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The variety of vacuum cleaners on the market today is huge. We have many different kinds of vacuum cleaners. This way, we can find something that suits our needs the most. No doubt that is a good thing. Although, sometimes choosing becomes complicated. One of the many types of vacuum cleaners that there are are the. ash vacuum cleaners.

An ash vacuum cleaner is one that is specifically used for the cleaning of fireplaces, wood stoves, barbecues, barbecues, etc. or anything in which there is ash debris involved. So as you can see it has a much more specific use than other types of vacuum cleaners.

Below we have made a selection of the best ash vacuum cleaner models. We are going to analyze them, so that in case you are looking for one, you can choose more accurately which is the one that suits you best to buy.

The best ash vacuum cleaners

As we have told you, we have selected a total of five different models of ash vacuum cleaners. First of all, we leave you with a comparison table with some of their specifications most important. In this way, we can get a clear idea about them.

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Which ash vacuum cleaner to buy

Having looked at the main specifications of each of these ash vacuums, we now move on to a more complete analysis of each of them. This way, you get a much more complete picture and can determine which one is best for you.

Stayer BC 1200D

We start with this model that stands out for being very powerful, since it its motor has a power of 1,200 Watt.. So it is certainly an option with which you will be able to suck the ashes of all possible sites. It is a very effective and ideal model for all kinds of situations. In addition, it must be said that it is one of the lightest on the list, with a weight of 4.5 kg. This makes it easy to handle and move.

It has a 20 litre tankwhich undoubtedly offers us a lot of capacity. So we can use it several times until it is full. In addition, throwing away the dirt that we have vacuumed is very simple. So the process is not complicated and does not take too long. This ash vacuum cleaner has a washable filter. It is important to mention that you have to clean the filter quite often, as a lot of dirt accumulates. But, cleaning it is very simple, just wet it.

It is a handy model, with good power and you can also use it for vacuuming sawdust or even dust. So it is a versatile vacuum cleaner and very well prepared for all kinds of situations. In addition, its somewhat smaller size makes it easy to store.

Klarstein Reinraum

In second place we find this model, which is one of the most popular models in the industrial vacuum cleaners preferred by professionals. In fact, is a much more professional ash vacuum cleaner. than others on the list. So if you are looking for one for a business, it is definitely the best option in this regard. It stands out for its great power, with a 1,800 W motor. This means that no ash or dirt can resist it. What makes its use in industry or business is highly recommended.

In addition, it has a 30 litre capacity tank. So we have plenty of space if we have to vacuum a lot of dirt. So we do not have to empty the tank every few minutes. Something that is a bit annoying for users. Undoubtedly this large capacity makes it a very complete option. In addition, has a filter that we can clean very easily. Just wet it, let it dry and we can use it again. This makes it very simple and saves money. Of course, you have to do it with some regularity, as it accumulates a lot of dirt (a symptom that sucks a lot).

It is a somewhat heavier model, weighing 9.5 kg. So it is more intended for use in the industrial field. Despite weighing more than other models, it is still very manageable and stands out for being very stable thanks to its design. So it is not going to fall or you are going to have problems. A powerful model that is very functional.

Karcher WD3

In third place we find this ash vacuum cleaner that is striking for its yellow color. It is a model that has a powerful, 1,000 Watt motor.. So for domestic use is certainly an option with great power and that will help us to remove all the ashes that we find. Although, it is also possible to use it with dust or sawdust. So it can be useful on multiple occasions in the house.

It has a 17 litre tank. It's a little smaller than the previous models, but it's still a lot of storage capacity. So we are going to be able to vacuum a lot at home or outdoors until it is full. Plus, it's very easy to be able to pull out the dirt when this tank is full. So there are no problems in that regard. It also has a special filterwhich is not very durable. But, we can replace it with a normal washable filter, which will last a long time and is simple to maintain.

This model has a weight of 7.66 kg, but despite this weight is a vacuum cleaner ash of the most manageable and easy to use. So it is is a good option to use in your home or business.. In addition, it works very well on all types of surfaces and reaches every corner. So you have the guarantee that it will suck up all the ashes and debris that have been left.

dicoal DI1200PREMIUM

In fourth place we find this ash vacuum cleaner that also stands out for being very powerful. Since it has a motor with a power of 1,200 W. This means that it is a model that will help us to remove all the dirt from our house but we can also use it in a business without any problem. Since it will be able to handle everything. We can also use it against dust or sawdust. So it is a versatile and very useful option.

It has a tank capacity of 20 litres. A size more than enough and that is also in the usual in this type of vacuum cleaners. In addition, it is easy to remove the dirt to continue cleaning. So we will not suffer interruptions in its use. Also has a washable filter that we can clean by simply wetting it. However, this must be done frequently. Because the filter accumulates a lot of dirt and causes the machine to lose suction power. But it is a simple process and takes very little time.

It is also one of the lightest models on the list with a weight of 5.5 kg. So there is no doubt is a good option to consider if we are looking for something that is lightweight and handy. Because this ash vacuum cleaner does just that. We can use it very easily around the house. In addition, the noise is not too excessive, so it is not as annoying as others of this type.

Kärcher AD 2

We close the list with this model that on paper is the least powerful of all. Since it has a 600 W motor. Although for domestic use is more than enough as it can vacuum with great ease all the ashes and also dust. So it is definitely a simpler but very effective option to use in our house. And it is powerful, just not as much as other larger models. But it offers a good performance.

It has a tank with a capacity of 14 litres, which is enough to use at home. In addition, we can use it several times until it is full. The extraction of dirt is very simple and convenient. So it hardly takes any time at all. This model also has a washable filter. So when we see that the filter is dirty, we wet it and clean it that way. You have to do it with some frequency, because the vacuum cleaner loses suction power.

It has a weight of 4.4 kg, so that is the lightest on the list whole. In addition, this makes it a very easy option to handle in the house. Undoubtedly a detail of great importance for those looking for a vacuum cleaner of this type for domestic use. It is simple, easy to use and has the necessary power. So it is certainly a very competent choice if you want a model that does the job.

If none of the ash vacuum cleaner models we have shown you convince you, don't worry, we have more:


Best brands of ash vacuum cleaners

There are several makes and models of ash vacuum cleaners, some of them are particularly recommendable, as they are synonymous with quality. In order not to make a mistake in the purchase, you should pay special attention to:


It is one of the most acclaimed German cleaning brands. This firm develops some of the best industrial vacuum cleaners and domestic. It is always a synonym of maximum guarantees, durability, high performance, and respect for the highest European standards.


No products found.

It is another brand that stands out for its mid-range power tools for DIY, mechanics, electricity, and also small appliances for the home, such as vacuum cleaners for ashes. Its quality-price ratio is also very good, as well as its power, making it a very respected brand in Europe.


This Spanish company has become increasingly popular. The Valencian manufacturer stands out especially for its quality/price ratio. Therefore, if you are looking for a functional and inexpensive ash vacuum cleaner, this brand can be a great choice.


It is a group of companies especially dedicated to professional tools. And among its products you will also find industrial and ash vacuum cleaners. Their products are durable, powerful, and with great performance. Therefore, it should be one of your preferences.


lidl ash vacuum cleaner

The private label brands from the German supermarket chain have also taken the market by storm with their value for money. Their products have stood out for their really low prices and their level of functionality and performance compared to other expensive brands. In addition, you will also find other high quality brands, such as Kärcher.

Why is it necessary to buy an ash vacuum cleaner?

This type of ash vacuum cleaner has a metal vessel similar to the industrial ones, in order to house the ashes safely. Even if they were not well extinguished, they would not generate a fire as they are not a plastic or paper deposit.

The tubes and nozzles are also usually made of a metallic or resistant material so that it can be vacuumed more safely. That will make this vacuum cleaner the ideal tool for this type of work, without risking you to use a conventional one with what can happen (damage the vacuum cleaner itself, produce a fire, or that the filtering system is not made ash-proof and ends up releasing dust).

How to choose an ash vacuum cleaner

ash vacuum cleaner for chimney

If you have already made the decision to buy an ash vacuum cleaner, the first thing to do is to compare several models. As we have done in the table above. But, in addition, there are a number of aspects that it is necessary to take into account. Since in this way we can distinguish between a model that is better for us and one that is not.

So, in addition to being able to differentiate this, we have a clearer idea about what its specifications entail. Something that is going to help us a lot in the process of buying an ash vacuum cleaner. What to keep in mind?


This is always an essential aspect. Because we want a vacuum cleaner with enough power to leave everything clean. In addition to looking at the power data that is indicated, it is best to read reviews from other users who have bought it. Since you can have data on how it works in real life.


It should also be considered that there are different types of ash vacuum cleaner. So there may be a type that is much more convenient for us. There are professional models, which are more expensive, but may be a good option if we have a restaurant or business where ashes accumulate. Or we may want one with a water filter. It is important to know a little about the different models available. This way, you will see which one is better for you in every way (performance and budget).

Cleaning and maintenance

Ash is a somewhat more complex material to handle than dust. So it may take a little more time to clean this type of vacuum cleaner. But, it is important that we look at whether it is easy to clean this ash vacuum cleaner or not. There are models in which it is very easy to remove the tank and be able to clean it. Read reviews and if you go to a store, try the model.

The same with maintenance, a higher end model with more additional features will be somewhat more expensive. In addition to requiring more attention. Depending on the use you are going to give it, you will need one that requires more or less maintenance.


Accessories are always a very personal matter. There are users who want their vacuum cleaners to always come with accessories, while others do not give them so much importance. It is always good that they come, as they allow us to make a more varied use and for more situations. So they help us a lot. In the case of a vacuum cleaner ash is important to have them, because it is a very special material.

Weight and size

Ideally, it should be a powerful model that is not too big or heavy. Although this may not always be possible. But, it is important that you are clear about how much weight you can carry or how much you are willing to carry. Since the differences between models can be big. The good thing is that nowadays there are light and small models that are very powerful.

You also have to take into account the space you have at home. If you don't have a lot of storage space, you will be forced to buy a smaller and simpler model. But, if that's not a problem, then weight or size don't play such a determining role.

Common uses of an ash vacuum cleaner

An ash vacuum cleaner has multiple uses, not only for chimneys. It could also be applied in any other place where residues are generated by burning organic fuels (wood, olive pits, biomass,...):

  • For fireplace and cassetteWhen wood of any kind is burned in a fireplace, a large amount of ash is generated. Using a conventional vacuum cleaner for this would end up clogging the filters and with a nine of dust in the room. On the other hand, the architecture of an ash vacuum cleaner will allow you to collect all this waste without any problem.
  • For pelletsIt also works for a fireplace that uses pellets instead of natural wood. This other fuel is usually composed of biomass or wood pellets, and its burning would also produce ash that you can vacuum with this type of instrument.
  • BarbecuesBarbecues, whether portable or built-in, wood or charcoal, also leave ash residue after use. To collect this ash and prevent the wind from blowing it all over the garden and making a mess, you can use one of these vacuum cleaners.
  • Stoves and boilersAlthough it is not common, some boilers, ranges, and stoves still use wood combustion for heating. If that is the case, it could also be removed with this type of special vacuum cleaner.

How an ash vacuum cleaner works

operation of the ash vacuum cleaner

The operation of an ash vacuum cleaner is very basic, and shares many things with other vacuum cleaners, especially they are much more similar to the industrial ones. They consist of the usual parts that you would find in a normal vacuum cleaner, such as the suction tube, the ash tank (metal in this case), and a suction or vacuum motor with filter.

When the ash vacuum cleaner is switched on, the tube will suck out all the ashes and remains of the burning that there is, taking these to the bucket or tank. Thanks to its filters, this dust will be prevented from being expelled into the environment. It's that simple...

Can a normal vacuum cleaner be used to vacuum up ashes?

ash vacuum cleaner

Technically, yes, you can. You can vacuum the ashes out of a fireplace or barbecue with your regular vacuum cleaner. But, this should be a one time thing. It shouldn't be something that happens several times. Mainly because the fine dust from the ashes will ruin the filter of the vacuum cleaner.

This damage will end up causing us a cost, having to replace the filter. We will also see how the vacuum cleaner sucks less than normal. So that's not something we want either. So even though it is possible to use a normal vacuum cleaner for this, it has its negative consequences on the vacuum cleaner.

A simple way to find out is to look at the manual of our vacuum cleaner. Because manufacturers always indicate whether they also work to vacuum ash or not. So this way you can be sure. Although, the ideal is always to use an ash vacuum cleaner, which is specifically designed for this task.

How often should the filter of an ash vacuum cleaner be changed?

ash suction filter

A ash vacuum cleaner must have a minimum of maintenance to function optically and prevent deterioration. It is especially important to maintain the filters, which are usually washable in most cases. Therefore, they can be reused several times without any problem. The cleaning of the filters can be done in the way indicated by each manufacturer, and with the regularity indicated in the manual, as it can be variable from one model to another.

Generally, filters are cleaned every 3 months with cold water. Once clean, it is left to dry for at least 24 hours. When there is no moisture, it can be put back in the vacuum cleaner to restart the cycle.

If the ash vacuum cleaner also has a different type of filters such as HEPAyou should change these from time to time. Normally, if the use is frequent, they should be changed every 6 months or every 1 year. However, if the use is only occasional, you could delay this frequency. In addition, it is easy to find spare parts in stores for the most popular models.

Ash vacuum cleaners, my opinion

ash vacuum cleaner

The ash vacuum cleaners are great for homes or businesses that have stoves, fireplaces, or cassettes, barbecues, wood-burning ovens, etc., that generate ashes. Thanks to them you can carry out a good maintenance and cleaning of the ashes.

Thanks to its suction power it will be able to suck both the ashes and the remains of embers and other dirt that may have been generated during the use of these elements. Its protected tube will withstand high temperatures, as well as its metal vesselto avoid problems and to do it safely.

In addition to that, the positive thing about these vacuum cleaners compared to conventional ones is that they are specially designed for this purposeSo they won't get damaged or clogged as easily with ash as other vacuum cleaners would. So if you don't want to end up breaking your conventional vacuum cleaner, it's best to get one of these...

Where to Get a Cheaper Ash Vacuum Cleaner

To buy a ash vacuum cleaner at a good priceIf you are looking for a replacement filter, you should have a look at the following shops, where you will find this kind of items and their spare parts (filters):

  • LidlThe German supermarket chain also has this type of products among its articles, with leading brands, such as Kucher. A great opportunity to get this kind of items cheap, although you won't be able to find filter refills.
  • Amazonis the preferred option for many, as they can find and compare many different brands and models, with several offers to choose from. In addition, they also sell other types of accessories and spare parts, so you can order in one purchase everything you need to forget for a good season to find items for maintenance. Of course, it offers maximum guarantees and security of purchase, and if something does not arrive as expected, you can claim it and you will be refunded.
  • CarrefourThe French chain of shopping centers and supermarkets also has some models of ash vacuum cleaner at your disposal. You can find them at a pretty good price, and order them both from the sales website, and buy them at your nearest point of sale.
  • BricomartThe compatriot and alternative to Leroy Merlin has also become one of the preferred options for lovers of DIY and building materials for their prices. Among their products you can find ash vacuum cleaners. And you can order both online and go directly to one of their points of sale.
  • Leroy MerlinThis Gallic store has establishments throughout the Spanish geography. Among its products you will find vacuum cleaners of all kinds, such as ashes. Again you are faced with the dual possibility of buying physically or order it from their website to send it to your home.
  • MediamarktThe German technology chain has very reasonable prices on all kinds of computer and home electronics items. You can find some brands and models of ash vacuum cleaner, both on their website and in their store.

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