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To talk about iRobot is to talk about robot vacuum cleaners, because its range of Roomba is well known around the world as one of the pioneers in this sector. Few products have become as popular in recent years as robot vacuum cleaners, and iRobot and its products are largely to blame.

We couldn't miss one of these in our editorial office, that's why we want to bring you the review of the Roomba 960 by iRobot, a classic, efficient and powerful robot vacuum cleaner. Stay with us and discover everything we have to tell you about it.

Design and materials

This Roomba 960 is precisely one of those that offers a more contained price of those found in the market, but that doesn't mean that iRobot is going to give up its hallmark. Despite having a classic round size and being wrapped in plastic materials, iRobot always gives a sense of quality at the first touch, it feels well built, robust and resistant, and that generates us quite calm.

  • Weight: 3,9 Kg
  • Measures: 35 x 35 x 91 cm

The lower part has a single brush that attracts the dirt towards the suction cup, we have a double silicone brush suction cup. This will allow us to execute a good cleaning without too many complications.iRobot continues to go with a single side brush, and so far the move has seemed to work out pretty well. We have numerous sensors of unevenness, tracking and anti-fall, so we do not have to worry at all of its survival. We are in front of a product Roomba with all the letters in spite of the fact that the price is more contained of the normal thing.

Cleaning modes and technical features

roomba 960

iRobot has patented a three-stage cleaning mode call AeroForcedesigned to clean all types of floors, for this purpose its reverse rotation brushes and its powerful motor concentrate on "scraping" the floor and descaling the dirt. In spite of this, it is especially important the iAdapt 2.0 navigation system, that makes it go corner to corner without leaving absolutely nothing. No doubt iRobot knows well what it does and this Roomba 960 despite the price was not going to be less. Despite this it only has "two cleaning modes", a normal one and this one specially designed for embedded dirt, but... if it works, why do we need more?

We have a second generation suction motor that promises 50% more power. than the previous series, without knowing specifically the Pa that offers, yes. iRobot is usually quite wary of providing this type of information. However, the acoustic and optical sensors detect the areas with more dirt and put more emphasis on these spaces, this Roomba is quite intelligent.

Connectivity and extra features

app roomba

We have WiFi, in these times it could not be otherwise. For this we have at our disposal iRobot Home, an application compatible with iOS and Android that will allow us to start and pause cleaning cycles, customize cleaning preferences such as number of passes and cleaning depth, take a look at the cleaning map and statistics of the work done, and perform and review robot maintenance.

As it could not be otherwise, iRobot is constantly releasing software updates for its products, this Roomba 960 is also going to receive the necessary ones to work in optimal conditions.

On the other hand, we have a "virtual wall" called Virtual Wall Dual which, in addition to working in standard wall mode, will also work in "halo mode". that will create a cone-shaped barrier so it will offer protection to a number of products within the demarcated area, this will help us for example to protect the food bowls of our pets, something that comes in handy, it will not be the first time that a robot vacuum cleaner wet the floor by attacking the water bowl of my cat. An interesting extra obviously included in the packaging of the product.

Autonomy and user experience

accessories roomba 960

We do not have exact data on battery capacity, what we do know is that it offers exactly 75 minutes of autonomy. Thanks to its perimeter scanner and camera that helps you map our home does not need more time and takes advantage of it to offer more suction power. Definitely the battery is more than enough if we take into account the navigation optimization that this product performs.

Sure enough, when the battery starts to dwindle at the lower limit, it moves itself to its charging port, where it will take two to three hours to complete.

The cleaning on this Roomba 960 is certainly not the quietest on the market, we have an average of 70 dB in use, however, it's not so loud as to be annoying, and it all makes sense given the suction power and performance it has.

We have a special system that prevents entanglement of pet hair, and those of us who have cats and dogs are very grateful for this. My experience has been satisfactory in terms of autonomy and cleaning efficiency, The application is also intuitive and easy to configure.

Editor's opinion

This Roomba 960 is one of the products with the best quality/price ratio that iRobot has on the market. From my point of view it is essential that it has a mapping to perform intelligent and above all efficient cleaning, and that makes it a thousand wonders. Despite not having many cleaning modes, it takes care of itself to determine when it is necessary to carry out a deeper cleaning and that is appreciated.

Definitely this Roomba 960 for the 399 euros it costs on Amazon is one of the most interesting products that we will find, always bearing in mind that iRobot is the top of the range of robot vacuum cleaners.

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