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The time to buy a new vacuum cleaner can be somewhat complex because we come across so many different kinds of vacuum cleaners available. While this is a good thing, because it helps us to find something that is much better suited to what we need. Among the many types of vacuum cleaners that are on the market are the water vacuums.

This is a type of vacuum cleaner known for offering us a additional protection against dirt in our house. Since this kind of vacuum cleaners help us to clean but also to purify the air at home. Therefore, are an ideal choice if there are people with dust allergy or dust mite allergy.

Here we leave you with an analysis of several models of vacuum cleaners. This way you can learn a little more about what brands offer us today. So, if you were thinking about buying a wet vacuum cleaner, you may find the model that best suits what you are looking for.

Comparison of vacuum cleaners with water filter

First of all we leave you with a table comparison with the best models of wet vacuum cleaners of the market. Thus, you can get a general idea of each model. After the table we proceed to an in-depth analysis of each of the vacuum cleaners.

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Which vacuum cleaner with water filter to buy

Once we have seen the table with the most important features of wet vacuum cleaners, we can move on to an individual analysis of all of them. We tell you more about how they work and the most important aspects. So that you can be very clear about which vacuum cleaner is the one that best suits your needs.

BISSELL HydroClean ProHeat Complete

First of all we find this model that stands out as a very powerful water vacuum cleaner.ideal for finishing with all the dust and dirt that is in our house. In addition, it is a model that we can use in all kinds of situations and surfaces. We can make use of this vacuum cleaner on carpets, sealed hard floors, furniture, mattresses, pet beds or wooden floors among many others. Therefore, all consumers can benefit from its use.

It has several modes that allow us to adapt its power depending on the use we want to do. It has a tank with a capacity of 5 liters. A large amount and that allows us to clean all over the house without emptying the tank. All this while the air that comes out of the washing machine is clean and helps us to get a much deeper cleaning in our house. We can vacuum and wash with this vacuum cleaner, as it has both modes.

It is a somewhat heavy vacuum cleaner, as it has a weight of about 16 kg. It may be too much for some users, as it is not as mobile as other models. Although it makes up for it with its power and cleaning efficiency. In addition, we have a cable that allows us to move around the house comfortably. A very powerful model and a vacuum cleaner ideal if you have allergies, as it will get rid of all the dust..

Cecotec Wet&Dry

In second place we have this vacuum cleaner from a very well known brand in the market (you can see here what we think of Cecotec vacuum cleaners).

This is a model that stands out for its power. It is a great option to get rid of dust and dirt at home. In addition, this vacuum cleaner also we can use it to suck up liquids. Therefore, it offers us many options and helps us to obtain a cleanliness in any area of the house. Something that consumers are sure to value positively.

It should also be said that it works on all types of surfaces. So no matter what kind of floors you have at home, you will be able to use it without any problem. It also has a tank with a capacity of 15 liters, a huge amount and that allows us to use the vacuum cleaner on several occasions without having to empty it. In addition, this model has a double filtering.

This ensures a much deeper cleaning and that there are hardly any particles that manage to get out of the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, the air that comes out of it is very clean.

Despite being a very powerful vacuum cleaner with a large capacity tank, it is not heavy. It weighs just under 7 kg. This allows us to move around the house comfortably. In addition, it has a design with four wheels that gives it a lot of mobility and also makes it very stable. Something that gives us peace of mind and allows us to clean around the house comfortably. As for the noise, the vacuum cleaner has several cleaning modesAt full power it can be quite noisy. But, it is a mode that is rarely used. So there is nothing to worry about.

MPV Vira

We come to the third vacuum cleaner on the list. We are faced with a model that once again stands out for its great power and suction power. It has a very powerful motor that helps us to get rid of all kinds of dirt. In addition, this wet vacuum cleaner works perfectly dry and we can also use it are wet dirt. Therefore, it is a model that we can use in various situations. It has a double filtering systemwhich makes it an ideal model for allergy sufferers.

Because thanks to this system 99.9% of dust particles remain in the vacuum cleaner water. So they do not go outside. The air that comes out of the vacuum cleaner is clean at all times. This helps to ensure that the air in the house is always in the best condition and free of dust. It has a tank with a capacity of 6 litres. Thanks to this we can vacuum the house without having to empty it.

It is a model that has a weight of 6.26 kg. Therefore, it is very light, especially if we see its power and the capacity of the tank. This makes it easy to use it at home, as we do not have to carry the vacuum cleaner on our backs. In addition, it has a cable with a length of 5 meters, which allows us to move through the rooms of the house easily. As for the noise, it is a model that does not generate too much noise. Within this category it is one of the quietest we can find.

Kärcher DS 6

Kärcher is a of the best brands German companies specializing in cleaning. Your DS6 vacuum cleaner is among the best with a water filter to clean all types of surfaces with great efficiency, including upholstery.

This vacuum cleaner has a power of 650W, enough to have a great suction power. In addition, it includes a multistage filter to prevent particles and allergens from getting out and affecting people with allergies, asthma, etc. Its innovative filter has a water stage, and a HEPA filter.

It is a vacuum cleaner with a practical design for storage, with a very energy efficient A class motor, cable with automatic retractionand different interchangeable accessories. Its water filter is removable for easy cleaning. The tank has a capacity of 2 liters, and with a radius of action of up to 12 meters thanks to its cable.

Polti Forzaspira Lecologico

This Polti vacuum cleaner is also among the best with water filter. It is a model sled typewith wheels for easy moving. It has a long cable, with automatic collection, and radius of action up to 7.5 meters away.

It has a powerful 850W motor, with 4 speeds and regulation on the handle. With 9 different accessories to clean different surfaces and areas, such as its turbo brush, the mini brush, suction lance without having to bend down, universal brush with two positions, brush for liquids, another special for parquet and delicate surfaces.

Its filter has 4 stages of filtration, to prevent dust and allergenic particles from getting out. One stage is water, and it also includes a washable HEPA filter. It has no bag, its tank has a capacity of 1 litre, and you can easily empty it when it is full.

Haeger Aquafilter Pro

This other vacuum cleaner also has a water filter, in addition to a water filter. high efficiency HEPA filter to complete the filtration system, to prevent smaller particles from escaping during the vacuuming process.

Its power is 1400WThe brush has a high absorption power and a water tank with a capacity of 15 litres. It includes accessories such as its 2-in-1 combi brush for carpets and conventional floors, special brush for liquids, small brush, nozzle for corners and more inaccessible areas, and T-shaped brush. It also includes a long stainless steel telescopic tube.

The total length of the cable is 5 meterswith a system to collect it automatically. It can be regulated in speed progressively thanks to its control system, and it also has a position for the blower mode, to remove leaves from the garden, terrace, etc.

Which vacuum cleaner to buy

If what you want is a vacuum cleaner capable of sucking liquidsBelow you will also find a selection of various models:


In fourth place we have this other wet vacuum cleaner. This is a model, which like the others, also stands out for its power. In addition, it is a vacuum cleaner with which we can vacuum both wet and dry. This gives us many options and allows us to give many more uses to the vacuum cleaner when cleaning at home. It is also important to mention that it works perfectly on all types of floors, even on wooden floors. Without causing any kind of damage.

In addition, we can also use it to suck sawdust in case you have made any repairs at home or have a small workshop. This vacuum cleaner has a tank with a capacity of 15 liters, a large amount that allows us to finish with all the dirt without having to be emptying this tank constantly. In addition, it helps us to get rid of dust particles at home in a simple way. So it is a good model if there is someone with allergies in your home.

It has a weight of 5.6 kg, being a lightweight model that stands out for its easy handling. In addition, we can move it comfortably around the house without having to be dragging the vacuum cleaner. The power cord is very long, which gives you a lot of freedom when moving and that will make you can clean several rooms of the house without having to plug and unplug. Also, it is not a model that causes too much noise. This wet vacuum cleaner comes with accessories included.

Kärcher WD3

We close the list with this model of the popular German brand. Karcherone of the best known in the vacuum cleaner market. It is a model of industrial vacuum cleaner which is also used in domestic environments and is very popular in the market as it stands out for its power and suction power. It can remove all the dirt in the house. In addition, it is a model that we can use against dry and wet dirt. So it is very useful in various situations.

It has a tank with a capacity of 17 litres. This is a very large amount and that gives us the possibility to clean every corner of the house without having to empty it. And we would still have free space, so it is a model that allows us to clean the house several times without having to empty the tank if we want. Ideal for use also in other situations such as garages or if we have a small workshop.

It has a weight of just over 7.5 kg. So it is a model that can be handled easily, in addition, thanks to its design with four wheels offers us a lot of mobility. So we can focus on cleaning the house only and not to be carrying the vacuum cleaner. The power cord is 4 meters, which is fine, although a little longer would give us much more freedom. It is a low noise vacuum cleaner, one of the least noisy in its category..

If you want to see more vacuum cleaners with water filter specially designed for allergy sufferers, you can see them below:


Best brands of wet vacuum cleaners

If you are thinking of buying any model of wet vacuum cleaners, you should know some of the most notable brands. With them you will have the guarantee of acquiring a good product. These brands are:


It is a German brand oriented to the creation of cleaning systems, something in which they have specialized by creating some of the most famous vacuum cleaners and pressure washers on the market. It is synonymous with durability, power, and fantastic results. That's why, since its founding in 1935, this brand hasn't stopped growing and reaching new milestones. The results? More than 90% of the customers who have bought a vacuum cleaner from this brand are very satisfied with the product.

See Karcher vacuum cleaners


This other brand also stands out for its vacuum cleaners, creating some of the easiest to handle, lightest designs, and with good vacuuming results. The Italian company specializes in small household appliances, standing out throughout history especially for its vacuum cleaners. In fact, it was the first brand to create a vacuum cleaner with a water filter in 1999. Therefore, they have the longest experience in the sector.

See Polti vacuum cleaners


It is a Spanish brand that is growing and expanding. It stands out for its good value for money. So, if you are looking for an affordable wet vacuum cleaner, it can be one of the best alternatives at your disposal, without risking with other Chinese or little-known brands that will end up disappointing you. The Valencian company has achieved a level of satisfaction of more than 70% of its customers, which shows the performance of its products...

See Cecotec vacuum cleaners


Is a Danish manufacturer of cleaning equipment, especially focused on the industrial sector.

In addition, they have also made the leap into the domestic consumer sector, with some household vacuum cleaners that have been a hit in all the tests they have been subjected to.

Therefore, their products have the maximum guarantee, robustness, reliability, and durability. If you are looking for something really good, then this Nordic brand can offer it to you.

What is a wet vacuum cleaner

vacuum cleaner with water filter

A wet vacuum cleaner is nothing more than a conventional vacuum cleaner with additional protection The main reason for this is a water barrier in the dirt tank. That way, they can purify the air that comes out once the dirt has been filtered, something that other vacuum cleaners do not do, despite having HEPA filters, they always tend to let some allergens such as dust or dust mites escape.

On the other hand, in these water vacuums, all that water is Dirt will be trapped in the water tank. and prevent it from being expelled into the air of the room, acting as an additional filter. Therefore, they can be a great solution for homes where there are people with allergies or other respiratory disorders in which this type of particles can be a problem.

Regarding its appearanceThey are usually sled-type vacuum cleaners, although there are also other types of vacuum cleaners. Apparently they are identical, but inside they use water, which swirls at high speed, trapping all the dirt in the air, and with an additional HEPA or EPA filter so that the air ends up coming out completely purified and fresh.

In addition, when it comes to evacuate dirtThe water will not generate a nine of dust as some others with balls or deposits, but it will simply be necessary to empty the water, without raising dust.

Does a vacuum cleaner with a water filter also purify the air?

Vacuum cleaners with water filter can purify the air during the vacuuming process, which is very positive in houses with pets where there is a large amount of hair, or when there is an allergic person at home, asthmatics, people with respiratory problems, etc.

The smallest particles of dust, dust mites and other allergens They easily trap them by means of a water vortex through which the vacuumed air passes, trapping it in the liquid and preventing it from escaping through the filter. In addition, new vacuum cleaners often have HEPA filters for extra cleanliness.

Another remarkable point about these vacuum cleaners is that they are more ecological and environmentally friendly, as they do not use disposable bags, so you will avoid generating unnecessary waste.

What are the uses of a wet vacuum cleaner?

wet vacuum cleaner

A wet vacuum cleaner can be used for a multitude of tasksand in a similar way as you would with a conventional vacuum cleaner. The most notable activities are:

  • For the carIn the car, a lot of dust and pollution particles accumulate from the emissions of other vehicles driving on public roads when the windows are open or the air filters are in poor condition. In addition, smokers also make these rooms are loaded with problematic particles, or pet hairs that generate allergies, etc.. That's why the wet vacuum cleaner can be a perfect tool for cleaning the vehicle.
  • To clean the sofaThe sofa is a piece of furniture that is used very often. In addition, people often eat on it, and food debris falls on it, which ends up decomposing due to bacterial activity. Cushions and upholstery also contain other allergens, such as pet hair, dust and even dust mites. Therefore, vacuuming this type of furniture can also be a problem by recirculating all these elements into the air if your vacuum cleaner does not have a good filtration system.
  • Upholstery in generalAs with the sofa, you can also vacuum all types of upholstery or fabrics with a wet vacuum cleaner. Whether for the vehicle, chairs, armchairs, pouffes, rugs and mats, floors, carpets, etc.

Advantages of a wet vacuum cleaner

Purchasing a wet vacuum cleaner is a great idea in many occasions, as it has a number of advantages absent in other types of vacuum cleaner. The strengths of this type of vacuum cleaner are:

  • PowerThey are usually somewhat more powerful than the rest of similar vacuum cleaners. In addition, the system they have avoids suction losses, as happens with conventional ones.
  • If obstructionsThe dirt is trapped in the swirling water, so they don't get stuck and maintenance is easier.
  • Cleaner airThe new vacuum cleaners will not only leave a lot of dirt trapped in the water that other vacuum cleaners let through, but they will also prevent dust from being generated during the emptying of the dirt tank. All this translates into healthier air for allergy or asthma sufferers, as well as cleaner living (many vacuum cleaners, by not filtering well, raise dust that is then re-deposited on furniture and objects).
  • No filters or bagsThe water will be more environmentally friendly as no bags or replacement filters are needed. Just change the water.
  • All-roundercan vacuum up all kinds of materials, such as dust, dirt, pet hair, food debris, fine particles such as allergens (pollen, dust mites, dust), etc.

Differences between a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner and a water filter vacuum cleaner

cyclone vacuum cleaner

Most vacuum cleaners with water filter also include a HEPA filter as an add-on for an even more effective filtration system. But if you compare a wet vacuum with a HEPA filter only, there are noticeable differences.

For example, that of HEPA filter can let some smaller particles escape, and if the filter is dirty, it will be much more ineffective. Whereas water can capture most of the dirt and leave the air practically clean so that it becomes even more purified as it passes through the HEPA filtration stage. In other words, the air will be purer, and the HEPA filter won't get as dirty.

Regarding the power absorption, they also tend to be somewhat superior to conventional ones. Although they are currently quite evenly matched, as until 2017 they were not obliged to use energy labelling, but the new regulations also oblige them like all other vacuum cleaners...

Rainbow, the most famous (and expensive) vacuum cleaner with a water filter

rainbow vacuum cleaner

The Rainbow vacuum cleaner is one of the most famous in terms of water filtration systems, but is also among the most expensive. Its price can easily exceed 1000€, and even more than 2000€ with accessories.

This vacuum cleaner has a sophisticated high-tech water-based system and a brushless motor, as well as a HEPA neutralizing filter. That gives it an efficiency of filtered down to 99.97%The air purifier allows virtually all dirt to be trapped inside, purifying the air in the house.

It also includes accessories for cleaning all surfaces, such as dusting brush, upholstery brush, corner and nook brush, floor and wall brush, coil wand for cleaning under furniture and appliances, pet accessory, liquid extractor, Aerofresh bag for cleaning pillows, cushions and soft toys, and Power Nozzle for deep cleaning carpets and rugs.

All the accessories can be placed in its accessory holder, so they are always at hand. It even has an accessory inflatorto be able to inflate balls, mats, toys, etc.

Is a wet vacuum cleaner worth it?

Water vacuum cleaner buying guide

A wet vacuum cleaner does the same job as a traditional vacuum cleaner. So it's going to help us keep our house free of dust and dirt. That is its job and the reason why we buy one. But, in addition to this it helps us especially to finish with the mites. Since this type of vacuum cleaners has a filtering system that offers us an additional protection.

In this way we put an end to these allergens that are in the environment and we obtain purified air. Therefore, they are perfect models for those consumers who wish to carry out a thorough cleaning in their homes. Since it will help us to finish with all the dirt that is in it.

Thanks to their filtering systems, particles are retained inside the vacuum cleaner. In this way, the air is clean and free of particles. That's why, are a good choice for allergy sufferers that cause them a lot of discomfort. A good way to try to reduce their effects in your own home. Therefore, a wet vacuum cleaner is worthwhile, because they are a very effective way to clean your home and get rid of these allergens.

How a wet vacuum cleaner works

water vacuum cleaner operation

A wet vacuum cleaner is not so different from a conventional vacuum cleaner. Both have a suction system that is responsible for capturing the dust. That dirt ends up in the bin or bag. But, in the case of wet vacuums, the canister has water in it to trap the dirt.. In this way the dirt does not come out of it in any way.

It is a system that stands out for being very effective. Because the water helps us to filter out all the dirt that the vacuum cleaner has picked up. So, the air coming out of the vacuum cleaner is clean and purified air.. So, they're a great way to keep dust from spreading around the house.

When emptying a container or bag in a conventional vacuum cleaner, it is very likely that dust will come out or spread. But in the case of wet vacuums this problem disappears completely. In these situations, the dirt stays in the water, preventing it from spreading. There may be certain particles that could not be trapped by the water. That is why some people add a filter. This way, the effectiveness of the wet vacs is 99%.

This is what makes them so useful in cases of people with allergies. As they are the most effective and efficient way to prevent dust from spreading around the house.

Is it recommended for people allergic to dust mites?

As we have told you, wet vacuums are very effective. Since they achieve that the dirt is retained in the tank and the air that comes out of the vacuum cleaner is pure and clean. This prevents dust or dust mites from spreading. around the house.

This is what makes wet vacuums a good choice for dust mite allergy sufferers.s. The particles will be retained in the vacuum cleaner's canister at all times. Therefore, they will not be able to get out and spread around the house. In addition, this danger does not exist when emptying the container. Since the presence of water is what makes them always remain in the tank.

Thanks to a wet vacuum cleaner we will be able to clean our house as with a normal vacuum cleaner. But, in addition to that, we make sure that the air is cleaned as much as possible, thus eliminating dust mites and other particles that cause allergies to many people. So, if you are allergic to dust mites, is the best option you can buy.

Vacuum cleaners with water filter, my opinion

cheap wet vacuum cleaner

If you have a house with pets, or in the countryside, where there is a lot of dust and small particles, a vacuum cleaner with a water filter can be a great solution. Even more so if there are people at home with some type of respiratory problem or allergy. With them you will prevent the smallest particles from escaping, purifying the air.

Also, because it has a water system, it will capture most of the dirt, and you won't have to constantly clean the filter. The HEPA filtersIf they are handled or washed, they can become damaged and eventually lose efficiency. During the filter cleaning process, a large amount of particles will also be released, which can also be a problem for the user.

With these vacuum cleaners, by further purifying the air they expel, you will also see that the surfaces become less dirty after vacuuming. Other vacuum cleaners, if they do not have an effective filtration system, will end up expelling a lot of dust that will end up on furniture and other surfaces...

Where to buy a cheaper vacuum cleaner with water filter

If you want to buy a vacuum cleaner with water filter at an economical priceyou can go to these shops:

  • Amazonis where you will find the largest number of brands and models, with a variety of offers on each product to buy the cheapest. In addition, the Internet distribution platform also allows the buyer to do it safely and with guarantees in case what arrives is not as expected, the package does not arrive, or any incident occurs.
  • Leroy MerlinThe French DIY chain is not particularly known for its cheap prices, but it also has some modern models of vacuum cleaners of all kinds, including those with water filters. You can choose to buy it in one of their stores or through their website and have it delivered to your home.
  • CarrefourThis other Gallic chain also has some brands and models in its appliances section. You can find some special offers or promotions, and also allows you to choose between buying in one of their points of sale, or order it through their online sales platform.
  • MediamarktThe German technology stores also carry vacuum cleaners. You can find some well-known brands and models at a good price. Of course, this chain also supports in-store shopping or online shopping.

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