Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner

Nowadays we meet many vacuum cleaner brands. There are also companies that have a presence in the technology market, which end up launching their own vacuum cleaners in stores. Xiaomi is one of them.

The company is known for its phones above all, although it has the widest range of products. Now we find Xiaomi vacuum cleaners too. We will talk about them below, so that you know more about what they have to offer in this field.

Comparison of Xiaomi vacuum cleaners

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The best Xiaomi vacuum cleaners

Xiaomi Mi

The first model that we find of the brand is this Vacuum cleaner robot, which has the ability to vacuum and sweep the floor at home. So we can get a good cleaning when we use it. One of its strong points is its suction power, of 1.800 pa, which is superior to that of many models in this field and will thus give us a good result.

we can control it using the Home Mi app on the phone. So we can plan when to clean, see the routes or decide where to clean at all times. In addition, the robot comes with an intelligent route planning function, so it has a map of the house and will move more efficiently around the house. It has sensors that allow it to avoid bumping into furniture or falling down stairs.

The battery of this Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner has a capacity of 5.200 mAh, which will give us good autonomy. So we can clean the entire house several times with a single charge. When the robot needs to charge, it will automatically return to its base, so it can be charged again at any time. The robot is also very quiet, which makes it easy to use.

A good option within the range of vacuum cleaners from Xiaomi. A very complete robot, easy to use, but that will allow us to clean the house in a simple way. It also has a very good value for money, which allows it to be a good alternative to other brands.

Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The next model that we find in this list is a broom vacuum cleaner. In this case, it is presented as a somewhat more traditional option, but one that will give us good performance at all times. It works without wires, which gives great freedom of movement to use it at home and be able to move between rooms without too many problems.

Having no cables, it has a battery, which Provides autonomy of 30 minutes. This duration is perhaps somewhat short, but it always allows us to clean the house or a large part of it. The great advantage of this Xiaomi vacuum cleaner is its power, thanks to its motor, which allows us to eliminate dust in 99,7% of cases, even fine dust. So it certainly allows smooth operation at all times for users. Ideal for use on carpets or rugs.

In this vacuum cleaner we also have 5 levels of filtration, for a deeper and more precise cleaning in any case. Being a broom vacuum cleaner, we can disassemble it, having the option of using it in a smaller format, to use it on sofas or in corners with difficult access. This is something that contributes to a good cleaning at home. In addition, this Xiaomi vacuum cleaner is not very noisy, which is another important element for users.

A very complete broom vacuum cleaner, easy to use, comfortable and that allows us to obtain the most precise cleaning at home at all times, which is another important aspect for users. In addition, it comes with a selection of accessories that allows us to better use it in our house, to obtain the best cleaning.


Another vacuum cleaner in the form of a robot is the fourth Xiaomi model that we find in this case. It is a vacuum cleaner that works very well, in addition to having a series of new functions, which allows a better use of it. One of its new functions is the cleaning function, that better detects the type of soil and dirt, to adjust the power and thus obtain the best possible cleaning in certain points in the house, such as a carpet, for example.

The robot will also create a house map, to know how you have to move, in addition to planning routes efficiently. We can also use area cleaning, or determine where we want it to clean. Since we can define all these options with the Mi Home app where we control everything related to this brand robot. The use is in this way very comfortable, since with an app we can make it clean the house whenever we want.

As you can see, It is presented as an option of the most complete, with a good value for money. It gives us many functions that we want or want to use in these types of situations. Its use with the app is easy, so it hardly needs maintenance, which is something that makes it even more comfortable for everyone.

Roidmi F8 Storm

The last model on this listing is a 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner, which works without cables. It allows clear freedom of movement, by being able to clean the house in one pass, making it possible to move between rooms in the simplest way possible. The autonomy of this model is about 55 minutes, which is usually enough to clean the entire house.

This Xiaomi vacuum cleaner stands out for being powerful. It has a new 100.000rpm and 415w digital motor that increases suction pressure and increases durability. It is capable of sucking in more than 1100 liters of air per minute. In addition, it is a lightweight vacuum cleaner, weighing just 1,5 kg, which allows easy use and is very manageable for all types of users at home. The tank has a capacity of 0,4 litres. 

We have an app available, that allows you to see the battery level, the filter status or if the tank is full. Being a broom vacuum cleaner, it is possible to remove the head and use others, to obtain a better cleaning in any corner of the house, or in areas such as sofas or carpets. It also comes with several brushes, so we get great results when we use this Chinese brand vacuum cleaner.

Another good Xiaomi vacuum cleaner. A high-quality option for those who want a broom vacuum cleaner that allows precise cleaning at home. A good option, because it also comes with various accessories, which allows us to get a lot out of this model.

More Roidmi vacuum cleaners

My Vacuum Cleaner Mini

Xiaomi wanted to revolutionize the vacuum cleaner sector with a very compact almost pocket-sized vacuum cleaner, for those who want to improve mobility and vacuum effortlessly on furniture, high areas, etc. Its dimensions are 26.7 × 5.5 × 5 cm, with a weight of only 500 grams. Enough to house your battery, motor, filtration system and a 0.1 liter dirt bin.

Its motor is rated at 30AW and 8AW in its full power and standard mode respectively. That results in suction powers of 13.000 Pa and 6.000 Pa, which are not negligible figures for its size. That's thanks to its powerful motor, with 88.000 RPM.

The included filter is HEPA, capable of capturing up to 99.99% of the dust particles present in the air. And your battery can reach up to 30 minutes in standard mode and 9 minutes for maximum power. In addition, it includes a brush, flat nozzle, and charger. All for a very low price.

Are Xiaomi robots better than Roomba?

Xiaomi leaves us with several models, as we can see, that generate a lot of interest among users looking for a robot vacuum cleaner. In the field of vacuum robots we find several brands, such as Roomba, which are the most popular among users or the best known.

For this reason, it is possible that many question the quality of Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners. Although the Chinese brand leaves us with some good robot vacuum cleaner, which are going to give us good quality at all times, which function well, in addition to having various technologies that are of great interest to consumers around the world.

On the other hand, lThe prices of Xiaomi vacuum cleaners are lower to those of Roomba in many cases. So they leave us with a better value for money, which is undoubtedly another important element. We pay less money for a robot vacuum cleaner that will give us good performance and interesting functions to keep our house clean in the best way.

How is the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner app and what is it for

xiaomi vacuum cleaner app

We Home is Xiaomi's smart home app. This application is compatible with all types of mobile devices, it does not need to be your own brand. You'll find it for free on both Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS/iPadOS.

All kinds of products can be connected to it, from the fans and purifiers of this brand, to the electric scooter, smart plugs and light bulbs, etc. And also included in the list robot vacuum cleaners from Xiaomi. Once the device has been linked via Bluetooth, and you have added the type of device you want to link from those that appear in the app interface, the Mi Home app can serve as a management center with functions such as:

  • Manually operate the robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Monitor the cleanliness and exact position of the robot.
  • Activate or deactivate the vacuum cleaner or manage the cleaning modes.
  • See the daily, weekly and monthly progress of each cleaning session.
  • Schedule when you want me to clean.
  • View information about the robot.
  • Voice control through virtual assistants.
  • etc

Is Xiaomi the same as Roidmi? What is the difference between them? Which is better?

Roidmi it is a brand after which Xiaomi is. The first is a startup created by Xiaomi in 2015 and focused on cordless broom vacuum cleaners, which is a booming field. While Xiaomi, the parent company, has developed other types of vacuum cleaners, such as robots, or these types of compact innovative products.

The differences are practically the brand, since both are from the "family" and share technologies. And there is no winner or loser, they simply subdivide their products into several brands of the same ecosystem, to target different markets. Something that the Chinese brand has already accustomed us to, with other brands such as Redmi, Miijia, Amazfit, PocoPhone, Soocas, XiaoYi, BlackShark, Roborock, QiCyce, HappyLife, etc.

Types of Xiaomi vacuum cleaners

xiaomi mi handheld vacuum cleaner

The company's range of vacuum cleaners has been growing over time. We find vacuum cleaners in various categories or of various types. So it is good to know the Xiaomi range, depending on its categories, so that we can find the vacuum cleaner that suits us best.

  • Without cable: Cordless vacuum cleaners are an option with which you can clean the house with great freedom. They are easy to control, are usually quite light, and have good battery life. Being able to move between all the rooms without problems makes them ideal for many users.
  • broom: The broom type of vacuum cleaner is comfortable due to its shape, since for many it is easier to handle. So it is a good way to clean the house, with a light and manageable type of vacuum cleaner.
  • robot vacuum cleaner: The robot vacuum cleaners are a type of enormous popularity and very comfortable, since they are going to clean without us having to do anything for it. We can also control them with an app on the phone, which allows this comfort of use at all times.

Technologies of Xiaomi vacuum cleaners

Xiaomi suction products have some exclusive features and functions that you should know:

  • TFT display: Some models include a color TFT screen where information about the status of the vacuum is displayed.
  • Vacuum cleaner and mop: some models offer a 2 in 1, with the suction system to pick up solid dirt, and in the same pass pass the wet mop to scrub dry stains on the floor. This is achieved thanks to a removable magnetic water tank that will moisten the mop for this purpose.
  • Removable dust container: For easier cleaning, the dust container can be removed, so you don't have to carry the entire vacuum cleaner when emptying. You simply remove the tank and empty it, without staining the body of the vacuum cleaner, or other related problems.
  • cyclone system: Some vacuum cleaners are based on cyclonic technology, with up to 12 cyclones to separate the dirt. In addition, they include a filtering system of up to 5 layers to eliminate 99,97% of dust less than 0.3 microns, something positive for allergy sufferers.
  • Replaceable battery: The battery is not integrated, like many other brands, but can be removed for replacement. When it loses effectiveness or suffers a breakdown, it is removed and replaced by another. That easy.
  • Autonomy of 65 minutes: These vacuum cleaners have higher efficiency, and its high-performance lithium-ion battery gives it a duration of up to 65 minutes in standard mode. This will allow you to vacuum the entire house, even if it is a large space.
  • Anti-tangle designed brushes: it has brushes that adapt well to almost any surface, and with special cells to avoid the tangles that occur in other conventional brushes and that force you to untangle frequently.
  • HEPA filter: These high-efficiency filters are capable of removing most dust particles and other allergens. Therefore, it will leave a much healthier air, removing 99,97% of the particles present up to 0.3 microns.

Are there Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners?

Yes, there are Xiaomi brand vacuum cleaner robots, although the best known sub-brand of cleaning robots is Roborock. This brand has become very popular all over the world, since it competes with iRobot in performance and results, but its price is much lower. Therefore, it is one of the best options if you want to buy an advanced robot that works well and without costing you too much.

Advantages of buying a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner

robot vacuum cleaner xiaomi

Xiaomi has some fantastic products. Both its robot vacuum cleaners and its cordless vacuum cleaner offer premium features and a very careful and attractive design, but with really attractive prices. Few brands will find the quality-price ratio of this Chinese manufacturer, and with the innovation that they apply to all their products.

For example, the motors that this company has developed are very compact, achieving very good suction power with the cyclonic technology. With high performance and quality filters capable of filtering most particles, even the smallest (2.5PM).

As for the the app, allowing to have all the Xiaomi devices in your smart home centralized in a single application is an advantage. So you won't have to have an app for the robot vacuum cleaner, another for the smart bulb, another for WiFi amplifiers, programmable plugs, etc.

Is it easy to get spare parts for a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner?

xiaomi vacuum cleaner spare parts

Yes, it is relatively easy to get spare parts for a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner. Although it is not a European brand, it is very popular, which will make it easier for you to have everything you need. For example, on Amazon you will find filters for the handheld vacuum cleaner and for the robot, a set of spare brushes, rollers, brush covers, etc. They even sell kits with all the necessary replacement accessories...

Are there Xiaomi vacuum cleaners that scrub?

If they exist some models of Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner that have function to mop the floor. Like, for example, the Mi Mop 2 Pro +, among others. This model allows functions of vacuuming, sweeping, mopping and mopping the floor. With an electrically controlled water tank to use the precise amount of water and mop the floor evenly, without leaks or drops.

Is it worth buying a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner? My opinion

xiaomi vacuum cleaner

The Xiaomi brand, since its inception, has always looked very high in terms of its objectives. They wanted to be among the best, but with quite competitive prices. And the truth is that they have managed to become one of the most respected brands in the technology sector for their quality, innovation and prices. In fact, for less than €200 you can have a vacuum cleaner that performs like some over €300, which means significant savings.

If you are thinking of buying a new vacuum cleaner for your home, the Xiaomi brand can offer you the guarantees you need in terms of its suction power and autonomy. Remember that these two characteristics are the most important when purchasing a current vacuum cleaner, and without them, you will have a useless piece of junk at home.

In addition, some of the innovations of this brand also they make work much easier and experience during cleaning. A way to have your home clean in less time and with less effort, so you can spend your time on what really matters...

Where to buy a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner?

Nowadays we find more and more stores where Xiaomi vacuum cleaners are available. Because, finding one is quite simple for everyone, but there are stores where it may be more interesting for us to be able to buy said vacuum cleaner.

The widest range is currently found on Amazon. Therefore, if you are looking for a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner, the well-known online store gives us many options, where you can buy the Chinese brand's vacuum cleaners. Also, buying from a store like Amazon is a much safer option, compared to other stores.

On one hand, delivery times are usually short, which allows you to have said Xiaomi vacuum cleaner as soon as possible at home, especially if we need to have a vacuum cleaner as soon as possible, which is the case if the old one has broken, for example. In addition, in the store we have a guarantee on all the purchases we make. This security, in case there is a defect or stops working, we know that we have a guarantee.

How much do you want to spend on the vacuum cleaner?

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