important to know what brands of vacuum cleaners are on the market and what products they offer. This way we can make a better decision. One of the most important brands is Kärcher.

The brand is one of the best known in the vacuum cleaner industry. There may be people who are not familiar with its name. But, it is one of the companies with the longest track record in the sector.. Therefore, it is a trusted firm with a lot of experience in it. So it is good that we take into account what the brand has to offer when we are looking for a new vacuum cleaner.

Here we leave you with a reviews of various Kärcher vacuum cleaner models. This way you can see what the company has to offer. So, when you go to buy a new vacuum cleaner, you will choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

Comparison Karcher Vacuum Cleaners

First of all we are going to leave you with a chart Comparison of the best Karcher vacuum cleaner models. This way you can already have a clear idea of each of these vacuum cleaners. After the table we will make an in-depth analysis of each model.

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Which Karcher vacuum cleaner to buy

Once we have seen the first specifications of each of these Kärcher vacuum cleaners, it is time to carry out an in-depth analysis of each of them. We will talk about how they work and some details that are important for you to know. So that you can see which one best suits what you are looking for.

Karcher WD3

We start the list with this model, which is possibly one of the best known of the brand. This is a vacuum cleaner that stands out for being very powerful. Therefore, it will get rid of dust and accumulated dirt with great ease. Moreover, it is an ideal vacuum cleaner for various environments. You can use it perfectly in an industrial environmentAs well as being powerful, it has a large capacity tank that allows us to store a lot of dirt.

It is a model that has a 17 litre tank. This is a huge amount, but since it is intended to be used in professional environments, it is a good amount. Also, the tank can be emptied very easily.

The same applies to the filter, as it is enough to shake the dirt accumulated in the garbage so that it is clean again and we can use it as the first day. This makes it very convenient.

This vacuum cleaner works with cable, one of 4 meters on this occasion. It is not the longest, although we can move quite a bit with it. But a longer cable would be desirable. It has a weight of just over 7.5 kg. Despite the figure, thanks to its design with four wheels it is very easy to handle and moves easily. In addition, it stands out for being very stable. Therefore, we don't have to be afraid of it tipping over or something happening. Another important detail is that for such a powerful vacuum cleaner, it makes very little noise.

Karcher WD2

This second model on the list of Karcher vacuum cleaners could be considered as a the little brother of the previous model. Since we are faced with a vacuum cleaner that also stands out for being powerful, in fact they have an engine with the same power, and for its suction power. Although, in this case the main difference between the two is the capacity of the tank, which in this case is somewhat smaller.

It has a capacity of 12 litres, which is still a very generous amount. So it allows us to suck up a lot of dirt before it fills up.

This is a model that can be used in many different situations. It is ideal for professional environments such as hotels or restaurants. But also for domestic use. In fact, is a ideal vacuum cleaner if you have animalsIt is a very powerful vacuum cleaner, as it gets rid of all the hairs they release. So it is a good choice if you were looking for a vacuum cleaner that stands out for its power.

In this case, it is a model that generates more noise. There may be consumers for whom it is too much and it becomes annoying. Although it is not much more noise than any other common vacuum cleaner generates. It is a model quite light for its powerIt weighs 4.5 kg. Therefore, it is a vacuum cleaner easy to handle and has a great mobility. The main drawback is that the cable is 4 metres long, which in some cases may not be long enough.

Karcher WD6 P Premium

In third place we are faced with one of the best known Karcher vacuum cleaners of the brand. Also in front of one of the best they've ever released. It is a model that stands out for its enormous power. It has a great suction power that will remove all the dirt that has accumulated. In addition, we allows wet and dry cleaning of dirt. Therefore, we can use this vacuum cleaner on several occasions. Undoubtedly a model that stands out for its versatility.

In this case it has a huge sized tank, with 30 litre capacity on this occasion. Therefore, it is a model that can be used perfectly in professional environments. Because it allows us to vacuum a lot of dirt without the need to be constantly emptying.

In addition, we can use it to vacuuming all kinds of dirt. From dust to sawdust. That's why it's a good option to consider in professional environments.

It is a heavier model, weighing about 9.5 kg. But, thanks to its design with four wheels, it is a vacuum cleaner that offers great mobility. In addition, it is very stable and will be very difficult to tip over. Something that will make cleaning tasks much easier. This vacuum cleaner has a cable with a length of six meters, something that offers us much more freedom of movement. In addition, it must be said that it is a model that does not generate too much noise and comes with several accessories to get into difficult corners.

Karcher VC5

In fourth place we find this model that is nothing like the previous ones. Since it is a compact vacuum cleaner. At first, what is most striking is its design, especially considering that it is a vacuum cleaner of the brand.

But, is an ideal choice if you are looking for a small vacuum cleaner that doesn't take up too much space.. But, all this without giving up power and suction power.

Since this model stands out for helping us to carry out a very efficient cleaning in our home. So it is a good demonstration that a powerful vacuum cleaner does not have to be big.

Works great on all types of surfaceseven on wooden floors. Therefore, you can use it no matter what type of floor you have in your home. In addition, we can use it in different ways thanks to its design. Making it a very versatile vacuum cleaner.

It is a vacuum cleaner that also it is very light, weighing just over 3 kg.. So the task of cleaning the house is very simple and comfortable. It is ideal if we have to climb stairs with this vacuum cleaner, as it is not heavy, making the task not too costly. In addition, its small size means that it can be easily stored anywhere without taking up too much space. If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that combines power without being too big, this is the best model you can find.

Karcher WD5 Premium

Finally we find this vacuum cleaner that we could say that it is the little brother of the third model on the list. Since they are two vacuum cleaners that have many elements in common. Being both very good options if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that stands out for its power and good performance.

In this case, we are dealing with a model that vacuums wet and dry, so it can be useful in many different situations.

This is a model powerful and that vacuums very well if we have animals at home. Inside it we find a bag. Although not to worry, since it is a bag that you will not have to change very often, as it has a huge capacity. Therefore, you can comfortably vacuum around the house without having to worry about it filling up.

It is the heaviest vacuum cleaner on the list, weighing in at 10 kg. Although, thanks to the design it has with the wheels is quite manageable. So the weight should not be such a decisive element in this regard. In addition, it has a cable with a length of five meters, which in principle is enough to be able to move freely while vacuuming. A model that comes with various accessories (nozzles and brushes).

Karcher VC4 S Plus

The German brand Kärcher also has broom type vacuum cleaner models and cordless, if you're looking for a powerful and reliable alternative to the Dyson. This VC4 S Plus model has a powerful 700W cordless motorand a fairly compact size and weight of about 5 kg complete.

This vacuum cleaner includes a long tube to comfortably clean the floor without having to bend your back, with great suction power, bagless tank, multi-cyclonic technology, class A efficiency, noise level of 78 dB at maximum power, Li-Ion battery for a good autonomy, and 3 speed selection system.

Karcher DS6

This Kärcher DS6 vacuum cleaner has a water filter for a multi-stage filtration system The HEPA filter ensures that as much dirt as possible is captured, even the smallest particles will not get back out. The dirt will be trapped in its water tank, and the dirt that escapes from it will be captured by its HEPA filter.

It has a motor powerful 650W, high-efficiency class Aand superb suction power. By not using replacement bags and purifying the air, it will also be a more ECO product, and it will be more efficient. ideal for households with allergy suffererswith pets, or with asthmatics.

It has a compact design, with a long cable length to be able to reach up to a radius of 12 meters without having to change plugs. The cord retracts automatically, it has interchangeable accessories for different surfaces, including carpets, and its tank has a capacity of up to 2 litres.

What is the cheapest Karcher vacuum cleaner?

If you are looking for a cheap Kärcher vacuum cleaner, as it is a quality brand that tends to have somewhat higher prices, you could opt for the WD 2 model. This vacuum cleaner has a very affordable price, and has some great features.

It has a power of 1000W of high efficiency, with a tank of capacity up to 12 litres, With a cable of 4 meters and is industrial type, to be resistant and to suck both liquids and solids. A great option for workshops, garages, outdoor spaces, etc.

It includes a long, ergonomic tube for vacuuming the floor without bending over, a large floor brush, and a fine nozzle for vacuum liquids and solids of the smallest corners.

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Is a Kärcher vacuum cleaner worth it?

vacuum cleaner karcher cheap

The name of the brand may not mean anything to many people. Although we are facing a firm that has extensive experience in the field of vacuum cleaners. Therefore, it is a brand that has managed to win the support of consumers worldwide based on good work and quality products. So, we can see that they are quality products and offer good performance.

Karcher is a company whose vacuum cleaners work perfectly. They are mostly models that stand out for their great power and suction power. In fact, it is a brand of great importance in the sector of the industrial vacuum cleaners. Therefore, we see that it is an aspect that always stands out in their models. So if you were looking for a powerful vacuum cleaner, you've made the right choice. The brand's vacuum cleaners stand out especially in this aspect.

But not only in terms of power. These are models that offer good long-lasting performance. So they will last you a long time. They are resistant and designed to offer years of good performance. Something that is essential for consumers and that undoubtedly offers a good guarantee and gives peace of mind. Therefore, Karcher models are worth the money. It is a serious firm that manufactures quality products. So if there is a model that you like, do not hesitate to buy it. You will not regret it.

How to choose a Karcher vacuum cleaner

If you are thinking about buy a vacuum cleaner Kärcher, you should consider the following points, in order to be able to make the right choice:

  • Use that we are going to giveThe first thing is to ask yourself what you are going to use it for. For example, if it is for the home, it is better to opt for a cordless vacuum cleaner broom type to clean the floor, or a sled type in case you do not want to depend on the charge of a battery or you have a very large home. If it's for more professional use, outdoors, or for cleaning large areas, opt for an industrial vacuum cleaner. These vacuum cleaners can absorb solids and liquids of all kinds, blower mode for dry leaves (some models), are more resistant and durable, and have large capacity tanks.
  • PowerIt is important that the vacuum cleaner has a high power rating. More power means more power consumption, but also more suction power. A less powerful cordless vacuum cleaner may not be enough to clean some stubborn dirt and you will end up frustrated. Make sure that whatever type you choose, your vacuum cleaner has plenty of power.
  • Deposit or bagsThe refill bags are a burden, as you'll have to keep buying compatible refills, which are sometimes not available in all stores, and you'll have to throw them away. Models with a bin are much more convenient and cheaper in the long run, plus they won't generate as much waste (more sustainable). You simply empty the canister into the bin when it's full and you're ready to continue vacuuming.
  • FiltersHEPA filters should be HEPA, to better capture the smallest particles and not be an ordeal every time you vacuum for asthmatics or allergy sufferers. If in addition to the HEPA filter it has other additional stages, such as a water filter, much better, as it will leave a purer air. Another plus is if the filter is removable and can be washed.
  • AccessoriesIt is essential that you have a good repertoire of accessories for cleaning different surfaces. As a minimum you should have a large brush with a long tube for cleaning floors, and a narrow tube for accessing the most inaccessible areas and corners, and a small brush for the sofa, chairs, cushions, etc.

Features of some Karcher vacuum cleaners

To make it all a little clearer, you should know some of the following terms used by Kärcher in its vacuum cleaners, on which the performance and results depend to a large extent:

  • Cyclonic technologyCyclonic vacuum cleaners use a cyclonic separator to separate solid particles from the incoming air. Thanks to this technology they do not need filters like other vacuum cleaners, but rely on the generation of an air vortex so that the effects of the rotation force and gravity do the rest. The efficiency of this type of vacuum cleaner is quite good, and avoids having to change or clean the filters frequently.
  • HEPA FilterHigh Efficiency Particle Arresting: is a high efficiency filter. It stands for High Efficiency Particle Arresting, or High Efficiency Particle Arresting. These filters manage to capture most of the particles in the air, even the smallest ones. That is why they are used in many air purifiers. They prevent dust, mould spores, bacteria, pet dander, dust mites and even some large viruses from getting through.
  • Water filterThese vacuum cleaners are ideal for allergy or asthma sufferers, as well as other people with respiratory problems. Thanks to the water in the tank through which the incoming dirty air will pass, the dirt particles will be captured, and the almost clean air will pass through another filter, usually a HEPA filter. This purifies the air very effectively and prevents allergens from being re-circulated into the air in the room.
  • Easy emptying of the tankThe bags have been gradually disappearing to make way for the tank bags. These vacuum cleaners, when they are full, you can simply empty them and they are ready to continue vacuuming. No need to buy refills, exchange bags, etc.
  • PowerThe difference between electrical power (W) and suction power (kPa or AW) must be differentiated. Although they usually go hand in hand, as the higher the electrical power, the higher the suction power, they refer to different things. The most important thing is the suction power, which is the capacity of the appliance to absorb dirt. For example, if they are cordless vacuum cleaners, 20-26 kPa (200 AW) is normal, if it is higher than that much better. A robot vacuum cleaner is usually between 2-5 kPa or more, and the corded ones can be higher than the battery ones.

Kärcher History

Karcher logo

As many will have guessed from its name, Karcher is a German company. The company was named after its founder Alfred Kärcher and was founded in 1935. In the beginning they specialized in heating elements and ovens, in fact of one of their models they sold 1,200 units until 1945.

But from the 50's and 60's the company began to focus on the cleaning market. This is the sector in which they have developed their main activity and in which they have achieved worldwide success. The pressure washers have been the product with which the German brand began to achieve worldwide success. In fact, in many markets they are still their most recognised product. Even in some countries the word Karcher is synonymous with the word pressure washer. So its influence and impact have been of great importance.

vacuum cleaner karcher domestic

The success of these cleaners helped them to market their vacuum cleaners. Since Karcher had managed to make a name for itself in the cleaning sector. Thanks to the good work of its pressure washers, the vacuum cleaners of the brand have managed to have an important place in the market.

Currently they are present in more than 150 countries worldwide with their products. They also have 38 subsidiaries in various countries.

Karcher Vacuum Cleaner Types

The German brand Karcher has a large range of types of vacuum cleaners. It is a brand focused on cleaning tools, where it is a leader. Therefore, you have solutions for all tastes and needs such as:

Manual vacuum cleaner

They are compact and lighter weight vacuum cleaners so that they can be used comfortably on all types of surfaces, on furniture, drawers, cupboards, etc. You can also use a telescopic attachment for the floor, so you don't have to bend down. In addition, its size should not deceive you, since it has a great power.

Bagless vacuum cleaner

This type uses multi-cyclone technology for better results, and traps all the dirt inside without the need for bags. So you save on refills. When it's full, you simply empty the tank and it's ready to go.

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Vacuum cleaner with water filter

This technology is ideal for people with respiratory problems or allergy sufferers, as it will generate less air pollution with allergens (dust, pollen, mites,...). To do this, use a tank with water that will act as a filter to trap all that dirt sucked in. Then, the air will pass through a HEPA filter and will come out much cleaner. In addition, by not generating so much dust in its output, it will not get so dirty when it is cleaned (some generate dust that ends up being deposited again on the surfaces).

View water filter vacuum cleaners

Cordless vacuum cleaner

They include a powerful Li-Ion battery to supply the necessary energy to its powerful motor without the need for a cable. That will give you greater freedom of movement, being able to reach all the places you need, even outdoors where there are no plugs.

View cordless vacuums

Industrial vacuum cleaners

They are vacuum cleaners with a larger capacity, more power than conventional ones, more durable to work longer with them, and they have a resistant metal tank. They can absorb both liquids and solids, and are designed for workshops or industries where dust, sand, oils, paints, wood shavings, metal, glass, etc. are vacuumed.

See industrial vacuum cleaners

For car

These are compact models for use in the vehicle. They are generally multi-purpose, i.e. you can use some of the above models with the appropriate accessories to vacuum the car.

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What is the most powerful Karcher vacuum cleaner?

There are several models of powerful Kärcher vacuum cleaners, one of which is the model T 15/1. This series is specially designed for dry cleaning in the industrial sector, but you can also use it for warehouses, garages, outside your home, restaurants, etc.. It is a high-end model with a long flexible cable hose, various cleaning accessories, and enormous power.

The air flow rate of this vacuum cleaner reaches the 53 litres per secondThe machine has a suction of 24 kPa, a capacity of 15 litres for its dirt tank, an electric power of 800W, and a very efficient motor.

There are also other serious highly powerful, such as the Tact Range, the WD series, etc.

Why choose a Karcher vacuum cleaner?

liquid vacuum cleaner karcher

More than 75% of those who have purchased this type of vacuum cleaner are quite happy with their purchase. This is already an indication. In addition, the German brand, Karcher, is one of the leaders in terms of technology and cleaning solutions. Undoubtedly one of the best if you are looking for the best quality and results.

With the maturation of the technology and experience of this firm, have gradually evolved to be able to reduce the vacuuming time and make things much easier, even in the most inaccessible places. In addition, you have a wide variety of types of vacuum cleaners that you will not find in all brands, they include a good set of accessories or nozzles, and it is always easy to find spare parts for this brand...

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have any questions about Kärcher vacuum cleaners, the Kärcher vacuum cleaner most frequent questions that users tend to do are as follows:

How to clean the filter of a Karcher vacuum cleaner

clean vacuum cleaner filter karcher

To clean a filter of a Kärcher vacuum cleaner, the steps to follow are as follows:

  1. Check that the filter of your vacuum cleaner can be washed, this can be seen in the manual of your model. If they are not washable, but have lost their effectiveness, you can buy a replacement.
  2. Make sure the vacuum cleaner is unplugged for safety.
  3. Then take out the container where the dirt is deposited or the lid where the filter is (it may be different depending on the model).
  4. Take out the filter and first brush it with a soft brush to clean the most superficial dirt.
  5. Now wash the filter with hot water, focusing especially on the folds if you have them, as this is where most dirt tends to accumulate. You should also clean it by letting the water run from one side to the other.
  6. Once you see that it is clean, you can let it dry. It is very important that there is no moisture left on it. So it is preferable to let it dry in the sun for at least a day.
  7. Install the filter back in your vacuum cleaner as it was before removal. And remember to clean it every 6 months, if it's not water...

How to change the bag of a Karcher vacuum cleaner

vacuum cleaner bag karcher

To change the bags If you have a Kärcher vacuum cleaner, the first thing to do is to buy packs of bags compatible with your model. They usually come in packs of 20 or more, and are made of paper. To change it:

  1. Unplug the Kärcher vacuum cleaner.
  2. Open the lid where the dirt bag is located on your vacuum cleaner.
  3. Remove the bag that is full, it is usually anchored at two points, or attached to a kind of plastic rail.
  4. Once you have removed the old bag and discarded it, you can place the new empty bag in the same position.

If you find that your vacuum cleaner has lost efficiency, or the pressure gauge is going off, it is likely that the problem is the bag is full...

Where to buy a cheaper Karcher vacuum cleaner

Finding a Karcher vacuum cleaner or its spare parts is not too difficult. Due to its popularity, this brand is available in most specialty stores. If you are looking for cheaper modelsyou should be aware of the following sites:

  • AmazonKarcher vacuum cleaners: is one of the preferred platforms to buy Karcher vacuum cleaners, as it is where you will find the greatest variety of types and models, as well as offers. In addition, you also have other brand tools and filter replacements. Of course, you have the maximum guarantees and security in the purchase, and if you have a Prime subscription you will have exclusive privileges.
  • Leroy MerlinKarcher: this French chain also has models of the Karcher brand, although it is not as huge as Amazon's offer. You can make your purchases either from their website to have it sent to your home or go to the nearest store in your province.
  • Bricodepotis another of the Gallic chains that have set up in our country and that have focused on DIY, decoration and construction materials. Among them, you will also find tools such as Karcher vacuum cleaners. Again you have the option of buying online to have it sent to your home, or going to one of their stores.

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